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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Lisa totally thought she could slip one past me. Last week she sent along an award disguised as a tag. Oh yes, she did! Like most of y'all, she knows I don't participate in these pass-it-on-awards anymore, but she also knows that I do love me a good tagging meme. Because memes are all about MeMeMeMeMe! And we all know how much I love talking about myself.

I am a blogger, after all.

But I really don't do those pass-it-on awards. Anyone caught passing on the love must face the consequences. So Lisa, I can't imagine why you wanted my little rectangle of retaliation goodness, but you've got it. And for those of you outside of the China-adoption community who clicked on my consequences link and are all "WHAT?!?!!!," check out Mary's post for a cultural explanation.

It's fly eye-opening.

But I'll accept the award with a huge thanks. And, yes, I'll even share ten honest things about myself. Because I am all about keeping it real. I refuse to pass on the tag award, however. My ulcers can't cope.

1. I don't have any blood to spare. Every time I attempt to donate to the Red Cross, the nurses tell me to never return. It seems I waste their precious resources because my blood clots in the bag since it takes so long for me to actually FILL the bag. I believe this might possibly be due to the fact that I have caffeine running through my veins rather than actual plasma. All hail coffee and Diet Coke with added carcinogens Lime.

2. Y'all, I watch cheerleading competitions. Yes, I do. Ahem. Even worse, I watch America's Next Top Model. There is nothing you can say to make me feel even more humiliated than I already do. I promise.

3. I think we all know by now that I abhor laundry. And that recently I've become much better about staying on top of it. Because of (shudder) The Incident.

4. The husband would like me to mention - yet again - my freakishly long femurs. It's not like he's never mentioned my mutated thigh bones before. (Not at all.)

5. Many of you have asked me if I plan to try my hand at writing a book. I'd be lying if I said I never once considered it. Still, I hold the firm opinion that I am a storyteller rather than an author. (Authors don't ramble and... umm... I ramble.) Although I did totally win a fifth grade poetry competition, so I'm sure I'd make it to the bestseller list if I change my mind.

6. I didn't realize the husband and I went on our first date until about two weeks after said date. I am nothing if not observant. Some might argue, however, that it wasn't much of a first date if I remained so remarkably clueless. Others might just call me stupid.

7. I am participating in NaBloPoMo this month. Which is totally different from every other month at Our Little Tongginator. Because I'm now also posting on Saturdays. It's a radical change, I know.

8. Please do not eat cauliflower in front of me. It reminds me of the human brain. Which means that I will now consider you a cannibal. Which means that I can no longer be your friend. Because, you know, I don't want to become someone's dinner.

9. Hold onto your hats for this one, y'all. I am left-handed. Isn't that absolutely fascinating? I mean, I am one-of-a-kind. (Just ignore the fact that I share this trait with about 8% of the world's population. I like to pretend to be unique.)

10. I haven't been talking about this much, since the husband's family is not filled with blabber mouths much more private than my own, but the husband's father is truly not doing well. He's fought the good fight against pancreatic cancer these past 15 months, but his days of fighting will soon be over... like, probably this week. We ask for your prayers.


happygeek said...

So sorry about your Dad-in-law.
It's been such a horrid couple of months for y'all.

Left-handed women, are only about 3% of the pop. ( I took a coruse at teacher's convention on teaching to lefties (how terribly sad) and discovered that it's mainly guys who are lefties.) So indeed, you are unique.

Aunt LoLo said...

My twin sister and i are mirror image twins...and she was always convinced I OUGHT to have been left handed because my handwriting with my RIGHT hand was so awful. ;-)

You didn't used to post on Saturdays?? Really? No, I guess not...

Praying for your Dad in law. Hugs.

Stefanie said...

All RIGHT!! You DID it!!! Lovin' the tiny glimpse into just WHO TM IS :)
And thanks for the tip on cauliflower... if we ever meet (of course, I wouldn't be able to recognize you unless you had a mask on your face and a book in front of it) and there is, say, a veggie tray available, I'll be sure to resist.
Sorry about your FIL, I'll pray that God will comfort him like only He can.

Momto3 said...

TM: praying for your family during this difficult time.
Side note - I enjoy reading your blog and your writing.

Peanut said...

I'm sorry to hear how your FIL is doing. Pancreatic cancer is no joke (we deal with it on my ward). 15 months is a long time to fight against it. I'm praying for comfortable, peaceful final days for him. It doesn't seem fair that you would be going through one thing after another like this... and how you can still write so well and be so funny through it all... I admire you.
I will try to remember the cauliflower thing should we ever meet - but I'll have to try to forget it for a few days while I finish off the cauliflower I still have in my fridge! (just tell yourself it's for decoration or art or something...)

Dawn said...

How fun to learn some new and interesting little tidbits about you. My sister is a lefty, too, and I can use both hands for anything except writing - that I have to use my right.

I said a prayer for y'all and your dad-in-law.


Michelle said...

Fly opening? How do you do it? I would buy your book! Mia is left-handed, too.

I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I remember my father's last days after a long and brave battle. I will pray that God bring him peace and comfort and strength to your family.

Jennifer said...

I am with you on #1 and #2. At the blood bank they always ask me if I am dehydrated and I swear to them that I drink about 10 glasses of water a day (I really do). I always clot in the needle or something like that.

