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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Sixes

An embarrassingly long time ago, Jaime of Oh, Be Careful tagged me for a meme called The Three Sixes. I loved it, but I also knew it required Deep Thought. Which is definitely not my forte. I've been sitting on this meme for a long time.

No longer.

Because I am not focused this week. I need something very specific to center my thoughts. And because I chuckled at the meme title... especially for this week. Gosh, I wonder why?

The husband and I have been using our vast array of coping skills to get through this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. I totally wish I could say that said coping skills involve copious amounts of prayer and Bible reading, but unfortunately it's more honest to say that the husband we should buy stock in Planters Mixed Nuts, beer and Blockbuster.Com.

Come to think of it, I hate most legumes. And I definitely hate beer. Hmm...

Although I used to love Blockbuster.Com... at least, until this week when the husband entered a vortex of prepubescent humor as a means to escape reality. I truly can't blame him, but I do need some advice from y'all. When given the choice between the movies Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, Jack Black: Be Kind, Rewind and Will Ferrill in Blades of Glory, which piece of junk cinematic masterpiece would you choose for your viewing pleasure? Because I totally can't decide.

And I'm sure you can guess why.

Don't feel you have to apologize if you can't help me with my movie selection. I realize the vast majority of you have never sat through these three films. (And I use the term films loosely, y'all. Ahem.) I hope you realize I've now given you one more thing you can pray about for the members of Tonggu House. Ask God to save us from terrible movies created to entertain junior high school boys.

Otherwise my mind might grow so numb that I swerve the car after seeing a unicorn. Or we might become so anti-social that we find ourselves formally uninvited to the Skating Federation's annual Christmas party. And if you've suffered through seen these three movies, you'll understand that all of this is non-sequitary.

Now... onto the meme. And focus. And maturity.

Six Things I Value

1. God. Simply put, I know, but how exactly do you wax poetic about the beauty of his creation, the depth of his love, His infinite wisdom, the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit and the amazing gift of his sacrifice in Jesus Christ?

2. My family. Every single member. Even Aunt M, who spends more time in mental hospitals than I care to count. And my paternal grandmother, whom I never met because she died when my daddy the Colonel was just 16. And my second cousin who might as well be named Bubba because he wears overalls with no shirt and tends to walk around town barefoot. Oh yes, he does.

3. Books. I love the written word. I love books ranging from The Bible to The Sneetches and most ones in between. Books are a wonderful equalizer because children can go anywhere and do anything in between the covers of a book.

4. Laughter. There is something about pure laughter that reminds us of the blessings in our lives, even in the face of tremendous challenges. I use this as an excuse as well, since I often laugh at inappropriate times, like during the first wedding ceremony of my childhood best friend Otter. I have three words for you: Burger King Crown. (Her words, y'all, not mine.)

5. Forgiveness, even when someone doesn't deserve it. Sometimes I fall short in this area, but I strive to achieve it. I also place high importance on relationships with others who seek to forgive. Perhaps this is because they need to possess a forgiving spirit if they hang out with me for any length of time. Ha!

6. Adoption, done ethically (see number six below).

Six Things I Don't Support

1. Truth without love. Until Christians in this country can embrace others with unconditional love and practical support, we cannot speak to them of Truth. Well, I guess we can, but we shouldn't expect any results.

2. Modern-day Pharisees. We all sin... all of us. Please don't label one sin as "more evil" than another. God hates ALL sin. That's why He gifted us with Jesus.

3. Racism. Enough said.

4. Blind consumerism. I am not the most thrifty person in the world, but I definitely dislike the mass materialism of our country. Please think before you purchase. And, for goodness sake, please consider the long-term impact of the purchase on your children. And your closets. Ahem.

5. Cancer. I think we all know why.

6. Adoption, done unethically. I don't support corruption within the Adoption Machine. It's increasingly difficult to find an adoption agency that doesn't pressure first mothers... a country that doesn't reduce children to commodity status... a system that doesn't work against children rather than for them.

Now I'm supposed to tag six people, so I shall tag anyone who wants to play along, plus the five most recent commenters at Our Little Tongginator. They are: Blessed at Blessed Beyond Blessed, CC at If Only I Had Super Powers, Half Gaelic/ Half Garlic at The Long Road To China, OziMum at Australia to China and Kimberly at Snickerdoodle and the Crab.


OH MY #6 said...

This post is outstanding. Thank you, so much for an awesome start to my day.


Dawn said...

I love your sixes. I would have written my sixes exactly like yours... except yours is better written! Ha!

I prayed for you and your family this morning.

Blessings of God's peace.

Laura L. said...

This is an excellent post as always! :)

I definitely had to smile about the movies. Can't say I've seen any of those. My husband is kind of a movie junkie himself. He calls them sophomoric. I tell him some are junior highish. :)

Wishing you a peaceful day.

Christi said...

hmm immature "humor" movies. You have my empathy. My hubby prefers the scifi/horror/weird stuff. Honestly I can't decide which I dislike more.

