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Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Crazy Christmas

I want to thank y'all for your many Christmas wishes! Thank you so much for thinking of us during this holiday season. Now... I need to warn you. You won't need your Ambien after reading this post because there is absolutely no way I can sum up the past week in a clear and concise way. You may, however, require a dose of Ritalin.

Christmas equaled craziness this year, pure and simple. I'd like to say it's because the Husband and I packed the Tongginator's holiday with a few too many Christ-focused activities, but I'd be lying if I said that. Nope, our Christmas grew crazy for entirely different reasons.

First off, my sister has four children. Four children, y'all. Ranging from eleven years to nine months. That's more sticky hands than this momma could handle in a lifetime. Fortunately, however, my sister KitKat seems completely up to the task. Her brood does tend to act a tad hyperactive, but what do you expect with blog names like Snickers, 100Grand, M&M and BabyRuth? Especially at Christmas. Although I must share that BabyRuth earned a new nickname this past week... Pterodactyl... because that's what she sounds like. That cute little nine-month-old needs to squawk scream LOUDLY, either with joy or displeasure, just to be heard above the dull roar of her siblings.

Second, we traveled to my Aunt P's house for the week. While Tonggu Grammy and the Colonel sunned themselves on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas, their children and grandchildren sat inside Aunt P's house watching the rain pour down. The rain was SUPPOSED to be snow. We traveled high up in the mountains... to a town that averages over ten feet of snow each year... in the dead of winter. Of course we expected snow. Instead, it rained down wet, cold, fat drops of water.

But I'm not bitter. Not at all. (Nice tan, Tonggu Grammy.)

Next, my Aunt P loves to cook. Even more interesting than that, she loves to cook with the Tongginator. Goodness gracious, someone give me a mop. And a sponge. And a washcloth.

The Tongginator had the experience of a lifetime. She equates her Great Aunt P with her idols from the Food Network... and I suspect my Aunt P felt all aflutter once she heard the Tongginator spout off names like Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Giada, Tyler and "the guy with the spooky hair," known to others as simply "Guy."

Finally, oh-my-lands did Butterfly Mania overtake our household, thanks in small part to a Momma of Five and also CC. The Momma of Five sent my Tongginator the cutest little butterfly hair clips made almost entirely of ribbon. Aren't they simply the sweetest?

And several weeks ago CC sent an e-mail my way after seeing a Tongginator must-have book during one of her many speech pathology meetings. Fancy Nancy's Bonjour, Butterfly made its way into the Tongginator's Christmas loot, thanks to CC's heads up. Can you spot those two gifts amid the plethora of Butterfly loot?

It seems we'll be a-fluttering around Tonggu House for many months to come. Sigh.


Momto3 said...

Sounds like you had a fun Christmas. I love the bows, though with 3 boys, I can't convice them to wear them. Hmmm.

Mom To Six said...

It really does sound like a great Christmas! Too funny about your sister's brood. Sounds like my house. heh! Pterodactyl (our 2 yr old) and all.

Happy New Year!


happygeek said...

At least it's your GIRL that's all agog about butterflies.
My two year old boy has talked about his 3 year old birthday cake for 6 months now. We've got 3 to go. He wants a butterfly cake.
With butterfly plates and napkins. Yee haw.
Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

LindaJ said...

Don't you love it when people find out that you like a certain thing and then every time they buy you a gift it has to do with that thing you said you liked? As for the Tongginator, she is little so it's fine, but when i told my Gma years ago I like flamingos...every Christmas and bday for 10 year I got flamingos.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...except for the rain....we had it here too.....I was hoping for a white Christmas, not a wet one!!

The butterfly hair clips are so cute......That is a lot of fluttery loot for one post....The Tongginator must have been on the nice list this year!!

Happy Holidays....good to have you back!


Kristin said...

So glad you had a wonderful Christmas even with the rain and the attack of the candy kids. My heart (and hands) go out to your sister. I have four kids too but from 4-17. Can't imagine them being closer together. Whew.

Kathryn said...

Happy to see you all had a great holiday!!!!!! Don't be too impressed with out lack of messiness in the kitchen, it's only because most of the cooking is done earlier and just warming up going on for the evening festivities.

Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Great Christmas festivities! Lots of good memories!

Have a great new year!
Alyzabeth's Mommy

Sharie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas to me. I'd take rain over snow ANY day - you don't have to shovel it:)
My cousins little girl made a horrible sound yesterday and my nephew replied AFLAC! I totally get the Pterodactyl.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, sorry about the rain. :-(

Looks like the Tongginator didn't mind too much, though.

Oh, and we have a pterodactyl in the family, as well. They're fabulous as NIECES, aren't they? ;-)

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain. Your niece sounds like my nephew, Joe. He's a squaker, too. With five kids all cooped up inside the house, I bet there was a lot of squaking going on.

I'm glad T made out in the butterfly department. Those are cute clips.

Happy New Year, TM!

gritandglory.com said...

yuck about the rain. i'd been hoping for snow, too... and also got none.

Briana's Mom said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get any snow, but it still looks like you had a great Christmas!

The Tongginator is a Food Network fan? Now that is my kind of girl!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am late in the dropping by but I missed Christmas and so instead I am going to say Happy New Year... I cannot believe we are now into the March 06 referrals... wooo hooo... since our LID is April 06... butterflies galore!!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a mighty fine Christmas! So, will you lay low for New Year's Eve or continue with the partying?


OziMum said...

hehehe! Sounds like you had a very FULL Christmas!!!
Hope little T continues to entertain with her fluttering!!!

Kristy said...

It looks like everyone had such a good Christmas and I have to add that I just love butterflies, I guess you could say that they are my signature "Bug"!!!
Love, Kristy

Beverly said...

love all the butterfly stuff and just saying glad it is you and not me. I can admire from afar, heh.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Never a dull moment, eh?

Glad to hear your holidays were "full"...

Happy Butterfly mania!!!!


CC said...

Glad she liked it!!

I became a big Fancy Nancy fan on Christmas day last week. We had Christmas dinner at our friends house (remember, no family Christmas for us) and they are already fans. Their girls got several Fancy Nancy things as gifts. I read the A to Z book and fell in love with the great vocabulary. And Marvel Girl? Spent the entire evening wearing the girls' new Fancy Nancy costumes.

So... some of the Christmas money will be spent on Fancy Nancy paraphernalia. Mostly because of ME. Not her.

So I apologize in advance if you end up spending oodles of moolah on it as well....

Jaimie said...

LOVE Fancy Nancy!!

Janet said...

Sounds like fun! And I love the butterfly clips! Really cute.

PS- Four kids is nothing...I LAUGH at your four kids and raise you two...:-)

Chris and Deb said...

Sounds like you guys had a good Christmas...despite the noise and the rain! :)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year too!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Yeah! I am so glad she liked them!! And I love the butterfly paraphenalia! You HAVE to get the T a butterfly kite when you return to China. They are gorgeous! I had them up in my girls' room, until a windstorm knocked them out....long story! Happy New Year!