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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hey, y'all... I normally don't announce giveaways, but you'll understand in a few minutes. Be Different... Act Normal is hosting a giveaway on her blog of an Aunt Lolo craft. Now, seeing as how Aunt Lolo and I now float in that nether world between pseudo-friends and Friends in Real Life (because Aunt Lolo, Janet and CC were my very first blog stalkers) AND seeing as how just a couple of weeks ago she sent the Tongginator this apron:

Well, now you can understand the announcement. Especially when I add this photo:

See what I mean? Head on over to Be Different... Act Normal for a chance at this giveaway.


OH MY #6 said...

That panda/apron is too cute and who better to have it.

I am on it. Going to check out the give away!


day by day said...

What a cute apron!! : )

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, TM...you just about made this mama cry! Thank you so much for mentioning this. I've subscribed to the comments feed on the giveaway, and I'm checking like a lunatic - I'm so nervous, like a girl waiting for a date for prom! What if nobody likes the aprons? What if nobody likes the shop?

This is going to be a long day. :-D
(BTW - blogging about the giveaway gets you an extra entry. HAHAHA. You could get another apron for one of Miss T's friends! :-D)
(Serious? I was one of your first stalkers? I always assumed you were some big celebrity blogger...I was honored you wrote back to me! :-D Come to think of it...you were one of my first stalkers, too!)

Cheri said...

Oh wow, That is a beautiful apron! LOVE it!

McEwens said...

A Panda.... YEAH! The tonginator looks so intent on whatever she is cooking!!! Way to let her cook! YOU are a great mom!

Becky said...

I'm on my way! And forget my kids, will she have a apron that fantastic for ME?

Shawnstribe said...

Beautiful apron, and i love the photos of your lil chef ; )

LaLa said...

what an adorable apron on an adorable little girl!!!

CC said...

Adorable! and since she was an original block stalker (and all the cool people were... ;) I guess I'll just have to enter! ;)

Janet said...

CUTE! Looks like something my mom would sew. Adorable.

Peanut said...

That Panda apron is perfect! She looks so cute in it!
(And she can crack eggs! KK has been trying... and trying... good to see we should have that skill mastered by about 5!)

Norah said...

What a cute apron! Of course my daughter is on my lap looking and all she can talk about is the eggs..lol. Look Mama! Eggs! She have eggs!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures of the Tonginator cooking. How cute is she in that apron!!