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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tinsel and Cards

I am up to my ears in tinsel, plastic nativity figures and holiday cards. I realize we are a bit late with the decorating this year, but I figure we have a fairly good reason. (Especially once you learn that we traveled again this past weekend, although this time it was a sanity-saving trip to see The Fish Five.) Still, despite our excellent excuse, once the holiday cards began arriving in the mail, I knew I was seriously late with the Christmas Cheer.

It is already December 9th and I've yet to pull out our Advent Calendar. I realize this makes me a Terrible Momma. Or a Grinch. Possibly both.

I am, however, working to morph Tonggu House into a holiday showplace. Unfortunately my creative process always results in my house looking like a bomb exploded for at least three days, so it's more likely to resemble a Christmas Catastrophe.

I'd better not be
I hope I am not the only one.

This week I shall be up to my ears in garland while decorating, with a brain crammed full of rhyme schemes while I write our infamous and cheesy holiday poem for the relatives. This brings me to my question for the day... how in the world do y'all display the Christmas cards you receive for this year and years past? I need serious help.

And remember... I've lost glue gun privileges. Make the directions simple. Add pictures. And possibly pray.


kerri said...

I am so behind in the decorating department, buying our tree this weeknd, never have I been so late getting my rear in gear.
I hang my Xmas cards on our french doors, on the panes, the girls like to take them down re-arrrange them and look at them.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I haven't even started, or thought about starting yet! LOL Planning on getting started this weekend....I think!

Debbie said...

I am further behind this year than I have ever been.
I don't display the cards. I have a cute card holder (metal with a cutout) that hands near the fireplace that I put the current ones in. The past ones get discarded - unless I keep the photo.

happygeek said...

This is the first time in 4 years that I actually decorated. Seriously.
So, you are doing just fine.
One friend of ours hangs ribbon along her walls and bannisters and uses pretty clothespins to pin the cards up. They look like holiday garland along her walls.
I shove mine in a file folder never to be seen again. That may not be the option you want to take:).

Lisa Cairney said...

Girl, you are NOT ALONE! We still have up our Thanksgiving decor...no tree in sight...no garland...I am in trouble too. And I just put all my Christmas Cards in a basket so that we can peruse them at our leisure. And they stay in the basket until the next Christmas. Because I am that lazy. :(

Stefanie said...

No advice from me. Just lettin' you know you're not alone in the terribly-behind-the-curve on Christmas decorating.
Can't wait to see what the Tonggu House looks like all gussied up for Christmas :)

Blue said...

Contrary me wants to decorate two days before Christmas, since this is still ADVENT and Christmastide doesn't start until Christmas.

Mommy me wants to share the decorating with my children before it gets hectic, and to stop answering the question "why don't we have our Christmas tree yet?" and submit to the decorating demands of the offspring. [NOTE: I did not say 'sharing the decorating with Husband.' After 11years, I've stopped banging my head against that wall]

Lazy me wants to slap some garland up and call it a day.

Oh -- and the ONE Christmas card we've gotten in the mail is scotch-taped to a door frame, as is my habit. Usually all the door frames in the living room are covered in cards. Apparently no one loves us this year!

Mom To Six said...

Oh yes, that same "bomb" has hit my place and it will be until this weekend until we clear up it's damage.

As to Christmas cards. I have a big wall by the front door and place them strategically in the shape of a Christmas tree, starting at the top.



discombobulated said...

I used to find a ledge of some sort and display all the cards. However, I've grown tired of picking up cards off the floor everytime someone creates a breeze by walking by the "ledge". This year they are in a cute Christmasy metal container. On Christmas, I will reread all the cards and reflect on the year and my friends and family while listening to Christmas hymms.

prechrswife said...

We have a couple of card holders that we use to display the current cards. I put pictures on the fridge and they pretty much stay there until the following Christmas, which reminds me that I need to take down last year's, as we got our first new cards yesterday. As for the old cards themselves, they pretty much get tossed at the end of the season except for the ones with pictures.

Jennifer said...

I haven't even started yet either... no worries. I'll get to it sometime this week.

As for cards, I just tape them to the inside of the front door. That's it.

McEwens said...

Nope havent finished decorating here! So give yourself a break!

Cards... I keep them in a stack.. shhhhhh dont tell

Janet said...

We never decorate at all, so I have it easy, I have to admit....:-)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I guess I'm a decorating weenie. I just put them in a pretty basket on the coffee table.
Good luck!

T said...

I saw this great card display rack at Tai Pan and had it in my cart... okay ON my cart, it was huge... but then I remembered that we usually just read the card and toss it in the card box (not even pretty, just a shoe box)... saved myself a few bucks.

UNLESS of course someone who sent me a card is reading this - because we took YOURS, and yours only, and put it in a prominently displayed shadow box for the world to admire :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahaha...ask and you shall receive. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture...but I don't think you'll need one for this:
1) Tie a string to the bottom of your banister, stretching all the way up to the top.
2) Go to Target and get a pack of wooden clothes pins (the type with the metal spring)
3) Attach Christmas cards to the line with the clothespins as you receive them. Voila!
(I think the idea was from a magazine, originally, and they painted their clothespins. Ha! If you leave them brown you can use this little line for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day...any time you have cards to display!)

Old cards: When you take all your decorations down, go through your cards - any cards that are COMPLETELY blank inside, set aside - you can use those for Great Aunt Mary's Christmas package. Any cards that have no writing on the inside, left side, cut those cards in half - use the pretty picture as a gift tag for your own family the following year, and chuck all the holiday sentiments into the recycling. :-)

CC said...

I'll try to post pictures on some later post but we have wire strung up on the wall for all the kids art. Right now we are limiting art, and putting up cards instead. But alas, I think we only have 4 cards right now. Makes the wall look very lonely :(

Carla said...

