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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do You Think I Now Have Superpowers?

We made a stop on our trip. It was a nerve-wracking, hope everyone still likes everyone else after this, pseudo blind date kind of stop. Because you never know with these things. Sometimes these things happen and everyone walks away with an eh feeling. Even worse, sometimes these things happen and only one person in the group walks away with that eh feeling. Gosh, I hope that wasn't the case this time.

But I don't know for sure.

Because, you see, I met someone. And not just any someone. I met CC. And her husband. And her two adorable children. Oh, yes I did. And SHE met me. And the husband. And even the Tongginator. Which is a little bit scarier. Oh, yes, it is.

We met in an undisclosed location because, of course, I have all of that secret spy baggage to cart around. And, even more importantly, she has that alter ego/ Super Hero thing to worry about. We decided to treat ourselves and our families to dessert and coffee. Only none of us drank any coffee. Come to think of it, none of us ate dessert either.

I mean, we TRIED to eat dessert. Only we didn't plan very well. Because the restaurant didn't actually have a dessert menu. After much secret wailing and gnashing of teeth (because we just met these people and wouldn't want them to think that I am we are melodramatic), we discovered the children's menu listed two desserts as options: milkshakes and sundaes.


Only we came to find out that the milkshake machine was broken. And that someone-who-should-understand-the-correlation-between-electricity-and-refrigeration forgot to plug in the ice cream freezer. The waiter, in a gesture of goodwill, offered us sundaes the consistency of milkshakes for the low, low price of $2.99.


We ate french fries. And that, of course, nixed the coffee. Because I don't know about y'all, but coffee and french fries? Not my first choice. I had tea. Which makes perfect sense to me, but not the husband, who later wondered aloud why I didn't just order a soda.

I have no idea, honey.

We really did have a wonderful time chatting it up with CC and her family, despite her state of illness recovery and our we-are-so-not-funny-not-even-amusing-because-we-recently-attended-a-funeral-and-are-emotionally-exhausted state. But I didn't get that eh feeling. In fact, I actually might have even possibly gotten a warm and fuzzy feeling. Because they were very nice... the children were adorable... and they were as cool as I pretend to be on my blog. Definitely no ehs on my end.

I only hope she didn't feel any ehs either.

How about y'all? Ever met someone from the blogging world? Was it eh at first sight or a warm and fuzzy glow? And, if you are CC, you'd better answer "warm and fuzzy glow."

Or just don't answer at all.


happygeek said...

How cool.
I've met Janet. She's even more wonderful in real life. It's a bit surreal meeting someone that way. But then Sprout dumped his diaper out on her floor (oh yes he did) and the ice was broken.
I may never be invited back however:)

Norah said...

Great post... You have a way with telling stories!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love hearing about Bloggy "first dates"

I have had three and they all went extrememly well.....um, at least I think they did...

All kidding aside, I have found that the people I have met are just as they appear to be on their blogs:)

Have a great day!


planetnomad said...

I've met Pieces, from Wisdom Has 2 Parts, along with her family. It was great! She's the only blogger I ever actually met, but I feel I know others and even dream about them sometimes. Isn't that weird? I was afraid so.

Polar Bear said...

How disheartening to go for something chocolaty and end up with fries. ;o)

I have met quite a few fellow bloggers and have enjoyed every visit. To be honest, three of my VERY best friends are women I met through blogging. I know we will be lifelong buddies. These friendships have been a blessing. I never thought such close bonds could be formed with people who you meet over the Internet. Especially for me, because I am really shy until I get to know you. The fact that I didn't feel shy with these women says a lot!

Whew! I do ramble at times.

McEwens said...

It was good I am sure to place a face and a personality with a blog. I have met a few blogging buddies, it was nice.

prechrswife said...

All of the blogging friends I've met in person, I knew before any of us started blogging, or I met them first and then discovered their blogs. Glad to hear your meeting went well. :-)

Misty said...

oh, how fun to meet an online bloggy bud!! although i'm a wee bit jealous b/cs i'm dying for some fries and a coke, but no car keys to be found. i'm feeling rather eh about that (as in where in the eh are my keys!)... lol
and about the 101 list, steal away!! i tried to find the website that i originally saw the idea but no luck. so if you're a rules-follower, go to my first 101 tag and check them out! :) oh, and 7 cupcakes in an hour.. SUCH a goal... that would be superpowers indeed!

