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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quesadilla Goodness

Over the years, I've discovered that births and deaths share many things in common, but there exists one phenomena within both life circumstances absolutely guaranteed to split the crowd. It brings about grateful and joyous smiles from some... it also evokes depressed groans from others. My husband falls into the former group, while I - being a Difficult and High Maintenance Person - belong with the latter.

I'm talking about casseroles, y'all.

When a baby enters the world... when a soul leaves this earth... women within the church rally around their stoves to create Casserole Chaos. They crumble corn flakes, grate cheese, mash tater tots, dollop sour cream, spoon salsa and pour on the cream of chicken soup. Sometimes, if you are truly fortunate, a dish might contain three or more of those Essential Goodness Ingredients.

The Husband referred to this dish as Tater Tot Goodness.

I know y'all understand when I tell you that my anti-casserole stance definitely effects my eating habits this week. And I know that some of y'all are probably cheering right about now because you assume I'm losing a bit of weight.

You'd be wrong, though.

Because the husband knows that I am a Difficult and High Maintenance Person, so he orders room service every night when we arrive back at our hotel. And I eat quesadillas. Because - you know - quesadillas are completely different from casseroles. Although they do have grated cheese. And salsa. And sometimes even dollops of sour cream.

But they have a Spanish name and that, it seems, makes all the difference to a Difficult and High Maintenance Person.


Dawn said...

No casseroles, huh? You might starve around her some days. Ha ha!

Georgia Peach said...

I hear that folks in Wash State really, really, really love Casseroles. mmmm...quesadillas! Now that's my kind of comfort food!

happygeek said...

What kind of a Christian are you?
No casseroles?
Next thing you'll be saying you don't have a pleather bible-cover and hate flannel graphs.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I would be ordering room service with you....not a real casserole girl myself!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family!

Have a safe trip home:)


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh....some casseroles are good...but MOST are better served over rice! hahahahaha

Somehow, in our church, Funeral Potatoes and Jell-O studded with various bits of fruit and vegetables almost always make it to the table during these sorts of times. Hmm...

K and/or K said...

Happy Thanksgiving early from one casserole phobic quesadilla lover to another!

Janet said...

What did casseroles ever do to you! I'll keep this in mind, should you ever venture here up north.....

Anonymous said...

Love quesadillas. Hate casseroles!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have never seen anything like that tater tot casserole! I must say, I didn't grow up with any kind of layered baked dish, save lasagna, but during these last months of sickness, I am starting to make some for the family. Getting meat AND veggies into the same dish and baking it makes me feel like I've really fed them something... Fresh garden salads and multiple courses are right around the corner though, I know.

Enjoy the quesadillas. It's hard to go wrong there...especially when there's some good guacamole involved.

Kristin said...

I am SO not into casseroles either. My mom made them all the time. I just swallowed my dinner whole on those nights or went hungry.

Quesadillas?? I am there, baby! That is a staple in our house!

I do make crock pot meals though which can sort of end up like casseroles. But I eat them.

Yet, my son hates them.

Must take after mom.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Sharie said...

Most of the time I'm right with you, but that Tator Tot Caserole is the best (as long as you leave the peas out!)
I survive on ice cream when under food duress.

Kristy said...

This post was just oo funny and so soooo true!!!!

Love, K

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Difficult and High Maintenance MEXICAN people insist on being fed...tater tot casseroles, maybe?!

Jennifer said...

I have never seen a casserole with tater tots on the top. I am intrigued and wish I could try a spoonful.

Love Quesadillas too, with lots of sour cream.


Peanut said...

I'll take a quesadilla over a casserole any day. Hmmm... now I'm hungry... must have melty cheese.

Laura L. said...

I know this Tater Tot Casserole recipe! I actually like it too. :) I do admit it's not the healthiest thing in the world.

I like casseroles, but I'm not a fan of the big potluck gatherings, where you have no idea who made what and for that matter what's in it. Scary.

We call it casserole, but up here in MN, they call it Hotdish. We don't get it and we still laugh about it. :)