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Friday, September 5, 2008

A Mad Hatter

I did something this weekend that goes against every value I hold dear. I didn't want to participate in such an Evil Event, but Canuck K made me do it. Strawberry also joined in on the nagging, although probably only out of a sense of obligation. Strawberry is one of those True Blue friends who will stand by your side no matter what. In this case, I felt Terribly Disappointed that she chose Canuck K's side rather than my own.

If you have yet to ascertain, I am not a True Blue Friend. Instead, I'm more of a Red Octagon Friend -- the kind that yells "stop!" when you wish to Expand My Horizons. The event this weekend definitely fell into the Growing As A Person category. I did NOT wish to go. In the end, however, my conscience ate away at my soul, so I gave in to Canuck K's pleading. Can you guess what I did?

Y'all, I attended a mother-daughter tea party.

And I even wore a hat.

During our little celebration, I couldn't rid myself of the scene from Alice in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter hosts the tea party. There we sat, with our pearls and our heels and our wide-brimmed straw hats, sipping tea and eating finger sandwiches on fine china, surrounded by an excited gaggle of girls chattering away like magpies and sipping lemonade in fancy teacups. Canuck K wallowed in her element while Strawberry and I wallowed in self-pity.

I tried to lessen the torture by imagining myself to be the sleeping dormouse, but I felt fairly resigned that others labeled me the Mad Hatter instead. After all, the Mad Hatter and I share much in common. We both often make remarks that hold very little meaning. And we're both slightly ill-mannered.

Plus, I definitely looked mad. (I always do when forced to wear a hat.)

Seriously, though, I feel so blessed to have a friend like Canuck K. Only Canuck K would put forth such effort so that our girls could experience a Fancy FĂȘte. She is one of Those Moms rather than a That Mom... an opposite of my slacker self... and definitely someone God placed in my life so that my little Tongginator can experience All Things Girly.

I adore Canuck K... in large part because she does all of this stuff and graciously includes my poor daughter, who remains shackled to her Lazy and Utterly Non-Girly Momma. I mean, goodness, y'all, just see what miracles Canuck K wrought that day...

stringing their fancy "pearl" necklaces are twins Cinnamon and
Spice, twins Peaches and Cream and the Tongginator (all five
born in Jiangxi Province, China), as well as V. (homegrown)

the gorgeous table Canuck K set... the girls each
took home one of these fancy cups and saucers

helping my Tongginator play a rousing
game of "Pin the Spout on the Teapot"

reading 'Little Miss Spider's Tea Party', complete with
character voices and props (notice the spider puppet)

filled with non-peanut product treats, of course,
since some of the gals have peanut allergies

you can spot the Tongginator easily because of her lack
of Fancy Dress... hey, at least she didn't show up in shorts

I wish you could have seen their grins and heard their giggles. I, of course, wore a hat, which means I didn't giggle, but the Tongginator did when I allowed her to play with said hat.

Look! A future Stepford Wife!!! (Kidding. Kidding, y'all.)

Canuck K went to a lot of trouble to make our little girls happy. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but the Tongginator and her friends adored their special day. Whenever I feel guilty and compare myself to Canuck K, she gently reminds me that we all have different gifts. We all bless our own girls greatly in our own way. We even bless each others' girls in that special manner. In Canuck K's case -- well... the tea party says it all, doesn't it? She is amazing.

Are you blessed with a friend like Canuck K? Or are YOU a Canuck K, spreading love, joy and girliness to the daughters of other mommas like me?


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, I'm definitely a WANNABE Canuck K. I love parties, entertaining...but usually, I'm just too lazy to pull it off.

I'm kind of hoping, in a few years, that I can do something like this party for BBJ. Actually, I can vividly remember the tea party my mother threw for my and my sister's 9th birthday. It was so much fun! (Mom's not a girly girl, but she's DEFINITELY a romantic. Weird, right?)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Canuck K totally blew me away....she pulled out all of the stops!! A game of pin the spout on the teapot, a pinata, an exquisite table with the take home tea cups...she is unbelievable!

Look out Sandra Lee(foodnetwork...she always does these tablescapes themed for every occasion) Canuck K is giving you a little competition!

I would like to consider myself a Canuck K, because I do like all things girly, but if truth be told....I would pile them all in the car and take them to one of those places that throw these kinds of parties....

Lovin your hat....and the pictures are too cute...picked the Tongginator out instantly, although my first thought was to look for the pig tails!!


Georgia Peach said...