Aunt LoLo said...

I came very close to meeting Debbie, from Suburb Sanity. Well, close as in...she was in Philadelphia on Thursday to chaperone her daughter's band in the Thanksgiving parade there, and I arrived in Philadelphia on Friday to visit Lo Gung's family. Close as in...we talked about it, and both got warm fuzzies just THINKING we might be cool enough to actually MEET a blogger buddy and see what they're really like and all that...but it was a no, from the get go, because neither of us could change our schedules to make it work.

There's a few people that I COULD meet up with, I think...but I haven't made the offer yet. I'm still waiting to see if they're crazy or not. ;-)

HOWEVER, if I ever decide to drive 6 hours up to the Nation's Capital...I would LOVE to meet the Tongginator! I think she could teach BBJ a lesson or two. (BBJ DESERVES a little brother to take some of the attention off her! I just hope I'm not too late!)

CC said...

Warm and fuzzy glow! Warm and fuzzy glow!!

You forgot to add how Professor X helped "feed" The Tongginator's butterfly obsession/vocabulary! ;)

Shawnstribe said...

aww, i met a fellow RQ/bloggy friend in China a year ago, we were both meeting our treasures, it was awesome.
Yep forever X X's Mama 1 year ago today :)

delucchi family said...

Hey Tongu Mamma we missed you while you were away!! I would love to meet more bloggy friends, but I dont have many, boo hoo, not as popular as you see :-) Even my bestest friend, who I taught to blog of course, feels so sorry for me she leaves me 5 one worded comments, so I feel loved, aah. No, seriously, hoping to come and visit the good ol USA next year and then I plan to bring me and all my treasures to visit YA ALL!! ha ha Love Jules

Monica said...

So cool that you got to meet a blogger friend outside of cyberspace!!!

Recovering Sociopath said...

So far the only bloggers I've met are people I knew before we had blogs. I have all these fantasies, though, and THANK YOU for validating them. I sort of feel like a stalker when I think about it too much, but there are all these amazing women I would just love to meet.

Missy said...

Glad you are back...I've been thinking of you guys and praying things went well, considering.

I have met several blogger buds and have never been disappointed. They all were just like I thought they'd be. So fun!

Kristin said...

Oh, I have (hand raised)!!! It's fun to meet up with people you've chatted with for a while. So far, it's always been a warm and fuzzy experience. :-)

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That's great! And you tell the story so well!

I once met up with my blogging friend Susan Sandmore and we were both relieved (I think she was at least!) to get that warm fuzzy glow!
It's a little nerve wracking--it almost feels like a first date!
But of course it went well...you both are so cool!

Beachy Mimi said...

PeepOne and I met Fuschia from LandOPink in Florida. She is just as sweet and charming in person as she is on her blog.

Kimberly said...

I was sooooo excited to meet the Fearless Leader of the Whitney Gang (http://whitneygang.blogspot.com/) while shopping on Shamian Island in China in Sept. We both gave each other that "don't I know you from somewhere?" look and then realized we read each other's blogs. We were excited to actually meet in person. It really is a small world in the adoption community and the blogosphere!!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the meme... I am perpetually behind on posting. I promise I'll get to it soon... :-)

Ada said...

hey, welcome back. Here's to happy days ahead for you.

no blog meets for moi.

Janet said...

I've met the Happy Geek, who, despite her child dumping his diaper on my floor, is a WONDERFUL person and we had a nice visit! I've also met Juliette and Patty, as well as Kathy N. and Yvonne, Dawn, and Debbie....yeah, well, I've met a few. :-)

Carrie Thompson said...

it is cool. I just met a fellow blogger yesterday, she read my blog, found out I was close to where she lived and asked to meet us which I thought was AWESOME. We had lunch at PF Changes and it wasa great!

I loved meeting her and she herself was as I imagined but her voice wasnt? Isnt that weird!

Jennifer said...

Love meeting bloggy buddies. I met Lisa from Half Gaelic, Half Garlic and she is awesome!! Definitely warm and fuzzy feeling!

I am meeting another bloggy friend this weekend.

Isn't it fun to meet your imaginary friends in person???