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Friday, October 10, 2008

Decorating, TM Style

I must confess that I read the occasional decorating blog. It's almost like crack because I know I shouldn't do it for many, many reasons, but I can't seem to help myself. (Not that I've ever used illegal drugs in ANY form, much less crack. I don't even know what crack looks like. It was a joke, Social Worker Of Tonggu Momma. Seriously.) But I do actually deem decorating blogs dangerously addictive. I know I should stay far, far away.


First off, reading decorating blogs gets expensive. And don't even tell me that you don't go spending money after you read those things because I totally won't believe you.

Second, it's a total time suck. Because decorating blogs almost always link to how-to posts. And while it might take y'all only an hour or three to complete those crafty projects, it would quite probably take me years months weeks to finish something that requires the use of a glue gun. I am A Total Klutz.

Next, according to the Husband, I am Completely Incapable of thinking spatially. (Perhaps this explains my penchant for falling in holes and walking into walls.) I recognize a beautifully decorated home, but I am unable to paint my own blank canvas, so to speak. Why bother reading about others' homes when I can't for the life of me transition their ideas to my own world?

Fourth, I absolutely hate shopping. I loathe it, in all of its forms. Decorating blogs lead to stores. If they don't lead to home and furniture stores, they lead to craft and fabric stores. To be fair, they might possibly lead to garage sales instead, but those are just cheap, portable stores disguised as sales that require you to wake up at the crack of dawn. (Have I mentioned previously that I don't do mornings?) On rare occasions, you might be able to completely avoid stores, but then you actually have to crawl into an attic or basement or something.

Which is just plain yuck. AND bad for my asthma and allergies.

Finally - perhaps most important of all - decorating blogs just make me feel bad about myself. Because in real life I don't actually care all that much about my home... except when I look at photos of magazine-worthy houses. Many who know me in real life will say, "Wait a minute, TM. Your home is decorated nicely." But need I remind you that I had lots and lots of help? Remember my Aunt P... the PROFESSIONAL DECORATOR?


Aunt P hasn't come for a visit in a long, long while. And you can totally see the effects of this in nearly every room of the house. Case in point:

Then there is the infamous shoe rack, which has held its place of honor for the past 2.5 years. It's embarrassing, I know.

And let's not forget the cesspool that the Husband disguises as his office. I would have taken a picture of the entire room, but I felt too humiliated. Suffice it to say, the entire office looks exactly like this corner of his desk. I do not exaggerate.

And finally, my own messy corner of the world. I have no excuse.

Please, please, please y'all - tell me I am not the only one. And I read your blogs, so I'll know if some of you are lying (unless you present me with photographic evidence of a mess.)


Aunt LoLo said...

Hey, I did BBJ's nursery in "Classic Winnie the Pooh", too!

Oh, you are TOTALLY not the only one. I think the difference lies with our hubs - mine comes home about once a month and NOTICES THE MESS. Then he comments about the mess, and starts haphazardly cleaning things that really do not matter...it's a crazy affliction.

Besides, if you hadn't told me those lanterns ought to be put away, I would have thought that shade of red was a LOVELY one to keep out all year long! But that's just me.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, and you can't fool me - you've got a Cricut, for crying out loud! What kind of craftiness have you been hiding from us?! Heaven forbid you have your own LAMINATOR, too!

Peanut said...

I had to quit reading decorating blogs because it was like window shopping. They just made me want things I couldn't afford, or wasn't crafty enough to make. I would love to have a beautifully decorated home, but with four of us living in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, our style has become, uh, purposeful... as in every square inch must have a purpose!
I've told myself that one day we'll have space to spread out and I'll have my own craft room and a garage for projects. So the decorating blog reading has been put on hold!

PIPO said...

Right now I am an anal-retentive neat freak. I have a feeling that is going to change pretty soon. Hmmm.

Yes, I have a few picture frames waiting for someone's face I actually know to be displayed.

I have a Circut too...I didn't know they existed until I was held in-patient hostage in the hospital last winter. I saw the infomercial in the wee hours and ordered 'cutilla' right up.

Briana's Mom said...

I was a total neat freak at one time. Well, that was until Briana came home. I had to let all that go. Decorating my house is now a thing of the past. Now I am just happy when Bri's toys are shoved in a corner so I don't step on them. That is so, so sad.

Patricia/NYC said...

I wouldn't even know WHERE to go to find a decorating blog...lol!
You are so NOT the only one!!

Right now my dining room table is a disaster & where am I? Sitting on the pc reading blogs, posting, dreaming, doing anything BUT what I should be doing! AAAAAHHHHH!!

McEwens said...

Well, you can redo the bog for FREE! At cutestblogontheblog. As for the house, I like you.. can see a beautiful home .. but cant put it all together!

missy said...

Oh, my friend, I am sooo with you! Last time I looked at a decorating blog...I spent several thousand dollars redoing Paige's bedroom...only to not be in love with it! BIG SIGH!!

I would probably get along famously with Tonggu Daddy as my night stand looks like his desk (with dry erase markers and all)...BIGGER SIGH!

Please know that you and your fam are in my prayers big time right now. I pray that the visit goes well and that dear hubby can be at peace. Hugs!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I agree...the decorating blogs are totally addictive...there are a couple that I visit daily, then I walk around my house looking at all the things I would like to "re-do"

I have to fess up, I am queen of OCD when it comes to my house, can't have clutter or piles...in plain sight, but I will tell you this.....don't open any closets...where do you think I hide everything?

Carolina Mama said...

