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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Hands

Thanks y'all so, so much for your prayers and support. They mean more than we can say. Several of you definitely put words to how we feel -- caught waiting, unable and unwilling to grieve yet. I do feel much more at peace, knowing that our family and friends in real life, as well as my virtual bloggy friends here, continue to pray for us and send good thoughts our way.

We continue to wait.

The Tongginator spent this morning clawing her way out of the codeine fog. I know some of you are wondering what our little Tongginator looks like on drugs. Let's just say that she continues to flit and flutter, but it appears a tad inebriated at the moment. Her ear pain began easing late yesterday. We pray that she shows marked improvement before we must make air travel decisions. And we thank God we have this flexibility, since the husband and his father both feel they said their goodbyes last month during the husband's trip out west.

Now... onto other important "stuff." Because this news is very exciting. And heart-warming. And wonderful. Stefanie of Ni Hao Y'all, Rebecca of China, Baby! and Amie of Heart Smiles graciously allowed me to tag along on their labor of love.

No Hands But Ours

The husband and I are not adopting through China's special needs program. We've made that decision for very personal reasons, some of which involve timing. We share an agency LID with two families we already know in real life. The husband and I can't help but feel God created that situation for a purpose. We also feel needed on the home front for many reasons, some of which you already know, so the increased wait within the non-special needs program better fits our family's needs at the moment.

That doesn't mean I'm enjoying the ever-lengthening wait, y'all. Just so you know.

Still, I share with Stefanie, Amie and Rebecca a love for China's waiting children, most probably because our little Tongginator could easily have found her way to a forever home through China's special needs program. When we met the Tongginator, she weighed less than 14 pounds at 12 months of age and struggled with eczema and rickets. Experts deemed her developmentally about five or six months old, plus they diagnosed her with severe sensory delays (later sensory processing disorder) and speculated about her possible preemie status.

She is our miracle child. Our gift from God. And she could easily have been one of China's waiting children.

If you've felt a tug on your heart to learn more about China's special needs adoption program, please check out No Hands But Ours. It's goal is to provide encouragement, information and support for families of the children who wait and for those who wait no more. Replacing fear with knowledge. Replacing doubt with assurance. Replacing isolation with community. Replacing defeat with hope.

I wish the husband and I had a place such as this back in 2005. We surely needed it.


Missy said...

I'm here with you! I haven't been online much but you are all never far from my thoughts. If you need me, I'm here!


redmaryjanes said...

I think your new site is wonderful and I would like to do a post about it and link it on my blog 'No Place Like Home'. Let me know if that is ok with you and your friends.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

You continue to be in my prayers! Hang in there!

OH MY #6 said...

You are in my thoughts and prayer my friend.

BIG, HUGE, GIANT, HUGS your way!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Big hugs and mostly prayers your way my friend. Special needs has a special place in our hearts also as Emma was special needs.

McEwens said...

(((HUGS))) and prayers for you all.

Stefanie said...

You ROCK, TM :) Even as you struggle with painful familial issues, you are still able to think of others, specifically those who have no voice of their own.

Shawnstribe said...

Hope your precious lil one is mending and that you are ok.
I had a peep at the site and its awesome, not sure about the tag along label, as your writings are superb.

Janet said...

That is GREAT. ANY support for adoptive parents is welcome.

Carla said...

Oh I'm ALL about the Waiting Child program! :)

Patricia/NYC said...

FABULOUS site...I checked it out last night AND I have "alerted the media" on HipHipHubei.

Stefanie & I go way back to '05 - we were original "DTC mates" while we waited for our daughters.

I APPLAUD you all for doing this so selflessly for others!!

Sharon said...

Huge hugs and prayers too@!!!

jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I'm going to check it out.

I'm so sorry about your father-in-law.

Carolina Mama said...

Praying for your father-in-law. Also this No Hands But Ours is an awesome ministry. We'll share with our friends with babies from China.

prechrswife said...

What a neat site! I'll have to look at it more thoroughly a little later. We are seriously considering a special needs adoption down the road, after our little ones grow up some.

Heather of the EO said...

You're just amazing. This is what you're promoting on your blog in the midst of your own heartache!!!

Oh lady. You're a beautiful person. Believe that. In the midst of your fatigue and emotion and LIFE...
believe it.

Thank you,

Kimberly said...

Sending lots of prayers and hugs to you and your family during this time of sadness and uncertainty...

OziMum said...

Sounds like a fantastic programme.

Thinking of you and your family. ((hugs)) and ^prayers^ (do you like my little "bended knees"?!)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I just came over from the "no hands but ours" site....I think it is amazing and the many stories that families shared are just incredible!!

Sending good thoughts and prayers,


CC said...

Wonderful plug for a great cause!

Blessed said...

Hello, I had to check out your site after reading that you are involved with the No Hands But Ours program.

I read your old post about your friend Rosie. You write so much better than I do, but I have a post on my blog from Oct. 16, about my friend Donna, who also passed away from cancer. She was 44. She left behind her husband and 3 young children.

When I read your post, I was struck by the similarities. It has been hard having my friend gone. Sometimes I still can't believe it. I know she is with the Lord, and I rejoice in that, but I really do miss her. She was a truly amazing, godly woman.

I will keep Rosie's family in my prayers. I see first-hand how hard it is for a family to lose their mommy.

Take care, and thanks for all you do for so many others.

Meaklims said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It is so amazing to follow along with another adoptive mother who loves the Lord.

I have checked out the new blog for SN, it holds a special place in my heart also. We were led to our first soon-to-be daughter through the Waiting Children program and the Lord has richly blessed us. Thank you for taking the time for this amazing resource.

Believe me, this website, along with faith is all some people need to step out and help a waiting child.

When we first started the paperwork process we didn't even know there was a program in China other than main stream. This is amazing. Maybe some day I will add our story also. :)

Much love and blessing to you and your beautiful Tongginator.

Jill xx

My Heart Beats In China said...

This is such a special post as our daughter is a special needs child too. Your words just made me tear up as I think of how happy and fulfilled I am with Kira in our lives. In some ways I believe we were meant to take this route to our daughter and now I encourage others to do the same.
I advocate all the time on behalf of our agency's program for waiting children. Perhaps the long wait for the standard process has given thousands of children a chance at a normal happy life...every child deserves this.
I love these children! The No Hands But Ours site is beautiful and a great resource.

Thank you Tongo Momma,

Ivy and Kira