And ANTM? One of my favorite shows ever. That and So You Think You Can Dance. I'll actually be going to see their post-season tour show next Monday! I am so excited! Too bad ANTM doesn't take their show on the road too. We could get tickets and go together!

Soliloquy said...

I love all the things about you that make you unique!

I've always thought my femur was unusually long. I'm short waisted and long-legged.

Want to measure and compare?

I will be praying for your father-in-law and family in these final days. I'm so very sorry.

Lisa said...

Oh my, TM. I was all set to get silly with you on demanding you show us the 5th grade winning poem when I saw the last item on the list...I'm so sorry about your father-in-law. Will definitely be in prayer for all of you in your family. This is me, sending you a big hug.

Mamatini said...

Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family. We lost my MIL to pancreatic cancer three years ago this month. I know how it goes.

She perservered for a longer-than-expected time as well: she wanted to see her oldest granddaughter graduate from college (which she did) and to see her youngest granddaughter come home from China (she passed away the day after Ina was placed in our arms.)

May he pass peacefully and in as much comfort as it possible. And may you find yourselves comforted in the support of friends, family, and faith.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have been praying for your FIL, I know it has been a long tough road for him and for the family. At this point you just hope that his suffering will soon come to an end.....thinking of you:)

BTW, I have the same feelings about cauliflower.....it is one food I can honestly say that I HATE!

We are THAT Family said...

That was so great....learned a lot and I totally agree with the cauliflower thing :D

McEwens said...

you have been through a lot. Rosie and your father in law. ((HUGS)))

and I promise to never eat human brain in front of you!

Jillene said...

I don't do Cauliflower either!! BLAH!!

Sorry to hear about your FIL. He will be in my prayers!!

Polar Bear said...

I'm so sorry to read about your father-in-law. He will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you all.

Other than being a south-paw, you seem pretty normal to me! :) Oh well, I guess the cauliflower thing too. I love that stuff!

Carla said...

I'm sorry to hear about your FIL. Cancer SUCKS.

SouthPaw? Seriously? My sister is, and we've got an Ambi (or 2 or 3) in the family. I'll have to send you links to all the goodies I've found for my sis over the years...backwards bound spiral notebooks (I'm a righty). Pouring spouts on pots on the WRONG side. Measuring cup handles on the wrong side...LOL

Mary said...

Your family is in our prayers during this incredibly difficult time.
(((((HUGE HUGS!)))))

prechrswife said...

Sorry to hear about your FIL. (((((Hugs))))) and prayers.

On a lighter note, I love the insights into the world of TM. :-)

Mei-Ling said...

"Please do not eat cauliflower in front of me. It reminds me of the human brain."


*falls off her chair in laughter*

I have no words.

The Source said...

Prayers aleady being said on behalf of your father-in-law & hubby. Lots of prayers.

WHo knew you and I really DO have so much in common?? Hate laundry?? Me too! Cheer competitions? Me too, me too! I have actually BEEN to more than I can remember. Because of Darling Daughter, but secretly I have as much fun watching as she does competing. I'm not left-handed, though. Couldn't even wipe my hiney with that hand.

Michelle said...

I watch cheerleading competitions too. I have some of strange fascination with cheerleaders. I think it is because I was such a geek in high school and not at all popular.

I am so sorry about your father-in-law. Your family will be in my prayers.

Briana's Mom said...

Hello fellow left hander!

Sorry to say that I like cauliflower, but I won't eat it in front of you - promise.

I'll one up ya, I watch "The Hills". Gasp!!!

I am praying for your father-in-law. I am so sorry.

CC said...

Great info!

Hugs to your husband's family right now (and you too!)

Special K said...

Sorry to hear about your FIL. I'll send some prayers for him, too.

Sandra Evertson said...

Love your blog banner!
Sandra Evertson

The Byrd's Nest said...

I will be praying for your father in law.

I also hate laundry, I will do all of the other housecleaning chores and save it for last and then maybe save it for next week or the next week....ugh!

Cheerleading competitions??? he he

PIPO said...

So sorry to hear about your FIL.

On a lighter note, mmmm...cauliflower.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sorry about your FIL... will be thinking of you all...
Also.. I could never eat Cauliflower again without thinking of you... hahaha...

Sharie said...

We don't eat cauliflower in my family, we eat "white broccoli"

You should write a book - look at David Sedaris - you can write stories as good as his:)

We're still praying for your family. I hope your father-in-law is comfortable and you've all had a chance to say everything you could ever want to...not that it's possible to do so.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'll keep praying!

PS I've thought the exact same thing about cauliflower! I only eat it if it's smothered in cheese sauce so I can't look at it.

Flamingo Mama said...

i've been reading your blog for about a month and get so excited to read your posts! you are such a talented writer!

consider the book;)

discombobulated said...

You are a fake tomboy! You watch cheerleading competitions!? Well, I watch Top Model, and if you had not come clean, I'd still be denying it.

Give the husband a hug for me. So sorry things are still bad.

Beverly said...

prayers given.

Cheri H said...

Praying for your FIL and your family as a whole. ((HUGS))

Janet said...

I'm sorry about your FIL. You have had a rough time of it lately, chiquita.

As to the other "truths"....yikes. Should I still be your friend? :-)

Gerbil said...

I;m sorry about your father in law. I'm wishing peace for all of you.