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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Perfect Dinner Party

This post is part of a Q&A series. Check it out here. And after three weeks of my endless prattling, I'm sure y'all are glad to see this - my last Q&A post. I answered every question save one. Janet, I haven't forgotten you. I WILL talk about the life lessons I learned from Rosie, but every time I sit down to write that post... well... I just need a little more time. But I SHALL do it. I'll surprise you with when.

Lula! doesn't disappoint with, "If you could invite anyone over for dinner tonight -- living or dead (of course they'd come alive for dinner!), who would you ask? Why? And what would you serve?"

For me, dinner parties are all about laughter rather than learning. So I'd have to say that - tonight - I'm in the mood to invite John Stewart and his family. Because that guy is just flat-out funny. And - in our mixed political house - I think he'd do a great job of making fun of all politicians equally.

As to what I'd serve... hmm... I'm not sure. But definitely NOT pork. And dessert would involve my homemade, totally-from-scratch apple pie. Because it's the only thing I bake well.

Patricia in NYC (password protected site) asked a similar question, "If you could meet ANYONE (dead or alive) who would it be & why?"

I would truly love to meet the Tongginator's first family and her foster family. When you go through the process of adopting from China, when you first arrive home, you don't realize how much that lack of knowledge impacts you and, more importantly, your child.

At least, I didn't.

But now that the Tongginator is older, she's asking questions. She's showing more and more of her personality, her strengths, her weaknesses. And I would love to know from whom she inherited these things. Does she smile like her mom? Does she share her belly laugh with her dad? From whom did she inherit her love of music and sense of grace? I'd also love to learn more about their stories and, by default, the Tongginator's early life story.

I long to meet them. And - unlike my John Stewart answer - this one won't change on a nightly basis. They are the only ones on my list. And they always will be.

Unless and until I have the privilege of meeting them.

The Happy Geek
wants to know my thoughts on "why there are 12 wieners in the hot dog packs and only eight in the bun packs?"

I actually watched a documentary about this several months ago and it is ABSOLUTELY DRIVING ME CRAZY that I can't remember. My cynical self says that it's a Vast Conspiracy to get us to spend more money, but my brain keeps flashing back in time to THAT DARNED DOCUMENTARY THAT ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION. I'm developing a tic now.

Because I CAN'T REMEMBER. Although possibly it's because hot dog bun bread pans were made to fit high production bakery ovens. And the pan only fits eight buns. If this IS the case, I totally think we should protest against high production bakery oven makers everywhere.

!!!! (Pretty please.) Because then the pans could be larger. Which means there would be 12 buns to a package. WHICH MAKES SENSE, Y'ALL.

Jules wondered, "how do you ever meet any of your blogging buddies being so mysterious as you are?"

I have only met one imaginary friend: CC of If Only I Had Superpowers. And we met because she lives rather close to my MIL. CC, Janet and Aunt Lolo were my first three blog stalkers, which is totally okay, seeing as how I stalk their blogs, too.

And really? With CC? I already knew we had boatloads in common. All you need to do is read her 100 Things About Me post to see it. We instantly clicked. It began with blog reading and commenting. Then the back-and-forth e-mails started. Lots and lots and lots of e-mails. When the husband and I traveled out west to my FIL's funeral, it seemed only natural to stage a meet. Because we were friends by then. And better friends after we met.

I do have a few friends from real life who pop in on the blog occasionally. Discombobulated was my best friend in first and second grade (then I moved). We also attended the same junior high for one year. We reconnected a few years ago and she recently moved to my little corner of the world. Georgia Peach and her family were in our small group Bible study for a few years. So too was Organic Nerd. And Blue. All three families all moved out-of-state within a span of four years.

And yes, the husband and I are now convinced we smell horrific. Or appear obnoxious to others. Possibly both.

But that's it. Those are the only people I've met who hang around Our Little Tongginator. Other than my momma and the husband, of course. A handful of people I HAVEN'T met know my real name because, like CC, we've been e-mailing back and forth A LOT and for a long time (like, more than six months). And a couple of people guessed. I used to be pretty active with several on-line adoption groups, so they recognize the stories. Or possibly the sarcasm. I'm not sure.

And of course it's pretty easy for the other Tonggu Mommas to put two-and-two together, seeing as how Tonggu ain't Fuling, y'all. There are less than 200 girls adopted from the Tonggu SWI. It's a small group.

It's not that I want this to be some big mystery. I just know the more people who know, the more likely it is that my name will start creeping into the comments section... or in links to the site. I want to minimize that as much as possible. Just like y'all don't want people oversharing your last name around the web, I don't want people oversharing my first name - because, as I explained yesterday, my first name is about as identifying as your first and last names together, possibly even with town name attached

And THAT'S a scary thought.

Janet asked, "WHEN will you come to Canada to visit me?"

When the husband lets me. You totally need to beg talk to him. If he ever lets me, promise me that you, the Happy Geek and I can have a slumber party. Because that would be FUN. (Except the husband will tell you that I snore. And I totally don't. He lies. I have never - not once - heard myself snore.)

discombobulated wondered about my preferences for "sweet or salty? Chocolate ice cream or vanilla?"

Yes. To all. And I'll totally prove it tonight during dinner. See you in a couple of hours!


Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing insight into you. I hope you and your "butterfly" are feeling much better!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

This is great! And where to begin? When we have company, we order pizza, so we focus on the people, not the food. I'd love to meet the birth families of my girls. I hate filling out the family history forms for them at the doctor and having to write unknown. Someday, they'll probably hate it too.

I think the hotdog v. bun thing is all about money. 12 and 8 are both factors of 24. To come out even you have to buy 2 packages of hotdogs and 3(!) packages of buns. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!

bbmomof2boys said...

So I'm just getting to know you, your "Little T" and all. I didn't know that you had a Gerald...yep, your Rosie is my Gerald. And, I'm crying now just think of him and it was 4 yrs ago. He died from lung cancer - spent his last month with him in his house day and night...

Ok - I gotta move on!


Patty O. said...

I'm with you on the snoring. My husband claims I snore, but I totally deny it. After all, how could he possibly hear me over his own loud snoring?

discombobulated said...

You're killin' me. And the whole hot dog- bun thing is way over my head.

Quirky Mom said...

I vote for making the hot dog bun ovens *smaller*, so that the pans make 6 buns at a time. The math still works -- buy two packs of buns for every one pack of dogs -- but if you don't eat all the hot dogs right away, you don't have old buns getting stale or moldy before they get eaten.

There. I said it.

Aunt LoLo said...

Awww,...how sweet. I'm your stalker! ;-)

Your post got me thinking - when I was a kid, I moved a lot. I figured, then, that heaven was just a fancy name for a big party with ALL of your friends, from everywhere, where you never really had to say goodbye.

You're totally invited to my party - 'cause Blogland is TOTALLY like growing up in Spokane, but I've never seen any of my friends' faces. ;-)

delucchi family said...

Oh no!! You mena they are finished?? No more questions?
But, but.... have really loved reading your answers, what an insight into tongu mama.
Love the sensory post, has really made me think of my gang as they are so different sensory wise too.
Hoping to come to america one day to visit :-)
Love Jules

Rhonda said...

Oh sure, visit Janet but not meeeeeeee... ;)

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

You're such a fascinating person TM! Love these Q and A's. I share your sentiments of wishing we could meet our babies' birth families. I think about that all the time.


Kath said...

I agree with John Stewart for dinner - he's a hoot! As far as meeting in person - I always wanted to meet Lincoln but like you I would love to meet Natalie's family in China. I especially think about her mom, whether she has any siblings.

Janet said...

Hee hee....give me your phone number and I'll call your hubby and beg....hey, Happy Geek, we could initiate her into Canadian culture...a polar bear swim, anyone?

Sharie said...

Ditto on the first parents! I never realized how much it would matter to me until I first saw Amelia's little face. Now I think about them constantly.
Yesterday my boss who is my age and pregnant for the first time was talking about the growth of the baby - she's been VERY sick. I've NEVER wanted to be pregnant - so I wasn't jealous - but I did immediately think about Amelia's first mom and start to think about how she felt when she was pregnant with Amelia - was she sick? Did she crave anything? Did she have enough to eat? So many questions that I'd love to have the answers to...

happygeek said...

I'm with Janet we should definitely do a polar bear swim. You two first.
You just tell TD that you all need to see some mountains and eat poutine.
Because everyone needs to eat poutine once before they die.
I'm still thinking the bun thing is a conspiracy. I'm not sure by whom or for what purpose, but a conspiracy none-the-less.

Colleen said...

I have so enjoyed all the questions and answers : ) this has been so much fun!!!!
I now buy the hotdog that comes in the bun...three to a pack and totally not healthy I'm sure...but what ever, I know longer have extra hot dogs left : P
When ever you make your way to Chicago we will do lunch and I will call you Queen TM....you can call me Al...oops that's a song....you can call me Queen Nut!

Jennifer said...

I have really enjoyed your Q&A series!!!

Love learning all about you ;)


The Byrd's Nest said...

Yes...the hot dog/bun mystery is baffling isn't it?

I too have enjoyed this Q & A series...great idea!

Debz said...

We have a local bakery that's making a killing off of their "Mathmatically Correct" buns!
Smart buisness thinking!
Great work on your questions and answeres!

Lisa-Jo Baker said...

Actually there is a GREAT scene by Steve Martin in the movie "Father of the Bride" where he goes on a rampage about how the "hot dog" people and the "bun people" are in a conspiracy to force the poor customer to have to overbuy their products to have the correct amount for a barbecue. Highly recommended viewing!

MoziEsmé said...

Yes to all here, too!

Norah said...

You rock at Q&A sessions!

Tonggu Momma Husband said...

Happy Geek ... it will come as a comfort that I have indeed enjoyed Poutine once before. In a previous life I had occasion to visit Ashland Wisconsin (Southern shores of Lake Superior) and enjoyed a plate of the stuff at a local diner. I felt my arteries hardening towards the end of the meal but washed it down with more Blatz beer. Cheese curd anyone? Until this moment I had all but forgotten the enjoyable tastes of something that only our Northern friends could invent!