I'm more spice than sugar and so very unlikely to host, attend, or even be invited to a tea party. Unless it's the kind where you get to dress up like Indians and dump tea into the harbor!

Since my Papple can't leave home without her purse, cell phone, and bracelets I'm gonna need to borrow your Madd Hatter hat. Grumble, grumble, grouse, grouse.

Point of interest: I think it's sweet that Canuck K went to all the trouble to get this together and make sure your princess was in attendance. Very sweet. :)

McEwens said...

What a CUTE cute fun party!!! LOL loved the red octagon friend comment, I find myself like that! So impressed by your creativity!

The Source said...

Awww...looks like they had a terrific time! They all look so sweet in their pretty dresses and hats!

I'm defnitely not a girlie mom. Guess that's why I don't have much of a girlie daughter. She does want a fancy sweet 16 party, but the place she wanted to hold it burned to the ground last night, can you believe that! We'll be chosing a new location.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely challenged in the area of social graces...but not creative/witty/entertaining/quirky enough to be a Mad Hatter, either!

I absolutely LOVE the photo of all the girls arm and arm with their backs to the photographer. What a great photo!!!

Briana's Mom said...

That is the cutest thing ever! What a party! So creative!

Lisa and Tate said...

I am a wanna be Canack K. Love how creative she is. Love the ideas and have placed them away for a party when I can do the mother daughter tea party thing.

So cute!!!


Janet said...

WOW! That is amazing! I would love to go to a party like that...but organizing it...well, that's another story....:-)

Misty said...

i'm a 1/2&1/2... having boys (you know, the Very Boyish Kind) i daydream about tea parties and fancy dress, tho growing up i never would have! i'm not a girly girl nor am i a tomboy. :/
i, do, however, have a Canuck K in my life and she has blessed me time and again in my life. I want to bee here when i grow up!

Michelle said...

A teapot pinata...wow! I loved the "lack of fancy dress" that you referred to! I think we all have a close friend that is very opposite of ourselves...it helps balance us out a bit, right?

Let us know when you will be the host of the next tea party...we will be there! : )

Lanxi said...

I love the idea of planning all the great things I would do, and then seem to fall short on the actually 'doing'. I would love for my little girl to get to do stuff like this, but in a world of boys, we tend not to.
I guess I really should do it since she is always surrounded by the rough, stinky kind.

Heather of the EO said...

I am so YOU in this story. I am blessed with a dear friend much like yours though. She has a Valentine's party every year that could leave you pink and sugary sweet. She's Martha Stewart. I'm not. Great post!

Beachy Mimi said...

I'm such a wanna be. I loved this post and I can totally relate.

prechrswife said...

Okay, I tried to post a comment earlier, and Blogger seems to have eaten it...I think it is an adorable idea, but I'm definitely not the one who would have planned it. I'm not an overly girly-girl myself, so that kind of idea would have had to come from someone else.

Michelle said...

What an adorable party. Ok, so here I go again... "Ok, girls, you all look so pretty, but for TM, can you please turn your backs on the camera? Pretty please?" :-)

I would like to think I'm like Canuck K, but I have not hosted a fashionable tea party. But I am quite the kids party planner and love all things girly. (Just in case you couldn't tell by all the hair bows and matching outfits.) ;-)

Have a great weekend, TM!

happygeek said...

My idea of dressing up is darkwash jeans.
My idea of a kids party is a cake from DQ and a few streamers.
That is why I am so very thankful thatI only have boys. They do not notice, neither do they care.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Precious, precious, precious! I can't wait until my girls are big enough for hats and tea parties. Right now they would try to eat the china.

Now I agree with you on the big-girl hats. I don't own one and have no desire to. Is this what mothering girls brings one to?

I wanted to thank you for your lovely and encouraging comment on my blog. You encouraged me greatly with the scripture you left. Thanks so much for sharing.

Keep the girl times comin'. And when in the WORLD are you going to be getting your referral!??

Anonymous said...

I think it looks fabulous! But, I am a girlie gril and grwo worse by the year! Loved the pinata!!

discombobulated said...

At the beginning of the story, I thought you were going to say you attended a Tupperware or Candle Party.
How adorable. Piglet and Canuck K love you. I didn't see any pics of the back of you in your hat.

Sharie said...

I'm with you, but thankfully my sister is Canuck K. I am dying at the idea of throwing my daughter a princess themed party in 2 weeks...I have no idea what to do.
I'll figure something out, but it will be NOTHING like Canuck K or my sister Nancy would pull off.


mommy24treasures said...

how adorable! You are amazing at your pics. THey are wonderful.