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Friday, November 21, 2008

Moments With The Tongginator

We still wait for the phone call we don't wish to receive. My FIL continues to vacillate between taking a couple of breaths a minute and periods of greater strength and awareness.

My goodness it helps to have a little one running around the house when the Husband and I are struggling through our week. For your reading pleasure, moments with the Tongginator these past seven days....

Moment #1

TONGGINATOR: Momma, where are my panda panties? I really wanted to wear my panda panties.

TONGGU MOMMA: Oh, honey bear, I know you do. But Momma had to put them away because they are too small for you.

TONGGINATOR: But I LIKE my panda panties.

TONGGU MOMMA: I know, sweetie. I'm sorry. But they're too small for you now. Maybe Momma can keep an eye out for another pair of panda panties. If I find some, I'll buy you bigger ones that fit you.

TONGGINATOR: Okay, Momma. Thank you.

(Tonggu Momma begins to walk out of the room.)

TONGGINATOR: Wait, Momma. Maybe you could find some panda panties with sparkles on them. Because I really like sparkles, too.

So... if you happen to find a pair of sparkly panda panties while shopping for Christmas this year, please e-mail me. Something tells me these are gonna be tough to find.

Moment #2

TONGGINATOR: Momma, can I eat eyeballs for lunch?


TONGGINATOR: Can I eat eyeballs for lunch?

TONGGU MOMMA: Umm... we don't have any eyeballs at the house honey, so no, you can't eat eyeballs for lunch.

TONGGINATOR: But people do eat them, right?

TONGGU MOMMA: Well, yes, some people eat animal eyeballs. In fact, there are many people in China who eat animal eyeballs.

TONGGINATOR: Okay. So can I eat eyeballs when we go to Chinese New Year? (She's talking about the CNY party hosted by the Maryland chapter of Families With Children from China.)

TONGGU MOMMA: Umm... I don't think they'll have them there, but if they DO serve eyeballs, then yes, you can try them and see if you like them.

TONGGINATOR: Okay. But Mom? They'll have eyeballs when we go to China, right? Can I eat them then, for sure?

TONGGU MOMMA: Yes, Tongginator, you can eat eyeballs when we go to China. If you want to.

TONGGINATOR: Good... I'll bet they taste squishy.

Moment #3

TONGGINATOR: Momma, why are you boring?

TONGGU MOMMA: Why? I don't know, honey bear. I guess just because I am.

TONGGINATOR: Oh. Well, I'm sorry you're boring.

Gee thanks, hot stuff. I didn't actually realize that I WAS boring. Yawn.


Dawn said...

The old saying, "Out of the mouths of babes" doesn't even begin to cover your conversations.

Please promise you will not give us the details if her eyeball dinner comes true. Please. I have texture issues.

Thanks for the smiles you caused this morning. Still praying.


Momto3 said...

Oh my, that is too funny. I love hearing what kids say, especially when they are younger. Still praying for your family.

Peanut said...

Funny! We've had some very similar conversations at our house lately, except for the eyeball one. And I don't expect to ever have that one with my daughter. I guess being extremely picky has some advantages! My daughter is very into sparkly things and I love when she says the word. It comes out like "splacklely"!
It sounds like your FIL is quite the fighter. That speaks to the person he must have been before his illness. Praying for strength for your family at this time.

Stefanie said...

BORING?!? Shush, child! If she only knew her mama was a ROCKSTAR in the bloggy world...
Glad your girl is giving you moments of reprieve during this time. Kids just have a way, don't they?

happygeek said...

At 4 she thinks you are boring?
This does not bode well for the teen years.
Too funny.

Monica said...

Well, certainly ANYONE who doesn't yearn for the chance to experience the squishy goodness of eyeballs is bound to be downright boring!!! Sorry, dear!

Laura L. said...

Oh yes, the conversations with our little ones are priceless.
I have 4 children, and I'm pretty sure none of them ever asked me about eating eyeballs. That's really special. LOL
You could never be boring, Tonggu Momma. :)
Praying for your family.

prechrswife said...

So funny! You just never know how their little minds are working at any given moment.

Missy said...

I would have never pegged you as being boring : ) She is just TOO cute for words. Eyeballs...hmmm, sounds like you have quite the adventurous little girl on your hands. Maybe one day we'll see her on Survivor and she will be eating eyeballs in a wife beater, bandana wrapped around her neck and sparkly panda panties : )

Thinking of you!

