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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Failing at Memes

I was not a very good bloggy friend this week. I've been tagged for three memes in the past two weeks, but I have yet to do a single one. Carla, Jennifer and Jaime all tagged me with various memes and I just haven't felt up to doing them. I know I've been posting every day, but have you noticed I've been flashing back in time quite a bit?

Yeah... that's because the present still pretty much stinks remains challenging right now. I miss Rosie. I also think my body is once more jumping on the Thyroid Roller Coaster, although I'm not positive. God proves He has a sense of humor yet again. The signs and symptoms of a thyroid imbalance and depression (oops... I can't use that word and remain in the China adoption line) slight sadness seem remarkably similar.

So... hmm... more on that in the coming weeks.

But for now, I am focusing on memes. Because I WANT to be a good bloggy friend. I'll tackle Carla's first because it's the easiest. I am supposed to go to my sixth picture folder, then post the sixth photo shown in that folder. Unfortunately, said photo is a close-up of a friend who just happens to be an undercover cop. So, ixnay on that ixpay. Instead, I traveled to the seventh photo in the seventh folder. Aha! Success!

Brace yourselves... These little wonders sat on my fireplace mantle for a few weeks during the Christmas season of 2003. Because they are bee-uuuuu-tiful. I just fell in love with them and HAD to have them.

And if you seriously believed I fell in love with these objects de arte, you are forever banned from reading Our Little Tongginator. You think I'm joking. Go away! Go far, far away!!!

(Are they all gone now? Okay... good. Where was I?)

Those of you who remain know that, while I may be hopeless with fashion, I'm not THAT disturbed. No... these arrived in our lives as a direct result of a Gag Gift Yankee Swap. We received the one on the right, whom I affectionately dubbed Mrs. Porky, at a youth leaders Yankee Swap. (Can't you see the glitter earring? She's definitely a girl piggie.)

And I must confess that I actually created the one on the left. Surprisingly, I'm very proud of my creation. It traveled to four houses that first Christmas and three more the following year. It's infamous. And it found a permanent home at our pastor's house. (Which I think totally says it all right there.)

You didn't realize my superior level of craftiness, did you? Personally, my Yankee Swap contribution reminds me of a cross between one of Sid's creations from the movie Toy Story and the doll from Chuckie. How about you?

Don't ever let me near a glue gun. You've been warned.

And what is the most interesting gift you ever received at a Yankee Swap? Come on, y'all, fess up... the holiday parties are fast approaching. I must begin my plotting planning.

(Oh... and if this meme looks good to you, consider yourself tagged! Just let us know in the comments below.)


happygeek said...

Most people don't do them right up here.
Mustn't be yankees.
I have actually gotten some nicer things than that!
We call them white elephant exchanges here in the yankee-free land.
THe best my Sister saw was a very nicely made up box of "adult" novelties.
Her best friend was embarrassed forever when her husband "stole" it.
No one would steal it from them no matter how hard she begged.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Now those are the funniest Yankee Swap gifts I have ever seen....and the fact that you made one of them.....hilarious!!

We partake in one of these every year....the first year I was dating Pat, I went with him to his work Christmas Party.....about 100 people in a nice restuarant in Philadelphia....they ended the night with this game....I got stuck being second to last...I thought I had a great gift and then someone snatched it and I got stuck with the last gift on the table....what was it you ask???? A box of c@ndoms(can I say that on your blog)in a brown paper bag!!! Talk about embarrassing...my face was a pretty shade of red....and to make matters worse, Pat ended up with a six pack of beer....so together we had a six pack and a box of c@ndoms....we were the talk of the party.....the one liners were flying all night long!!

So there you have it...that was my worst experience with the game!!

Missy said...

Tonggumomma...I needed a good laugh this morning and your Yankee gifts are CRACKING ME UP! Oops, sorry to yell, but they are hilarious.

Sorry you are having a tough time. I think of you often. How is your father-in-law?

Polar Bear said...

I've never heard of a Yankee Swap - I guess that's because I'm from Chicago! :o) I went to the site and as I was reading it I realized it's a White Elephant game.

Those are great 'White Elephant' gifts are perfect!! LOVE the pig, but Button Head ~ would you be offended if I said ~ scary! :o) Reminds me of a clown and I'm not a big fan.

I like this meme ~ If I do it I'll leave another comment.

Aunt LoLo said...

AHAHAHAHAHAAH...oh good heavens. That little doll bottle is going to give me nightmares! Definitely a Sid Creation!

Alright..you asked for it. I warn you, this gift is NOT pretty. It has been passed around Lo Gung's Family White Elephant gift exchange for years. (You'll see exactly HOW long in just a moment.) It's a Chia Pet. Of a woman, sans clothes. She has some strategically placed holes where the seeds come out. Her name? Oh - Barbara'S Bush.

My first year in the family, I was the PROUD recipient of that little Chia Pet. It had been chosen by Lo Gung's 8 year old cousin, and she was in the corner crying while all the family was laughing. I chose it during the next round, and it remained hidden in my MIL's closet until I could foist it off the following year.

Oh...there was another party, a CHURCH one, where I was the proud recipient of a beautiful little pillow. It was embroidered, and I thought it was a Christmas pillow at first. Not so, dear Tonggu Mama...not so. One side had the word "Tonight." The other? Yeah..."Not Tonight." Classy, yes? I had a three month old at home, so...yeah. We created quite a stir that night.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm so scared of that guy on the left. So scared.

LindaJ said...

Here in the west we call it the white elephant gift exchange. Same same.

When I was 18 I received a "massager" Everyone laughed and I had no idea why they were laughing...until a co worker whispered in my ear..I wanted to DIE!

McEwens said...

Hey TM, I have thyroid problems, so much so I dont have one, if you want to ask questions feel free

K and/or K said...

I'm not well versed in Yankee Swaps but for Christmas one of my families does the Dice Game--rolling for doubles to take a prize from the pot and then swapping in the second round. Some prizes are great, some are jokes. One time my husband brought a picture of him laying in the sun on our honey moon and autographed it with a sharpie. Nothing but class with that one.

prechrswife said...

We call it "White Elephant," too. Last time we went to one of those, my husband came home with a chocolate bunny someone had left over from the past Easter. The party where we played the game--a Christmas party.

day by day said...

Oh, my..you are too funny! Love the part about staying in the China adoption line and using the "d" word. lol!

Sorry you are having a rough time now...it is so hard to lose the people we are closest to! : (

hang in there!

Ron said...

I ain't sure just what a 'yankee swap' is exactly .. so that leaves that question unanswered.

Now, I am neither yankee nor southerner. I am a proud Kentuckian. we were a middle of the road state, I guess. While I did live for a bit in and around Nawlin's and I also lived for a bit in Canton Ohio, I am still not aligned with either camp. My friends in Ohio call me a 'Reb' and my friends from the south call me a 'Yank'. I am a man without a country.

The sixth picture in the sixth folder is a fall scene of a barn. It is actually posted on my blog, if this causes any curiosity. If it doesn't, you may rest in the just knowing it is a barn.

Shawnstribe said...

mmm...you lost me on the swap stuff, but i didpick up on your tender heart.
Hugs girly, loss is....well just that, deep and painful.
Hang on in there

Dawn S. said...

Oh, ya scared me there for a sec. But I didn't really believe it so don't want to be banned!!! I was thinking, "she CAN'T be SERIOUS!" haha! In MN we call it "White Elephant" too.

The Byrd's Nest said...

We call them White Elephant exchanges too......sounds silly doesn't it? I wonder where that name came from!

Big hugs to you!

Kim said...

Yankee swap...we call them White Elephant too...but I like the idea of a Yankee swap because I'd like to re-gift my MIL, she's a Yankee ;) does that count?

The last one we went to I had a really cool embroidered bag from Lands End and lost it for a toilet brush...like I'm ever going to use THAT Ha! Actually it has been quite the useful gift but not my most favorite chore...but now I get a chuckle out of it every time I do it.

Sorry that you are feeling blue. Hope the swap has taken your mind off your sadness and brought you joy. You are surrounded by good people that love you. It take's time to heal.

Yes, I did think the button doll was something quite different for sure...sorta scary.

Jamie said...

Memes are meant to be left sitting in your drafts folder until you feel like getting around to them. (At least, that's what I tell myself, and why mine typically sit for a couple of months before I post them.)

Most interesting White Elephant gift? Hmm... I don't know. Honestly, I think I've gotten rid of them quickly and blocked them from my memory, they scar me so. Your creation was just LOVELY, though. (In a scary, nightmarish sort of way.) :D

Sharon said...

You have got the cutest personality i have ever seen! Okay, read. I think those guys are pretty cute! We have a clock made out of wood with a limb sticking out of it. It was given to my husband on his 40th bday by Warren Miller, the ski movie guy. He and his wife said it was a gag gift to pass forward but we said no way and made him sign it. now we are STUCK with this sucker forever. Its on a bottom shelf. Any suggestions?

CC said...

I've got thyroid "issues" too! ;0

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh my word. We did one of these swaps once, too, but couldn't top your awesome gifts... nor Lisa's condoms & 6 pack of beer!!! LOL!! If I remember right I think ours was a tacky little garden gnome. He was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well, we've long suspected that you secretly ARE Sid...just hated to mention it...but...now that YOU have brought it up...!

Momto3 said...

The most interesting gift from a Yankee Swap or as we call it White Elephant Gift Exchange was a teeth mold from our friend at Hope Has Returned blog.

Enjoy reading your blog - praying for you!

Janet said...

We do one at our Christmas party. But it's not exactly like that. It's a "goofy gift exchange."

PLEASE don't make me any ornaments. :-)