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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weird... and Random

Red Rover, Red Rover. Drat. That's not it. Freeze! Nope - not quite right (although I totally wish it was). Oh, yes... Tag! You're it.

Lisa of a motherlode, relatively new to the blogging world, but sucked into the vortex by Stefanie, tagged me yesterday to share seven weird/ random facts about myself. Long-time readers might recognize a few of these facts, but I know there are lots of newbies hanging around, so "hello!" to y'all and please don't run away after reading all of this. Although I think most of you newbies appeared due to The Infamous Laundry Story... and if that didn't scare you away, I don't know what could.

1. Before I married the husband, I lived in a rented house with three other women on...(pausing for dramatic effect)... Electric Avenue. Yes, people serenaded us with that song all the time. You are not original alone. And you are welcome. I love planting old, yet annoying songs in the heads of others. Have fun singing THAT all day.

2. In high school, I appeared as a regular on a local children's television show... a show which five years later introduced one of Disney's current stars to the world of show biz. Yes, she's a decent actress. No, I am not. (I was a regular, y'all, not one of the main characters.)

3. My daddy flew fighter jets with the Marine Corps (F-4s for those who know anything about planes). He wasn't the pilot, however; he was a RIO, which is basically the same thing as a Goose. You know, in Top Gun. Which is a school that actually does exist in Southern California. And my daddy actually attended it. Only - as is always the case - it's not nearly as cool In Real Life as it looks in Hollywood. Disappointing, I know.

4. I suffer from insomnia, which is one of the main reasons I post six times a week. It's also one of the main reasons others suffer because of me while I am living my daily life. Yawn.

5. I am among the youngest people to adopt from China. We went DTC (Dossier paperwork To China, y'all) on my thirtieth birthday, back when the wait to adopt was less than six months. I met the Tongginator several months before I turned 31. The Husband and I often joke that perhaps I'll be among the oldest to adopt this next go-around. (Not really. But it WILL be 28 months tomorrow in this Epic Wait.)

6. I attended twelve schools from Pre-K through college graduation. This is the main reason I appear extroverted despite my extreme introversion. And also one of the major reasons I have a decent number of friends on Facebook without even trying.

7. To quote the Husband from a previous meme posted back in April (gee thanks, TMH), "Tonggu Momma has exceptionally long thigh bones. For whatever reason, her femurs are often longer than the femurs of a person who stands over six feet. She's tall, but she isn't that tall, which makes the thigh bone thing totally weird!" Tis sad, but true.

Now I'm tagging some of my most faithful commenters... Pam McEwens, Briana's mom Lisa, Michelle of Born in Our Hearts, Carla at Katie-bug Journey, Heather of the EO (don't hate me!), Half Gaelic/ Half Garlic at A Long Road to China and Aunt LoLo. And I would totally tag Janet, too, but she ignores every award or tag I've ever passed her way, so I've given up. (Janet - I shall supply proof within my archives upon request.)


Heather of the EO said...

Ha! Guess what? I just did this one about two weeks ago. So I'll just refer people to that post. DONE.

All is forgiven cause that was SO easy :)

12 schools??? WOW.

And I love long femurs.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You learn something new everyday....WOW!

You never cease to amaze me girl...you have lived a fascinating life!

So now for the tag....I was tagged for 6 Random things about 2 weeks ago, you remember...the trading card photo....then on Thursday I was tagged by CC for this same Meme....I will do it, but I need to dig deep to come up with 7 more random things that no one in the blogosphere knows....give me some time to think!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Sharie said...

I thought I was young when I brought Amelia home. I was 32 and 2 months...which as a single women is pretty young:) I put my name on a singles waiting list before I was 30. You have me beat though; way to know what you want!

LindaJ said...

You crack me up.. I'm totally singing that song.

When we went DTC for Lila hubby was 30 also. I do feel like we are some of the younger ones out there. Most of our travel groups both time consisted of folks over 45. We made some great friends but to looks back most of them are 10 to 15 years older then us.

From PreK to college I attended 10 schools. I used to be painfully shy...got over that real quick..to know me is to love my big mouth, seriously.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Lisa said...

Hey, Tonggu Momma! Thank you so much for not hating me for tagging you. :) Loved your seven things....wishing the Tonggu Momma was not so mysterious so we could all enjoy googling her old episodes of the Disney show and appreciate her talents. Sorry about the insomnia. That stinks, I bet. But we are all the better for it because of the six day posts.

Lisa :)

Briana's Mom said...

Ok, now how am I supposed to come up with stuff more weird than that? ;) J/K!

"We're gonna rock down to...Electric Avenue" - gee thanks. :D

Aunt LoLo said...

How about if I came up with 7 random things that I think we have in common? Oh, wait...I only went to 7 different schools between K and 12th grade.

Consider me notified. Now you can begin ANOTHER Epic Wait to see when I get around to posting my response. ;-)

McEwens said...

I want to see pictures of you in that TV show, I knwo you have them somewhere!!!!

Maybe for Christmas you will get your long awaited baby!!!

Thanks for the tag! I did one of these a couple weeks ago, let me see if I can think of more random things!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Y'all - it wasn't a Disney show! It was a local television show. One of the people who later starred in the local television show is now an up-and-coming Disney star. I guess that's what happens when I write at 3 AM. And I will see if I have photos... TG, do you have any from the shoots?

Rebecca said...

I just thank God you didn't tag me. Whew. :) I have absolutely nothing to share that is half as interesting as you just did!!! Twelve schools??? A TV show?? You are a rare woman. :)

Tonggu Grammy said...

Sorry all! I don't think that I have any photos from the shoots. I will, however, say that she did very well and made me oh, so proud! I mean, my kid was on T.V.! How cool is that!!!!!

K and/or K said...

I was tagged on this one a couple weeks ago...still on the to do list! We were logged in over in China the day after my 30th birthday. But obviously we are part of the group experiencing long waits. Who is the disney actress?

jennifer said...

Love the list, especially "Electric Avenue".

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I love this list! I did this tag a week or so ago, but my list is not half as interesting as yours at all! This is a good tag because it allowed us to know a little more about you.

Janet said...

Sigh. I know. I am hopelessly tag-challenged. It's not even intentional. I MEAN to do it, then....well, I just forget. But I DO appreciate them, I really do!

I have to stop doing all these mind-altering drugs. Then I might stand a chance.

CC said...

Those are 7 great facts!!! Great job TM!

CC said...

Oh, forgot to add.... we didn't end up adopting from China because of the 30 year old minimum age. HAD we decided to wait those 2 extra years, I bet I would have tied with you for "youngest" adoptive parents. We would have had all the paperwork ready to go on my 30th bday ;)