Love this post. :) So true about the blog, time and money, etc. Very accurate. I like having things neat and tidy. But I don't know what a Circuit is... will have to google it. :)

Beverly said...

oh no not one part of my house looks undecorated :snicker: unless you count the living room, bedroom, dining room, front room, kitchen and bathrooms. Oh and the back room which I think is a list of the whole house!!

Lisa said...

Dear Tonggu Momma...

For photographic evidence of a mess, I present today's post. Just for you. Well...actually...I already posted it when I read this...but isn't that a coincidence!

Lisa :)

Misty said...

did you read my post from a week or so ago? i'm hopeles, possibly helpless, when it comes to decorating. and i don't even have nice things to start with (as i can see from your pics at least you do!)... yeah, i love-hate reading those great idea blogs. i read 'em, then get sad and stop, then start over. it's very very pathetic.

Jonni said...

It's so awesome to meet you and I LOVE your blog. Thanks for saying "hi" and I am so glad you stopped by or I would have missed your awesome blog. Can't wait to check back and you are so right...those decorating blogs get me everytime (lol). :)


prechrswife said...

Love this post. I haven't gotten into decorating blogs, but HGTV, that's another story. That said, our current decorating style is early daycare center meets baby-proofing, meets the unbreakable knick-knacks that I am able to leave out have been rearranged by the preschool residents of the household to their own liking. Now, I'm off to finish cleaning said house...

OziMum said...

I like your lanterns... tell me, why do you have to get rid of them?!! And EVERYONE has empty frames around their house! (mine are just in the cupboard!!) Shoe rack? Who needs one of them, when you can just toss your shoes under the bed?!! NO office is tidy (unless you've got an open inspection and you're selling your house!)

I wish I was closer... I could shop for you! I LOVE it with a passion - my most favourite thing is getting a bargain (a really good bargain!) I got a huge wooden chopping block (normally $69.95) for $19.95 and a knife set (normally $29.95) for $6!!! Geez that felt good!!! ;)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Since I am new to your blog...where do you live? I love it that you say ya'll all the time...you sound like me.

I totally hate to shop also....I would rather just order on line and I am even so bad that if I buy it and it doesn't fit I never take it back. It will eventually end up at helping hands.

You are not messy, in my opinion. I actually am pretty impressed with how you took that picture, made the arrows and the comments beside them...You rock!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the decorating blogs. They make me want to change everything!
I also can't make their looks adapt to my house, I have to totally copy it...anything I try to do will look ridiculous.
All those tablescapes and vignettes they do all over the place are pretty much my nemesis.

Kim said...

HI There! Just catching up on my blogging. How have you been? I read your laundry story...that is so sweet that your husband wrote a story for you...I can't get my husband anywhere near a computer. The story was quite good, he should be a featured writer more often.

I love all of your furniture but I couldn't figure out where the shoe rack was...our house is a mess, I do not like to clean and hubs is usually the one to pick it all up as I do the bare essentials and then avoid the rest at all costs...I know it is horrible but I so hate to clean. I do love organization and staging shows though and they are addictive...I don't mind cleaning to make the house look presentable but constant cleaning...dishes, laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming...ugh it is such a boring circle...just about when you get done you have to start all over again...

Heather of the EO said...

I've never seen one. Not even one. Now I won't because regular blogs are already like crack to me. (;
I shouldn't get started...

Michelle said...

I can't possibly take on any more blogging, so I have avoided decorating blogs, even though I love decorating, I love shopping, and I love glue guns. (Please don't hate me.) I know I would get addicted to decorating blogs - and exactly what you said, I would spend a fortune - so for time and money sake, I do my best to steer clear.

BTW, if it makes you feel any better, even though I love decorating, I do have an empty frame that has been on our dresser for months.

Sharie said...

My house used to be perfect. I never left without my bed made (OK, once in 4 years, I remember the day.)
It was decorated adorably...I even had time and money to remodel. Then I decided to be a mom...The first time my old roommate came in to my house (she had lived there with me and my neatness drove her nuts). She screamed, "Sharie do you still live here?"
It's only gotten worse since I moved to my townhouse. No money to decorate, I tried to do my 2005 townhouse in what I had in my 1932 Cape Cod...Not to mention the whole lower level is one big room.
I currently have Amelia's crafts ALL over my kitchen table, laundry on the counter, a fort in the living room and dishes in the sink.

Are you feeling better? I'd send you photos, but my sister has my SD card.


Rochelle said...

You crack me up... pun intended... get it... "crack" me up... uh, nevermind. :)

Seriously though, you make me laugh!!


No Mother Earth said...

Our first floor is littered with mail that we haven't opened in over a year, and yet can't bear to throw out.

Shawnstribe said...

i will join you and be very brave one of these days and admit.....my house is a TIP!!!!!!!
i kid you not!!!!!!!
there said it!!!!
photographic evidence will follow soon, it willmake your home look tidy!!!!
oh well,there's always tomorrow ; )
luv ya

Catherine said...

Heh! So much in this post and what jumps out? Your cricut! Too cool! How do you like it? I secretly long to buy one someday but just haven't put out the funds to do so. Do you like it? Do you use it often?

Lisa said...

Hello, Tonggu Momma....

I'm sure you are so busy having a fun weekend with the Tongginator and TD, but if you have a second, I tagged you! This is my first experience with tagging, so please forgive me if you have already played this game one too many times! But, if you have not, the details are on my post today on the blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

With thanks,


Janet said...

Tee hee. I have a picture frame with some strange lady in it, sitting in Jeane and Adam's room. 6 months and counting....LOL!

Sorry to tell you that I have never seen a decorating blog. Because I should NOT get into that. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE decorating. And shopping. Bad combo. According to my hubby.