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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Quiet Raptor

Last week the Tongginator brought home The Class Book. Each child in her preschool class signed and decorated a sheet to place in the book, so that parents could learn about their child's classmates. It also helps the children learn each others' names.

the Tongginator's contribution to the
Class Book
... with a few alterations

I felt stunned that - after only three weeks of class - the Tongginator knew the names of all 16 of her classmates. This completely confirmed my theory that she truly IS a social butterfly.

The Tongginator further cemented that belief when she began describing many of her classmates' personalities. She provided funny details about several of the boys and a nearly running commentary on most of the girls. I learned that she enjoys pulling T-Rex, a boy, around the playground. (And when I say pulling, I mean pulling.) And that Raptor, a girl, didn't talk to her very much the first day of school.

TONGGINATOR: (pointing to a page in the book) That's Raptor. She didn't talk to me much the first day.

TONGGU MOMMA: She didn't? Well, maybe she just felt shy on the first day of school. Sometimes people don't talk a lot when they feel shy.

TONGGINATOR: Oh, no, Momma. She talked to me, she just didn't talk loud. She whispered.

TONGGU MOMMA: Well, honey bear, maybe she whispered because she felt shy.

TONGGINATOR: Maybe... or maybe it was because the teacher was talking.

Something tells me that we might need to discuss classroom etiquette.


Aunt LoLo said...

Hahahaha...it cracks me up with kids rat on THEMSELVES without even knowing it.

Sharie said...

OH Boy! Seems you have one social little girl on your hands. I love her page! It's very Tonggintor:)

The Source said...

Adorable. Soon enough they'll learn to stop whispering and pass notes when the teacher isn't looking. Or send a text message these days, I guess. I like her page. That's a nice idea for the kids.

Debz said...

At first while reading your post I thought, WOW! Miss T would make a great candidate to be nominated in a future election......until she ratted out herself while talking about another constituent! LOL!
Too sweet!
She is very thorough, perhaps she would make a great Dr. and actually have bedside manners cause she would remember all her patients names? HE HE
Love the dialogue!

Briana's Mom said...

Well, that teacher should have known better than to interrupt a very important conversation with teaching and school work. ;)

redmaryjanes said...

That is too cute~
I was always in trouble for 'talking too much' in school. Maybe she'll get by with the whispering :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The Tongginator always tells it like it is....you gotta give her credit for that!!

Yes, I would say you have a social butterfly on your hands!


mommy24treasures said...

I love hre matter of factness demeanor:)

Oh, catching up on all posts, love that you are THAT family.. How funny!

McEwens said...

I love how she just states the facts! What a great gift to know all the kids names and things about them!

Peanut said...

That's cute! Telling on herself. My daughter does that all the time. "Mommy, I didn't say I'm sorry" when I didn't even realize she did something wrong!

It's hard to believe all the things she can do already at 4 and a half. These kids are way ahead of us, aren't they?!

Heather of the EO said...

Hilarity. I love it when I think I'm teaching something or having a deep thoughtful moment with Miles about emotions and feelings and then he says something like, "oh okay...um....can you just tell me about superheroes?"
Not that this has anything to do with anything. I don't think. I can't be sure, I'm tired.

Janet said...

LOL! Yep, that was ME in school....:-)

Michelle said...

I needed a laugh today. I popped over and you did not let me down. Your T is so funny!!

CC said...

Ha ha ha!!! Love it!

My son has now been in K for 3 weeks or so. When I ask him the names of his classmates (this one is important to me), he can name like 5. Great. Just great.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sometimes there are more important things in life then listening to the teacher... gee... hehehe

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Social butterfly -- HMMMMM wonder where she gets that trait from?????

Rebecca Ramsey said...

My kindergarten aged nephew told his daddy that his new teacher is just like his old one..."she just loves to shush me just like Miss Anne!" We should get them together!

prechrswife said...

That is priceless! We keep saying we're going to be getting lots of "talks too much" notes when Mary Joyce starts to school.

kia (good enough mama) said...

I love this post. it's like a little sneak peek into the world of a primary school girl. she sounds adorable!! :)