I loved your sixes. I have to agree completely on the books. And the laughter. And God. And cancer. and . . . oh thats enough.

Oh, I just found your blog yesterday and have really enjoyed it. How is her ear infection?

Ada said...

Since the holidays are looming, my dumb movie recommendation is Elf

Totally with you on the unsupported six.

Heather of the EO said...

I love your 6's. I keep finding more and more reasons on this hear blog to call you friend. :) How's that for sappy sapperton?

I like Jack Black and I'm totally intelligent.

Michelle said...

That was a really good Meme. I can see why you had to think on it a bit.

Blades of Glory was hilarious.

Or so I've heard :)

Debbie said...

My daughter is a huge Will Ferrell fan so I have sat through Blades of Glory. Not the best use of my time, to be sure.

Aunt LoLo said...

I've actually seen Blades of Glory. (Hubs is a fan of middle school humour when he just wants to "veg".)

I'd say..let 'im watch any movie on that list, while you get some blogging done - it Works for Me! ;-)

OziMum said...

See! You knew I needed distraction too!

prechrswife said...

Love your lists. On the movie subject, I usually don't like those kinds of movies, and guess what one of our in-flight movies was on the way to China..."Nacho Libre." Oh, well...

Jamie said...

I'm out of the movie loop -- I'm not familiar with any of those movies. But we are going to watch Iron Man this weekend, which sounds (to me) like a guy movie. I may have to find something else to do... like read blogs. :)

Loved your thoughtful Sixes list. (You are smarter than I am. I snagged the meme in the first place thinking it would be a quickie. But the thinking that went into it took me longer than I anticipated.) Laughter and Forgiveness -- those are two wonderful things to value.

Thanks for humoring me and playing along. I don't usually tag people for stuff.

Hannah said...

Loved it. Loved it. Great job picking and ARTICULATING your sixes, girl. Amen to them all. And hey....if I had to choose...I would choose Jack Black because, I'm sorry, that man cracks me up. I guffawed all the way through School of Rock. His face is so impish. I would NOT choose Blades of Glory because I had to sit through that gem twice and watch Will Ferrill throw up in his skating costume. ICK. I love Will but that was too much for me. Can't. take. the vomit.

Hang in there, TM. Praying for God's grace on you and yours...that he will cradle you in the palm of His mighty hand.

OH CRAP. Just realized I'm logged on as my daughter Hannah...but it's me. Lisa. From amotherlode.

Dang it. So embarrassing.

Monica said...

Hmmm...I've never seen a single one of the aforementioned movies...but I suspect my husband would enjoy them. I have sat through more lame, no plot, subtitled Hong Kong martial arts movies than I care to recount! I don't mind the fight scenes, as long as there is at least a BIT of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and some semblance of an actual PLOT. Some of the movies he brings home look like someone just gathered up all the clippings off the editing room floor at the end of the month and thought, "Hey, there's enough celluloid here to make a movie!" (Never mind that all the little snippets came from a bazillion different movies! Just splice one fight after another together...no one will notice that there is no continuity of the story line!)

Sorry, I should be commenting on the sixes...but I don't have the brain power left right now to say anything worth actually writing! (Really LONG day at work...unwinding before the next REALLY LONG day starts up tomorrow!)


PIPO said...

I really enjoyed this list...food for thought. I love that.

Well, except maybe the movie choice issue ;0) Good luck!

(PS - Sure, you can link the post you mentioned. Thank you for asking.)

Patricia/NYC said...

Loved your 6's!! Sooooo well written too and succinct! Now you got me going on this...I just might take the challenge.

Oh "those" movies...yuck, for lack of a better word! lol.

Hang in there, my friend!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Great post TM....this is a new one...haven't seen the three sixes!!

Thanks for the tag....It might take me awhile to come up with this one....right now I am a little brain dead....travel always gets me!!

Hope you all are haning in there....thinking about you:)


Janet said...

Well, I, for one, am ALL for mass consumerism if it means that I get to buy a new blouse. Ahem. I do likey my clothes. But I'm pretty good with other stuff....:-)

As for the other things you love....ditto. The things you don't love....equally ditto-ey.

And a big hug to you for not tagging me. :-)

happygeek said...

#1 on the things you don't support.
If the joy of the Lord really is our strength, then there are a lot of rather weak Christians out there.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Great post :-) Love your 6's.

Maybe your husband is not totally hopeless. Confession: I think Jack Black is hilarious, and I have a pretty high IQ :-) according to some test I took as a kid...so juvenile humor=intelligence? Sorry, I'm sure that doesn't help you at all :-)

Peanut said...

I love your sixes. Pretty close to what I would right, except way better written!
As for the movies, I'd say eliminate any with ugly naked man butt scenes. I'm not sure which movies that would be, but I'm pretty sure that would eliminate at least one of them!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love them all and agree wholeheartedly with every one!

I cannot tolerate racism ever! Makes my blood boil.

I continue to pray for you.

Rochelle said...

For someone who doesn't do deep thoughts well (or however you worded it) this is a very thought provoking and deep post. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself.