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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween with the Tongginator

First, I should warn y'all that I plan to participate in NaBloPoMo this November. Prepare yourselves for endless rambling and nonsensical chatter. On a daily basis. For an entire month. Your life will seem be much more meaningful after this.

I'm just saying. (And I prefer to think positively.)

Now for a synopsis of my night trick-or treating with the Tongginator. Truly, just two moments sum up our entire evening... and basically life in general with the Tongginator.

The first moment involved this psychotic, disturbing statue hanging from Random Neighbor's front porch. The Tongginator completely freaked out about it. And frankly, I don't blame her. What IS it with people decorating their houses with zombie-like creatures? If they want to look at a zombie that badly, all they need do is stop by my house one morning before I've ingested my first cup of coffee.

You think I jest.

Anyways, the Tongginator really, truly did NOT like the Edvard Munch Scream look-alike. She froze half-way up the sidewalk. Random Neighbor puzzled over Tongginator, The Mannequin for a second, but then the Tongginator resolved the matter quite decisively.

TONGGINATOR: I want to trick-or-treat here, but I DON'T like that thing.

RANDOM NEIGHBOR: What thing? You mean this? (pointing to the zombie)

TONGGINATOR: Yes. It's staring at me. I don't like it. Why did you hang it up there?

RANDOM NEIGHBOR: Do you want me to take it down?

TONGGINATOR: (nodding her head emphatically) Yes, please.

RANDOM NEIGHBOR: Okay. (and so Random Neighbor proceeded to remove Scary Zombie as well as one other decoration from her front porch)

TONGGINATOR: (no longer a mannequin) Thank you. Trick or treat!!!

I want to be like the Tongginator when I grow up. And do you think this would work with people's political signs in their yards?

The second moment involved TigerLily's momma commenting on all three of our beautiful princesses. (And by all three I mean the Tongginator, Ring's daughter Posies and our back-door neighbor JC. Just so you know, Posies' twin Pocket is a boy, so don't think I'm calling Pocket ugly excluding him.)

TigerLily's momma Wendy fawned over our three princesses, then teased, "which of you is the MOST beautiful?" The Tongginator's hand shot up with lightening speed and she shouted, "I AM!!!!!"

And I do mean she shouted, y'all. LOUDLY.

Again, I want to be like the Tongginator when I grow up. And do you think this works even if one is a thirty-something momma wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt?

Not that I was wearing those, mind you.

Because some might call that tacky.


McEwens said...

I love it! I love her self confidence, her ability to communicate her thoughts... and I love that the neighbor listened! I think I loved that most of all!!!

Debz said...

I could use a lesson on assertivness myself!

Could you have her come over to the farm next door and ask them to clean their yard up? LOL

I doubt not that she was the fairest of them all ;O)

Anonymous said...

If they want to look at a zombie that badly, all they need do is stop by my house one morning before I've ingested my first cup of coffee.

You have no idea how hard I laughed at that.

Sharie said...

Love the T's confidence. How I wish I was able to communicate my needs as well - and that anyone would listen!


Briana's Mom said...

I want to be the Tongginator too when I grow up. :)

Carla said...

I want to be Tongginator when I grow up. That self-confidence will be GREAT for those years coming up in the not too distant future.

I'm joining in on the NaBloPoMo as well, meant to last year and missed Nov 1st. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

LOVE it. Miss T has no shortage of pluck!

Michelle said...

Oh, too funny! "why did you hang that thing up"? lol!!!!

Glad she had lots of fun!! : )

Kristin said...

What a character! I'll bet she makes you laugh everyday. :-)

missy said...

Go little Tongginator!!! I am woman, here me ROAR! Ok, a little dramatic, but it did pop into my head when I was reading your post : ) Her costume was so pretty.

I took some photos in honor of you, my sweet friend, and I will be posting them soon...stay tuned : )

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Very impressed with the Tongginator! I hope she never loses her confidence and her ability to say what she means.

And what's the deal with going overboard on Halloween. It's like people forget the day is for little children. I'm glad your neighbor did the right thing.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

the right thing as in taking off the scary mannequin for the Tongginator.

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

We say lots of those zombie things. Ella didn't like them. Risi....well, I may have to blog that one!!

Misty said...

this is a great post! she is so funny! i seriously would love to be a fly on the wall some nights in your house!

The Byrd's Nest said...

You KNOW I love her confidence! I too wonder why people decorate their porches so scary!

And even if you were wearing those yoga pants, I am right there with you sister! I am teased at home that I would go out in public in my pajamas if I could!

kia (good enough mama) said...

Wow. That Valley of The Dolls pic is all kinds of disturbing.... ;)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What self confidence....honestly, I think she could teach us a thing or two.....I want to be the T when I grow up too!!

And as for those political signs....lets just say we picked up a couple along our way last night.....and by we I don't mean me.....Half Gaelic was quite the prankster!

Elizabeth Channel said...

See, T's got it. She can speak the truth. That's big at her age...that's big at *any* age!

Love the costume!

PIPO said...

Hehee...love good self esteem.

What? Something wrong with yoga pants and a sweatshirt? Rock the look mama...you can do it :0)

prechrswife said...

She tells it like it is, doesn't she? :-) Love it! (I don't like the scary, gory decorations either.)

Anonymous said...

Have to love that girl's directness!

Amy said...

Well, low self esteem is clearly one problem you're not going to have with the Tongginator.

And, IMO, she was the most beautiful (loved the costume) so she was only telling it like it is.

Norah said...

A confident, beautiful girl who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. If only I could be so lucky...

Michelle said...

I just love that your Ice Princess, er... Cinderella, er... Sleeping Beauty... has no problems in the self esteem department. I still think we start petitioning now for Tonginnator, Future President!!

p.s. I'm just catching up on a few days worth of posts. T looks adorable in her costume, even if you made the poor girl hold a leaf in front of her face. ;-)

discombobulated said...

Wow, and I used to hind behind my mom's legs at her age.
And what is it with the political signs in the yards... and on bumper stickers?!

Suzy said...

Oh, ME, TOO!!! And I want to own a pumpkin patch when I grow up. And that's just about all I have to say.