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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reading, Writing, Arthritis

This post is part of a Q&A series. Check it out here.

Before I start answering more questions, I'd just like to point out to y'all that my momma commented on my post yesterday, saying, among other things, "This is almost my favorite post 'cause it REALLY does capture who you are in real life." Gee, thanks, Mom. I mean, I only used or alluded to phrases such as:

not all that funny
possibly offensive
a total geek
hideously incompetent
a total nerd
immensely unlikable and highly annoying
a Complete Snot
incapable of making a point

It's always good to hear from the ones who know you best. (Love you, Mom! And see you Saturday!) Oh... and Debz? I know my momma sparked your curiosity with her reference to the - and I quote - "Ursula the Sea Witch story." I shall reveal... but not today. My ego is too bruised as it is. Sniff. Sniff.

I also need to apologize to many of you... it seems that North Dakota DOES exist (shocking!) because China Mom's sister married a guy from there. Plus, Dusty informed me that a Tonggu Daddy from South Dakota actually crosses the border to work in the State That I Thought Didn't Exist (still reeling!). And Rachel cracked me up with her state capital test results - I shall always remember BismarCk now. Thank you.

Quirky Mom, I'm so sorry... I'm a convert. Alas, your momma is all alone again.

Back to the questions...

Michelle asked, "How do you keep up with blogging and all of the reading required for your Sunday Links posts? Does this cut into valuable laundry time?"

Why, yes, Michelle, it does. (Insert blush here.) I try to curb my blogging obsession hobby, but sometimes I do fail to follow my own advice... I forget to live life while blogging about it. God is working on me about this. Still, I strive to prioritize so that it doesn't cut into time with my daughter or the husband and so that I can keep on top of my daily blessings (that sounds SO much better than chores, doesn't it?). It does, however, cut in on time I'd like to spend reading other blogs.

I really enjoy reading others' blogs, especially (but not always - I mean, who doesn't love Rocks in My Dryer?) people who read Our Little Tongginator; however, my Sunday Linkage section requires me to read many blogs written by adult adoptees and first mothers. I don't blog about adoption all that much - mostly I write fluff - so I doubt most of the individuals I typically link to actually read my little inane blog (although hi Mei-Ling! and hi Thanksgiving Mom! and hi Margie! and yes, they are AMAZING people, y'all). I try to check in with my pseudo-friends* as often as I can, but it never feels often enough. I do feel like my Sunday Links are something God wants me to do (for me, for the Tongginator and for others), though, so I don't regret my choices... even if it means my readership dwindles because my blog lacks a sense of community.

I also do less commenting now. And I use Google Reader, which saves me TONS of time. And the husband would like me to mention that I read fast and am also one of those weird people who only requires about six or seven hours of sleep each night.

*Definition of a Pseudo-Friend - one I have not met in real life
, but instead through the on-line community

Mei-Ling asked, "Does the Tongginator know you blog?"

Yes, she does, although - at almost five - I don't think she fully comprehends what that means. This fact is one of the reasons I guard her privacy so zealously, using nicknames and avoiding face shots of her, the husband and myself. I realize that, while the Tongginator may not mind all of this at age six, she might feel mortified about it at age 13. I strive to keep us as anonymous as possible because I don't want these stories following her around through her teen years.

I know many bloggers either end their blogs or drift to other topics once their children reach a certain age. It may come to that with Our Little Tongginator, but at this point the Tongginator loves seeing herself on my computer. And after she garners real-life chuckles from adults, others can often hear her saying, "Momma, put that on your blog!"

Lisa asked "Have you always had such a knack for the nickname? Or did your buddies choose their names?"

One buddy did choose her name; most did not, although Spades is Spades here and Organic Nerd over at her place, while Blue uses her real name on her blog. But Georgia Peach actually created her blog to reflect the nicknames I stuck them with. I blame pregnancy brain on that decision.

I think I got better with time. Canuck K's family is a hodgepodge - I gave her husband the name Iowa, to "go" with the geography theme, but then I dubbed her twins Cinnamon and Spice. It got too confusing to have unrelated names within the same family, so I slowly perfected my method of madness. Now I stick to childrens songs, nursery rhymes or popular expressions to create themes. For example, the Tongginator's godparents are Field Mouse and the Blue Fairy, along with their two children Little Bunny and Foo Foo.

By the time ThePie came along, I began enlisting help. I will confess at this time that I often think of my real-life friends using their blog nicknames. I have yet to slip up, which is a Good Thing, especially seeing as how the Tongginator's godfather, Field Mouse, is well over six feet tall and somewhat scary.

So if I ever disappear from Blog Land, you'll know what happened.


OH MY #6 said...

I am from a strong family of nick names. But, you did know our identity and what we looked like! LOL!


Aunt LoLo said...

Hello, TM. Hope it's not too cold up there!!! :-D

Just wanted to pass on something that might help with your Sunday Linkage. I use something called Google alerts (www.google.com/alerts). I've got two alerts set - one for Aunt LoLo and one for the name of my current hometown. (Seriously, I don't think I'd know what was going on around here without this! House fires? Crooked politicians? High school sports results? all in my inbox!) Once a day, I get e-mails of all the mentions of those two things Google could find that day, including news sources an personal blogs. It's kind of cool...and you wouldn't BELIEVE how many people have a "lolo" in their life...but it's usually their grandfather. ?! I know other bloggers use this...like Serious Eats, an the Food Network Addict. You can set as many alerts as you like, and you can receive as many e-mails as you like. I get two a day - one for LoLo and one for (insert hometown here). :-)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These posts are so filled with content, I don't know where to start....I love that you have done this....it almost feels like we are behind the scenes with the Tonggu Family!! Your Mom is a riot....I did see her comment yesterday....I personally love it when she adds her 2 cents!!

You are truly one in a million. I do not know any other blogger that can come close to all the areas you touch on....you are a talented writer and always keep us coming back form more!!


Quirky Mom said...

My poor Mama, all alone again. Ah well, she'll adjust.

I think Foo Foo is my fave of all your nicknames.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely always read your blog :) Adoption centered or not, I dig, so there!

And thanks - even though I think "amazing" is often a bit of a stretch :)

Sharie said...

I sure hope no one ever BOP's you on the head - I'll have to seek them out and get them to give you 3 chances to be good.

Heather of the EO said...

I think I'm scared of Field Mouse too.

Misty said...

i too love your nicknames. i have a thing for nicknames.. such that i actually LENGTHEN a name if it's too short, or come up w/ an absurdly short name (ex: my bff from college is amy... i call her am [pronounced aim]; my sister is beth, i call her bet; my son's name is 1 syllable, but i call him x-bear [x standing in for his name]). my husband thinks this is very, very weird of me.
i know it's too late to ask questions, but i finally thought of one: have you always spelled momma like that? each of my sisters and i spell it differently, but i've never known anyone who spelled it w/ the -omma ending like my sis k does... is that a regional thing?