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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day? Oh, No! Day

Yesterday the Tongginator endured totally and completely enjoyed (not really) the eight inches of snow that blanketed our little town. In the early morning hours, I imagined sending her off to play with the neighborhood crew while I happily snapped away, taking glorious snow and beaming-children-in-the-snow photographs like so many of those darn showoffs talented photography bloggers that I totally and completely envy.

Only it didn't quite happen that way.

Because, you know, the Tongginator is a sensory gal. The snow pants swished funny. The socks seemed too fuzzy. The snow mittens felt "weird." I refused to cave on the snow pants, but we did swap socks and I also allowed her to switch from her snow mittens to her regular mittens. Which, of course, became sopping wet in 0.23 seconds.

But I still took pictures. Only most of them looked like this:

and also this:

I would have helped her up, but I was too busy hiding my laughter. Go ahead, call me a terrible momma, y'all, but you totally would have been right there beside me, trying to avoid an errant giggle. It's a good thing the Tongginator didn't catch me at it... cuz she already seemed like One Happy Camper.

After twenty minutes of the Tongginator's Snow Blows Concert, I decided I needed an injection of caffeine to survive the rest of the tour. I ran inside for a quick minute to brew some coffee and then I heard The Scream. It's an infamous scream. One can hear the Tongginator from a block away.

You think I jest...

I ran to the window and saw my favorite neighborhood sweeties trying to lug my Tongginator, in all of her winter finery, back to our house. She hung there, mid-air, sobbing her eyes out. I slammed my feet into my Uggs and ran out the front door, sans coat, yelling, "What HAPPENED?"

Did my poor, sweet baby fall down? Did someone accidentally slam a sled into her? Did that Evil Boy Down The Street throw a snowball in her face? Did an icicle fall from an eave and shoot out her eye? What could possibly have happened within a span of eight minutes? What?!?!!! And dear, sweet Raspberry (age 10) gave me an exasperated look and muttered, "She took off her mittens and her hands got cold."

Her HANDS GOT COLD, y'all.

Please express your deepest sympathies to my dear, sweet Tongginator, who nearly died from frostbite in the eight minutes I spent as a slave to my coffee addiction.

And wish her a happy fifth birthday while you're at it.


Tonggu Grammy said...

Happy Birthday, Tongginator! I love you and I'm sorry your hands got cold yesterday.

bbmomof2boys said...

heh...cold hands!! Momma should have foreseen this and not given in to her addiction!!!

Happy Birthday Tongginator! I hope your day went great and you got a bunch of presents!


Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Tongginator , Happy Birthday to you!!!!

And you "Poor Baby" are your hands warm yet????? lol

Love and blessings, Kristy

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Tongginator! May your every wish be granted today and every day! And tell your mother that HM really stands for "Her Majesty."

You are right in the middle of my 2 girls. Mia turned 4 on Sunday and Olivia turns 6 tomorrow! Too bad you don't live in Alabama! (which is a great place for HM people to live.....no horribly cold weather)

I LOVE the mental picture of the neighborhood kids dragging her back to the house! :)


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Happy Birthday dear Tonginator. My son was 5 in Feb. and my daughter will be 5 in Feb. I can hardly begin to imagine the mischief...err, I mean FUN, that the three of you could have together!

Dawn said...

I was raised in Ohio with tons of winter snows, so I completely "got" the whole dressed to go out scene. More than one chuckle escaped me!

I hope you wrapped those cold little hands around a mug of hot cocoa! Poor baby... why didn't her mother put snow gloves on her??? (Ha ha!)

Happy Birthday, Tongginator! I am praying that today is an extra special day for you - filled with all of God's blessings!!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh dear...happy birthday, Miss T!!!

Blue said...

Come visit us, Tongginator! We only have about three inches. And plenty of non-wierd snow mittens to share.

Happy Birthday, too!

jen@odbt said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the Tongginator! Wishing you some warm fuzzy mittens. That is a funny story. My daughter would have done the same thing - she's my drama queen...at the young age of 6.

happygeek said...