I've barely decorated, and put the rest away. I figure it's good enough at the moment.

On cards, I've not gotten my cards done yet. Need to get on that.

Displaying cards? I bought a basket that I put on the counter in the kitchen, on an end table, or on the coffee table. All new cards get dumped in there.

Cards from last year are moved to the scrapbook box for 2007, to be put into the 2007 album...when I get the chance.

Gail said...

Well...I'm ahead in the decorating department, behind in the Christmas card sending area, and sorta okay in gift buying. It seems like Christmas came up on us really fast.

Christmas card displaying...I have this wire thingy shaped like a big snowflake bought at Targ-ay 2 years ago and it hangs on the front of a cupboard in my kitchen. You've received some great tips...I like the string hung from the bannister idea with clips or clothespins holding cards. Old cards are somewhere in my house and I need to go through them...
Have fun decorating!

Misty said...

i've never actually gotten enough cards to display! :) i like the previous suggestion of ribbon/garland (no glue guns, just clips!) or taping to a door frame.

Momto3 said...

I tape the cards to the kitchen cabinets. I remembered this not to tape any that had pictures in them above the dishwasher - not so pretty when the steam is making the pictures curl up.

OH MY #6 said...

I hear you on the bomb went off in the house. As far as the Christmas cards. I don't know what I do with them!LOL!


Becky said...

No glue gun!? Well, you may as well just give up now... :)

Seriously, though, good luck with the decorating. I'm a minimalist, so I don't have any old Christmas cards lying around. Sorry, I'm not so helpful am I?

Beverly said...

I have not done one thing. I am 2 weeks late. I have had my Christmas cards for 2 months and still they are not addressed nor mailed. YeeHaw I am on the ball. I tape my received cards on a door but only the ones with pictures the rest go on the arch doorway in the livingroom. The pics stay up all year long, no joke. I will replace 2007 pics with 2008 now.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Decorating is done...the cards are ordered, but not here yet and the shopping is finished except Stocking stuffers...I alwasy save them to the last minute!!

I do a couple different things with the cards....I have a cool Frosty the Snowman hat that is really a backet and I put some in there, I also have a snowflake card holder......and I have done things on my doorways...I guess it depends on how many cards we actually get!!

I am sure you had a packed weekend, but if I knew you were in our neck of the woods visiting, we could have grabbed a cup of coffee, a french fry or something:)

OziMum said...

This year I have a gorgeous red bowl, on my coffee table - I'm tossing all the cards in there! Years past - I've hung tinsel (draping down) above a doorway or window and hung them on there!

I'm a Christmas fanatic - and had the tree up the second week of Nov!!! (remember - we don't have thanksgiving, so no poo-poo'ing coz I did it before thanksgiving!!!)

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Looks like Christmas is sneeking up on all of us!!!! It is the 25th each year right??? then why am I so un prepared? Thanks to your post at least I now know I am not the only one!

No ideas on how to display your cards, I have a sliegh that is at my front door, we place our cards in that.



Meredith Teagarden said...

It is not too late! I bought my SIL the Christmas card holder that I would love. Looks like wrought iron and you can put picts and cards in it. Big and square,.hangs on the wall with lots of curves detail. Southern Living.

redmaryjanes said...

I am certain that your home is wonderfully festive and filled with holiday cheer. Merry Christmas!

Becoming Me said...

I make a Christmas card wreath...if you're interested, send me an e-mail and I'll give ya two ways to make one.

Sharie said...

I have had my cards printed since the beginning of November. Amelia wrote the letter on Saturday. I have it typed, but no ink with which to print it. I started addressing envelopes Sunday night, but my quest to cut the list back from 100 seems to have failed! I'm a connector - what can I say.

I hardly do any decorating - one advantage of having a small house;)

I throw meaningless cards away, I used to put photo cards and letters in an album, but no time for that now. I just put them in a cute Santa gift box I got and save them. It's fun to look through them year to year and see how the kids have changed!

kia (good enough mama) said...

I've come to the comments to see what others have suggested re the Christmas card display. I have no idea. They usually get layered on my kitchen mantel and fall down several times per day...

All Rileyed Up said...

I place the pictures on the mantle and allow them to overlap. I used to have one of those cardboard insert card displays. Those were helpful, but it fell apart after a couple years of use. You could always tape them on one of your doors. Or have a special 8 x 8 album into which all the cards and pictures go.

My decorations are up, but I still haven't sent out my cards.

planetnomad said...

Well, you're way ahead of us. All our ornaments are still in storage in a friend's garage in Nouakchott, over 1000 miles away. So this will be a barren Christmas. And no one ever sends us Christmas cards; we'll be lucky if we get 2 or 3. But we did get a fresh tree, and we'll pick up a few ornaments and Ilsa has great plans to string popcorn. It'll work.

Debz said...

First let me say that I love your vision in the above post.

Now here is what I do with my Christmas cards each year. I stack them from the biggest to the smallest and tie them in a raffia bow criss crossed in the back like a stack of books from days-gone-by and put them in a basket. I have done this for the past 8 years and each year I display them as if they were vintage books neetly tucked into a big basket on the floor beside the firepalce. Totally glue free!

Patricia/NYC said...

Oh. no, my friend...you are most certainly NOT the only one! ;)

Decorating? UNcheck
Xmas cards? UNcheck
Shopping? 1/2 check
Overwhelmed with Xmas birthdays? CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!

Shawnstribe said...

oh my girly, i havent bought a thing, did manage a girly trip into the city to visit Santa :)
i love christmas, even when i'm disorganised ; )

NJ Tracy Jean said...

I just tape my cards to the front door as they come in. Start at the top and work my way down. It always looks festive