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Monday, October 20, 2008

SPD and Adoption Links

Just a reminder for all waiting parents that it is very important to educate yourself about sensory issues as well as attachment issues. The husband I should know! Our little Tongginator has now mild sensory processing disorder that experts once deemed "severe sensory delays." Here are a few good links...

The Little Girl Who Loved To Swing
-- Priscilla Scherer, an RN and adoptive momma, with Lisa Burton, an occupational therapist, for Adoptive Families Magazine... about how SPD effects Priscilla's daughter Elizabeth Scherer

Sensory Integration Problems in International Adoption
-- Lindsey Biel, co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child... a concise overview of SPD and adoption

Book Review: Sensory Issue Books -- blogger and China-adoptive momma The Rumor Queen... RQ's suggestions: her top two picks for SPD books

Promoting Attachment Through the Senses -- author, adoption educator and adoptive parent Pat Johnston... discusses how to promote child attachment using sensory therapies

Blog posts from this year about SPD from parents who've adopted...

Noise Sensitivity... What Causes It? -- blogger and adoptive momma (China) Julie B. at adoptionBLOGS... about her daughter Lulu's extreme reactions to various sounds

Proprioception: Where is my body in this space? -- author, blogger and adoptive momma (open, domestic) Dawn Friedman at this woman's work... when reading up on sensory issues for her child, Dawn discovered that SHE herself struggles with sensory issues

What we talk about when we talk about adoption -- blogger and adoptive momma (China) Carrie at the group blog Mimosa... "is it adoption? or is it something else?"

A Little Therapy is Good for the Soul -- blogger and adoptive momma (China) Mary at Ladybugs and Dragonflies... a snapshot of her daughter's occupational therapy

What is a Sensory Diet? -- blogger and adoptive momma (Russia) Marcie at A Child Chosen... briefly defines a "sensory diet"

Hard fought victories are the sweetest -- blogger, special needs adoption advocate and adoptive momma (China) Stefanie of Ni Hao Y'all... a victory for Isabel


Dawn said...

Thanks for these links! I'm still trying to figure out where Madison fits into this. She spins ALL THE TIME and doesn't get dizzy and she's clearly sensory seeking a lot of the time (art projects are particularly messy with her) but nothing that seems totally out of whack. Her birth family has a history of ADHD and Asperger's and giftedness and left-handedness (I think they're all connected) & Madison is left-handed, too.

I should write about this today.

Stefanie said...

Always enjoy your linkage, girl! But I have to ask, have you been digging in my... archives? It was fun to see Miss Isabelle with those curly locks :)
Thanks for making my blogging time also learning time. At least that's how I justify it.

Tisha said...

First, thanks for stopping by our blog and for the b-day wishes for our son. Second, thanks so much for this post. I am going to look at each link when I have time. Sloan has sensory integration disorder also and is a sensory seeker BIG TIME! He loves to crash, jump, tackle, etc. . . He has yet to meet a roller coaster he doesn't like. I would love to talk with you more about this sometime. Thanks again for the info.


Pickel said...

Thank you! I have a ton of information on SPD there...just click on the Sensory Processing links. AJ is doing so much better with time and therapy. But, parents need to be educated and kids do need help, they are not going to just grow out of it. Kudos to you for informing people!