Happy birthday Princess Butterfly! May your day be FULL of fun.
I am so sorry that your mommy left you out in the cold. May your hand recover soonest!

Miss T should be thankful she does not live in our house as i took mine puddle jumping yesterday (it was too warm for snow pants) and once they were completely and utterly soaked decided to chip ice on my drive since we were already out.
I looked over at one point and Sprout was taking off his pants. They were so cold that he would have rather had no pants. I rock.

Tonggu Grammy said...

You do indeed rock, happygeek! You make me laugh.

Marla said...

Hehe, sorry Tongginator, but I did giggle. Forgive me, but you remind me a lot of my Jaden, who sobbed (quite dramatically) this morning because she couldn't find a ponytail holder that matched her uniform.

Happy Birthday big girl, I wish you a full and speedy frostbite recovery. ;)

Rebecca said...

Happy 5th to the little Snow Bunny!!! I hate to giggle at the birthday girl's expense, but the thought of her sobbing and screaming because her hands got cold... it just reminds me too much of my own little DQ (Drama Queen) Miss Claire. :) Oh, the things that can happen in 8 minutes!! The question is: if this much can go wrong while we mamas get our coffee, how do our children SURVIVE while we're in the shower??? (And not the shave-your-legs shower... we're talking the kind where you only leave your conditioner in for 10 seconds!)

McEwens said...

Happy Birthday to her!!! Wonder if hand warmers would help???

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is too funny! BTW -I am way jealous about all that snow you got.

I hope the Tongginator had a wonderful 5th birthday after she warmed back up!!!

Suzie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Tongginator!!!

Jillene said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! That sounds just like something either one of my girls would do!!


prechrswife said...

Happy Birthday, Tongginator!

The scream thing is priceless. I think they must teach them that skill in Tonggu--my junior Tongginator could break glass with her screams, I think. The trigger last night--I cut my finger and put a bandaid on it, but didn't have enough to give her a bandaid for her imaginary boo-boo.

Kiy said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. Hoping you have many more (warm) birthdays!

TM, you write a picture my dear. I could SEE it all happening.

Cheers, Kiy

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I can totally relate, Sweet Tongginator. I like warm hands too. Happy Birthday!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! 5 is an awesome age. I believe Ethan had the same reaction to his gloves every time it snowed. I have yet to find the perfect mitten/glove for snow.

Patricia/NYC said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Tongginator!!!
Hope you have an awesome year & all your wishes come true!

We had a snow day here too...but at 20 degrees we stayed inside & watched "Nemo"!

And thanks for the heads up on the book! ;)

Becky said...

Hey, I'm with the Tongginator on this one. Cold hands absolutely merit use of The Scream!!

Glad she survived to celebrate turning five. :)

Joan said...

Happy Birthday Tongginator!!! Hope you have a blast being Five.


Suzy said...

In the words of Frosty the Snowman, "Happy Birthday!" Yours, Lady Pashmina, who, BTW, saw just a few flurries of the white stuff Saturday night.

Sarah said...

If you're a bad mom than I'm a bad person because I totally would have been laughing too. I told you I'm not a "real" kid person, I just fake it well enough.

Tell Future President Tongginator I said HAPPY BIG 05!

The Gang's Momma said...

No, I'm a bad mom! I made the kids stay in, cuz I was not interested in dealing with more dirty laundry and runny noses and wet floors and drying clothes draped all over. Bad enough Daddy doesn't pick up his stuff, snow days give me more STUFF X 5 and I WAS. NOT.IN.THE.MOOD. Humph! So there.

Happy B'day Little T!

Carla said...

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Butterfly, may your day be MAGICAL and full of wonder that you are an ENTIRE HAND old now!

I hear her on the cold hand thing. It's just not comfortable, which is why I took photos in spurts.

Ohilda said...