Jill said...

Thank you for your constant messages during this time. I am afraid I accidentally deleted all 5 of them from you and others that were waiting for me this morning. I didn't even get to read them yet. :(
I will keep you all in prayer as well. I know the waiting can be awful.
Hysterical convo by the way!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Eyeballs for lunch!!! You will have to let me know how that turns out when you go to China....Somehow I think she might change her mind when she sees them on a plate!!

Boring??? You are far from boring my friend!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


Lisa Cairney said...

You. Are. So. Not. Boring.

Rochelle said...

I'll be on the look out for Panda panties with sparkles!

LOL!!! Okay... you can go out and buy some fish and let her eat those eyeballs. My family fights over them. They really are quite tasty. :)

And you and NOT boring. Not in the least. Unless you are totally different in real like than here in blogville. :)

Juliette said...

Love these moments with your little Tongginator, she is a fun, smart and outspoken cookie.
I am never bored when I come visit here.
Have a good weekend!

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Oh, sparkly panties! They would be a big hit at our house too... pandas or fairies. Post the link when/if you find some.

Eyeballs! Yikes! No thanks!

Boring... oh no... that word has not been used at our house - YET. But I'm sure it's coming. Lately, my Tongginator has been asking "What can I do now?" and when I offer something (no matter what it is), she responses with "How 'bout we call so-n-so or so-n-so and see if they want to come over for a play date."

Becky said...

Hey, for what it's worth, I don't think your boring. :)

And I'll definitely keep an eye out for those sparkly panda panties. Awesome.

Blue said...

Thank you for making my day. I kinda wish *I* had sparkly panda panties too. But alas.

oh... and you just let that Tongginator know that being a word nerd is VERY un-boring. It's fabulous. It's ... it's.... help me out here, TM! what's a cross between exhilerating and fashionable? Ka-POW? =)

Quirky Mom said...

I will for sure let you know if I spot sparkly panda panties. I love it!

Becky said...

Just noticed I used your instead of you're.


Valarie Lea said...

Hahahaha! She is a barrel of laughs!

LaLa said...

OH, she is so funny!!! Sorry she says you are boring : )

The Source said...

Eyeballs. That confirms it. She's gotta meet my girl some day. For her 10th birthday we served cat-litter cake and bloody fingers.

With all the sadness going on, I'm glad you've got a bit of comic relief! Praying for y'all! By the way, how's Rosie" family doing?

Briana's Mom said...

She is hilarious!

CC said...

Note to self, look for sparkly panda panties.

Susan said...

We went through a similar situation with my grandmother's death last week, so I'll be thinking of you.

And you're right -- it's definitely easier having a little one around to focus on during such a time (especially one as entertaining as the Tongginator!)

Janet said...

Sounds A LOT like the conversations with my kids. They think I'm boring, they would LOVE to try eyeballs, and .....well, the panda panties thing, maybe not so much....LOL!

Lisa and Tate said...

Your gal is hilarious!!!! Sorry you are sooooo boring to her. Maybe if you would serve her eyeballs sometime, this would change!

Heather of the EO said...

Dear boring,
I hope to find some sparkly panda panties so you don't seem quite so boring. Another idea for you: buy animal eyeballs and eat them in front of her. You'll for sure pass as NOT boring then!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

She is such fun!!! My kids are just as uncensored! LOL
I'll be looking out for panda panties. What size??

McEwens said...

Gee TM if you are going to have us all looking for panda sparkle undies, you should include the size!


You boring! HA

kia (good enough mama) said...

Sparkly Panda Panties are now on my shopping list. Hubby's going to have questions about this, I'm sure...

...no, not really. :)

Norah said...

That was adorable!

Queen B said...

Who can be sad with that girl around!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Sorry I omitted the size, y'all. For most brands, I'm guessing the Tongginator still wears a 2T. She could possibly keep a 3T up, but it's a crap shoot. (Pardon the pun.)

PIPO said...

Nothing to spice up some boredom like a couple of eyeballs floating in your soup ;0)

Special K said...

If we end up in China together... I will not be dining with you on the night she tries eyeballs, k? ;)

Mei-Ling said...

You had a conversation with your daughter about eating eyeballs?

Glad I wasn't there. I would have gagged and flown out of the room.

Even *reading* it is making me gag.


I hate eyeballs...

Jennifer said...

Tongginator is a riot.

I will be on the lookout for sparkly panda panties!