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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pet Meme

Jennifer of Family Musings passed along this meme an embarrassingly long time ago. I am a total schmuck.

1. What is the first pet you remember?

My dog in Japan. We lived off-base in the town of Iwakuni. Actually, I don't remember my dog, per se, but I do have a traumatic memory involving our privacy fence door forced open with no dog in the backyard anymore. And don't even think of going there with your speculations about what happened to the poor mutt. Please.

2. How many different kinds of pets have you owned?

Five, but only if three-day ownership of a box turtle counts. Otherwise, four. If you are totally bored today, you can always read about my intense hatred love of cats and fish. WARNING: these posts are long and tremendously unfunny. (Oh... and that's not sarcasm.)

3. What was your strangest pet?

That would have to be my fish called Wanda... the fish who absolutely refuses to die.

4. What is your dream pet?

One with fur that doesn't aggravate my asthma and allergies. Which is impossible. And don't go listing all of the hypoallergenic dogs and cats available in my comments section. Yes, I know those breeds exist. But they are all yippy. Or ugly. Possibly both. So they don't count.

5. What is your nightmare pet?

Anything that aggravates my asthma or allergies. Duh. Except for the ones we currently own.

6.Your best/ funniest pet story...

My momma's cat Kolohe liked to search for and attack... umm... used sanitary napkins. Oh yes, he did. And no, I DON'T have pictures. Because ewww....

7. Tell your worst/ saddest pet story...

Our cat Koa died right before my eyes. He was a four-pound furball who totally thought he was human. We found him when he was just days old, so my sister KitKat spent months feeding him, first with an eye dropper and later using a bottle. She even carried him around school during the last few weeks of her senior year, carting him from class to class in a basket with a heating pad.

Koa loved to take baths. He slept with the covers on. He even sat on a chair during dinner time, participating in the family conversation. He loved humans so much, he considered cars "the bringers of humans." And so one day, the Colonel (my daddy) accidentally ran over Koa with our car. And I had to clean up the driveway before my sister came home. Because there was totally no way my dad could do it. And no way that my sister should see that.

8. Did you ever have a scary animal experience?

I actually got bit on the cheek by a doberman pinscher when I was a young preschooler. Its owners warned me to stay away from the dog. My momma instructed me to stay away from the dog. And what did I do? I didn't stay away from the dog. (I know you all are surprised by this.) The dog was typically a very gentle dog... just in heat. And grumpy. And a tad snappish. Sounds just like me during a certain time of the month. This was my very first lesson about avoiding others during PMS time - I received stitches.

9. What was your favorite pet?

Oh, goodness. We've owned so many cats, I can't even begin to narrow down the list. And we always seem to bestow them with incredibly cheesy and slightly inappropriate names. There were siblings Ebony, Ivory and Harmony. There was Freedom. There was Nicolas, our Christmas cat. And of course the oddly named Binky, a cat I inherited along with my husband.

But my absolute favorite pet was probably our Bart. He died a few years ago and we have yet to recover. I'm not typically a dog person, but Bart thought he was a cat. Rusty thought Bart was a cat, too, albeit a very large one.

10. What did you really want to tell us about pets that didn't fit into the other questions?

I really, really need to share with you our story of how Momma the Cat morphed into Molly, but I shall save that for another day...

Tagging four people, as mandated...

the Queen B (because no one loves cats more... ha!)
Kathryn (who has two vortexes of vomit herself)
Misty (a dog person, who strangely owns cats instead)
Aunt Lolo (whose brother once discovered a suicidal, yet optimistic fish)


Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

You always make me giggle!!! You must be a trip to hang out with!

Happy New Year my friend, I pray it is a blessed year for you.



Aunt LoLo said...

oh, i had forgotten about moses! with five kids in the house, only a very small percentage of the pets were "mine"...but including my brothers' pets will make for a much more interesting story!

Queen B said...

Oh. my. goodness. I am all over this one.

Mamatini said...

Oh my, re: Wanda, I think I would have been a little freaked out owning a goldfish that kept growing like that. She turned out HUGE!

I was the questionably "proud" owner of three goldfish that were table centerpieces at a 60th birthday party I went to (who does that to God's creatures???) Larry, Curly, and Moe (yea, creative, no?) didn't last long. They perished in order of their names. Moe lasted the longest though (a good year) and even made the trip from MA to Philly when I started grad school. Sadly, Moe didn't survive the first water change. Must've been that city water...

I still am amazed how sad I was when I flushed him down the toilet. It was just a fish!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You know....when I am down or feeling low all I have to do is come to your blog. You are so witty....I love your posts!

Monica said...

This was a fun meme read! (I hadn't run across this particular meme before!)

Heather of the EO said...

We had a dog with the same issue as #6. So humiliating. Seriously. Gross.

McEwens said...

Oh sick, the napkins!!!! The reason why we dont have pets!!

Kiy said...

#3: Exactly what happened to us. pHred the Goldfish was HUGE and lived six to seven years (through at least four moves too, if memory serves). Needless to say, I have put my foot down on any more goldfish. (Yeah, the name ... hubby's a science geek.)

#4: Yep, we have one of those hypo dogs too, he's also hypER and yappy. Love him but some days . . . !

#5: How about my brother's pet tarantula when we were kids? That's my nightmare one. Yuk.

Gal, you make me laugh all the time. At at the same time, take a step back and think.

Cheers, Kiy

OH MY #6 said...

cute post my friend! I have allergies and asthma and we have a Wheaton Terrier named Stan. No allergies from the boy!


Lisa said...

My pet list goes on and on. If I coint back to when I was a kid, not including fish, I could easily list over 30, probably closer to 40. Right now, as I type this, I have 7 pets in the house (3 iguanas and 4 ferrets). In the fall we will adding at least 2 more (dogs), maybe 3 (dogs and a cat). We love us some pets here.

Misty said...

hey TM i played... it's up!!

Kathryn said...

Okay I had 2 glasses of wine before I wrote this, so forgive any spelling or grammatical errors!!!! That was fun!!!

happygeek said...

My husband keeps telling me that boys need dogs. Plural. That's when I tell him that momma's need whiskey.
We've gotten neither yet.
May the trend continue.

Janet said...

Hey....we have a dog that is hypoallergenic.....just thought you might want to know. :-) AND he's not yippy. Truly, he's not. I think I would have pulled his tongue out if he was....I hate yippy dogs.

PS- AWFUL story about Koa. Oh boy. I would NOT be good with that.

Lula! said...

This was fun to read...loved all the pictures, too.

Don't kill me--I'm a cat person. Dogs...eh, they are just not my thing.

Jennifer said...

I am glad to see you finally got around to this meme. Yours is way more interesting than mine! Maybe that's because you are funny. :)