Poor Baby!! Hoping you have a remarkable 5th birthday and that your sweet little hands are now warm. :)



Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Happy Birthday to The Tongginator!

5! Wow! My little Tonggu Monkey is already talking about turning 5 and she just turned 4 - Seesh!

I so love reading your blog!

Laura L. said...

Ha! This sounds very much like something our little one would do.

Happy 5th birthday Tongginator! May all of your snow days be warm.

Janet said...

The Queen of Drama becomes the "Snow Queen of Drama". LOL! Poor little shmoopsie woopsie poopsie pie.

Dorsey said...

Happy birthday little snow bunny Tongginator!!

CC said...

Happy, happy, happy Birthday Tongginator!!

Darn those cold hands.

And what the heck was she doing in those first 2 pics???

Mamatini said...

Happy Birthday, Tongginator!

And I'm with preachrswife: the scream must be a Tonggu thing, cause I think my Ina can give the Tongginator and their daughter a run for their money on the screaming thing!

Oh, and on another note, TM, I looooved the 5! Six is another matter, but 5 was awesome. Enjoy.

Liene said...

Happy Birthday Tongginator. I didn't realize that she was just 2 1/2 months younger than Eriks.

I think kids were born to complain. I get it all the time and it drives me crazy. Well I guess it's just payback for us doing the same thing to our parents. BTW, you also gotta love the bloody murder scream when it's really nothing.

Sharie said...

Dude - have you ever stuck bare hands into the snow - that warranted a scream!

It always takes longer to get the kids out into the snow than they play in it...


discombobulated said...

Happy 5th birthday,beautiful girl. You have grown so much and come such a long way.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

I hope those hands are nice and toasty warm!!


Briana's Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Tongginator!

Just make sure those mittens don't come off again! LOL!

Briana on the other hand would have been so excited about romping in the snow that she would not have cared that her mittens were off and would literally have gotten frostbite. :)

Heather of the EO said...


And being from MN...I've had this experience a lot. With boys. Cold stinks. I just throw in the tub to warm up :)

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Hope that you have the perfect day!

I am with you, Tongginator- I hate being cold too- especially my hands. Your yell was for all of us. Hope you otherwise had fun in the snow!

Misty said...

cold hands, warm heart????

happy birthday, little girl!!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Happy Birthday!

E was out there in shorts and 'pshawed' gloves...that's what the "undersensory" action gets you!

Glad you got that coffee, though!

Michelle said...

Happy happy birthday Tongginator!!

Peanut said...

FIVE??? When did that happen???

Happy Birthday Tongginator :)

(I detest being cold too and I think it's perfectly reasonable to disturb your mommy's coffee and startle the neighborhood if your hands get cold ;)

Quirky Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Tongginator!

Your new friend Apple has also been known to freak out because of cold snow hands. But this last snow she ate right up, and I do mean that literally. Why? Because Quirky Mom did not spend much time in the snow with Apple -- only Hubby did, and Hubby loves snow. (QM doesn't.)

Now we're home again, and the only snow comes from the little window clings we put up in December.

organicnerd said...

5 years old! Oh my! When did that happen? Happy Birthday!!

Melissa said...


I just wanted to say that your blog always gives me the giggles. Somehow you completely fell off my bookmark page so I missed reading stories about your little gal for quite some time. Today was no exception for laughs. My own kids are snow experts seeing me live in AK. Alas I am so tired of drying boots, snowpants and gloves each evening.

Anonymous said...

sometimes i wish i could just have an uncalled for (and maybe not so uncalled for) meltdown like that.

wailing over cold hands sounds perfect right about now.

Cheri said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweetie!

Just so you know, I've yet to bring Lia out in the snow! I'm too afraid of what her reaction would be. Call me chicken, a wimp but I think we'll wait until next year to be brave! LOL I pretty sure she'd have the same reaction as the Tongginator.

Lisa-Jo Baker said...

Awesome - that is such a great story! We were also celebrating that snow day but, tell you what, so glad to see the cherry blossoms are now starting to arrive!