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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Swishes

I'm sure y'all are just DYING to learn what we did for Valentine's Day this year. I know we don't have much of a reputation for romance, seeing as how my idea of a romantic gift for the husband is actually shaving my legs in the dead of winter.

But this year the husband truly outdid himself. On Saturday, the husband surprised the Tongginator with these:

her very first bouquet of flowers

while he gifted me with something I really, really, really wanted:

behold new windshield wiper blades for my car
yes, I seriously did ask for these... REALLY, I did

I think we should win an award for Most Romantic Couple in the Blogosphere. I loved my present, although - unfortunately - it wasn't a package deal. Anyone want to earn a bit of cash by washing my car?

And what's the most "romantic" gift you ever received from your spouse on Valentine's Day?


Misty said...

we dont really do vday, but we never talked about it! weird. i usually write him a letter, but don't get (or expect) anything in return. so if he were to actually get me wiper blades (i can soooo relate to that as a want/need!) or flowers, i'd be joyous!!

Debbie said...

We don't do gifts but I think the wiper blades sound great! And her flowers are beautiful.

bbmomof2boys said...

Ummm.....chick - go wash your car!!!

Romantic? After 23 years romance went out the window! We had a great sermon on Sunday talking about the 3 different types of love. Big T looked at me and smiled, squeezed my hand, kissed Little T and whispered Agape! Oh how I love that man!

For Valentine's Day he went to the store with Little T to pick up a few things and came back with a Hershey Bar for me to share.


prechrswife said...

This year was much more a practical day for us than a romantic day. We spent the day setting up a new bed for Mary Joyce and rearranging the girls' bedroom. Hubby did grill steaks for supper that night, though, so that was a nice touch. :-) We actually were talking about how we need to do better with Valentine's Day. The first two we were married, he sent me roses, which I loved, but then one of the cats developed a penchant for eating them. Not so good...

The Gang's Momma said...

Okay, now I feel like a freak of nature. I am a woman who LOVES Valentine's Day. I normally do the whole gamut: gifts for the kids, special dinner with some ridiculously decadent chocolate-y homemade dessert, cute little heart candies, vinyl clings on the windows, flags in the yard, loves songs on the iPod, even sometimes candlelight dinner for all of us.

This year, we were planning to be away with our favorite friends but a virus in their home changed that. So I scrambled to salvage the weekend. And I'm still trying not to be disappointed that The Boss didn't do more (I got a bouquet of flowers) to acknowledge the day, or at least my historical expectations of the day.

But . . . the first coat of paint is up on the walls, so I guess that counts for something. . . . really, I am thrilled about that!

Stefanie said...

Valentine SWISHES?? Catchy. I like that.
We went out to eat to celebrate this Valentine's Day. PF Changs, in fact. And for a girl on Weight Watchers, a meal at PF Changs was a VERY romantic gift, indeed :)
I'm thinkin' TH set the bar pretty low so he can really set things ablaze this NEXT Valentine's Day. Right, TH?

Aunt LoLo said...

He cooked shrimp and pasta, held sj while I ate...and we let bbj sleep through dinner. :-) Oh, and he got me a new purse. HAHAHA - his taste is way better than mine!

Miss T- those flowers are beautifuL!!!

mommy24treasures said...

we don't do gifts but if we did yours is the kind I would prefer;)
Flowers are jsut like burning money to me, I can't stand the thought of wasting it. My mom and dady gave me some girl scout cookies, now thats a good gift too!
I hid them from everyone;)
I am down to my last 2 and no one ever found out:)
I cooked hubby a yummy steak dinner. Nana gave the kids plenty of candy and balloons.

Laura L. said...

A fun post, and it's fun seeing everyone's comments.

We don't usually do big gifts for V-day.
I guess we don't ever want to put pressure on each other about that.
Just knowing he remembered with a card, flowers or whatever is so sweet and romantic.
This year he picked out a Karen Kingsbury book for me because he knows I love to read her books. I thought it was sweet.

A friend's husband gave her a remote starter (installed) for her car. At $500, that's setting the bar a little higher than I'd want to. Yikes!

Kristin said...

Sounds like my kind of Valentine's Day! I got a thermal switch for my van---to fix my broken fan.

No flowers or candy here. Just car parts! Got a fridge one year too. :-)

Andrea said...

I got a new fleece jacket since I am always freezing! No card or flowers but I actually gave my hubby a card this year.

happygeek said...

We don't usually do gifts for V day. Now that we have kiddos, it's more about them anyway.
For our big date we went to church (ours has a Saturday nite service and WC had to work Sunday.)
IT was nice to have them in babysitting for an hour and a half.
My hubby did surprise me with a gift this year, something that I mentioned I wanted back in December.
He hid it in his van and last week when i was searching for something I found it.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Last year I received three new potties!!!!! The best gift ever...not kidding!

New windshield wipers are really important too...makes your drive alot quieter....besides all of the background noise you have anyway!

CC said...

You know what I ask for Mother's Day each year?

A car wash.

Go us sappy types ;)

Heather of the EO said...

My kind of gift, seriously. To answer your question...

I can't think of anything. I think maybe the non-romantic gifts are more common and possibly even more romantic than the romantic gifts...

wait. I'm not making any sense.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

My car is in major need of a washing too:)

I can't think of any for Vday...of course you remember the tool belt for Christmas....that one takes the cake, so far nothing has topped that one!!

Sharie said...

Not married - but my Dad made Valentine's Day so special for his girls that now it just hurts not to have him here to celebrate with. He always brought us little boxes of candy as kids and then as we got older he'd bring us a flower and a gift to work. Even when he was really sick, he'd call from the parking lot so I could meet him there. He died in November 2006 and on Valentine's Day 2007 we still got gifts from my Dad - delivered to work as always (by my Mom) Dad bought them before he died.
This year I bawled as a radio station played Johnny Cash Ring of Fire (Dad's Favorite) as I was driving...totally random song. I knew it was a gift from Dad! I told Amelia it was Papa's favorite and her reply was, "It's not my favorite"
No man can EVER top my Dad on Valentine's Day

Colleen said...

Love those wipers!!!! And it was practical...Love practical. I am in need of a car wash too. It seems like I get a car wash and then it snows the next day.
How sweet of Daddy to buy his little girl flowers ....my girls love flowers too.
Glad you had a good V-Day!!!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Wiper blades, huh? I could criticize, but actually? I'm jealous. I wanted more salt poured into my water softener (as it's been empty for months) and I DIDN'T get it. So while most people probably pity you your wiper blades, I'm sitting here green with envy.

As for romantic gifts? I did get a diamond tennis bracelet one year. Long, long ago...in a mystical land called Life Before Kid(s)...

Janet said...

I really don't care what the gift is, as long as it's thoughtful.Some of the best gifts I've gotten have been extremely practical. Doesn't bother me one bit. Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't like DIAMONDS. Oh. Wait. My husband doesn't read blogs. NEver mind.

Rhonda said...

Gotta love practical gifts...

I think the most silly/romantic thing my husband ever did was when we were dating. He dressed up as Cupid (with wings, bow and arrow) and shot my gift across the room at me. I don't remember what it was...all I remember is him dressing up, but don't tell him that I told you all. ;)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

A bottle of Rainex.... I didn't get it as a Valentine's gift but as a gift... I am SO into Rainex... I will spray the windshield to watch it bead... the other day while driving in the rain... I didn't use my wipers - it was easier to see through without using them and everyone else was... I was SO happy :) See, it doesn't take much!!!

Quirky Mom said...

You are so much a better wife than I. The only things that get me to shave my legs in the dead of winter are company Christmas parties and funerals (i.e. things that require a dress/skirt and pantyhose). And this year I managed to get out of going to Hubby's company Christmas party. :P

I'm seriously thinking about asking Hubby to take my car to the car wash for a wash and (self-)vacuum for my birthday.

Dorsey said...

I got ya on this one...I got memory for my laptop. He was tired of me always griping about how it was running so I got RAM. haha

StatMama said...

Haha, I might have you beat on romance. I got a generator for Valentine's Day because our power had been out for two days prior. The flowers are so sweet! I now wish I would have gotten some for my daughter.

Ivy said...

Oh you just are my favorite comedian here! Well, wipers are right up my alley too! Although this year I didn't need any! Hmmmm romantic, gee I'm thinking here, oh it was a sweet card. We like finding the sapiest of cards to give one another! Actually, I think he went out and washed the car too.

How sweet to see the Little Togginator with her first bouquet of flowers! That's something she'll remember!