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Monday, September 22, 2008

LittleBunny and Rusty

About four years ago, while we waited for our referral to adopt the Tongginator, the Husband and I showered our love on the only baby we had. Our beloved baby was of the four-legged variety: a feline with long hair that remarkably did not bother my asthma and allergies.

I'm sure y'all are simply dying to meet this little guy, so here's our little bundle of fur, the cat we wish we could call cuddly. The one whom most everyone in our lives wishes they could see, but never do because he is a Master of Stealth. I formally present to you our feline fur ball, the Grump of Tonggu House, the one and only Rusty.

Don't let the cuteness fool you. This cat is a Vortex of Vomit... a Clawer of Cloth... a Pre-Dawn Pawer of People... a Hiding Hairball... a - well, you get the picture.

Still, despite Rusty's many interesting qualities, the Husband and I fretted during our months just prior to the Tongginator's arrival. How could we protect our finicky fur ball from a possibly mobile toddler? Cat owners always stress about introducing a baby to the home, but imagine if the baby was an active and mischievous toddler?

(The Husband and I now laugh at our worry, since the Tongginator couldn't even roll over at 12 months of age, much less chase a blur of fur, but we didn't know THAT fact until we met her.)

We rearranged furniture, providing Rusty with what we called "triangles of safety" where curious children couldn't wriggle. We hung baby gates around much of the house, while still allowing Rusty freedom of movement. Our one dilemma centered around our Basement Door.

The problem?

Well, we needed to keep the basement door shut, since toddlers and stairs don't usually mix well, but we also needed to provide Rusty with an Escape Route as well as a convenient path to his food and litter box.

What to do?

The Husband used a skill saw and cut a hole in the door. It startles people when they come over, since it truly looks like a large mouse hole. But it worked. And it continues to provide us hours of entertainment.

Case in point:

LittleBunny felt SO frustrated that we wouldn't allow her to join the Tongginator and her brother FooFoo in the playroom downstairs.

Did I already mention that she felt frustrated?

I mean... really frustrated.

Will y'all think we are horrible if I confess that her momma BlueFairy and I couldn't stop laughing?

Poor LittleBunny. She sure felt like boppin' somebody on the head.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I'd have been laughing right with you!! My sister in law did the same thing with a little screen over it. I think it is b/c they live in the country and wanted to keep rodents out as well as allow the cats freedom of movement!

Georgia Peach said...

oh nooo! that can't be the Little Baby Bunny I remember! How is it these children keep getting older and I stay the same age?

Sorry LittleBunny, but I probably would have snickered too. I can't help being impressed with your abstract problem solving skills...I mean trying to turn around and go feet first was very creative.

Michelle said...

That is too funny! And, I would have been right along with you and BlueFairy laughing, and of course grabbing my camera like you did. I think if you gave her another minute or two, LittleHoudini, I mean LittleBunny would have made it!

Aunt LoLo said...

Sorry Little Bunny....even BBJ is laughing right now. That's some sort of creative exit strategy! (LOVE the little mouse hole - brilliant!)

Kathryn said...

No, that's hysterical, very funny!!!!! I have 2 vortexes of vomit too. I'm not worried about them when the little one arrives, but I am worried about my sloth like 6 pound yorkie who is afraid to go up and down the stairs. I fear for his safety and well being when the little one arrives, he is quite pathetic. Not sure what I'm going to do about that one in the future. A hamster size dog was not well thought out on my part for a future with small kids running around, the poor thing doesn't stand a chance!!!!

McEwens said...

Thats is so funny! I LOVED how she was trying to go through feet first!!!

How creative to cut the hole in the door!! LOVE IT!

Cajunchic said...

You just made Munckin's day. She is desperate for a kitty and loves to look at pictures of them. Unfortunately she is allergic so she will not be getting one.

That picture is so funny. Kids will do anything to be with their favorite animals.

Misty said...

we have a stealthy cat and the cat-who-wont-get-off-me. did i mention i'm a dog person. i used to think the mean cat didn't like me. now i realize it's b/cs i dont like cats.
this was a very cute story!
oh, i've updated my blog.

Briana's Mom said...

That was so funny! I thought she might actually squeeze through that hole!

We have a beloved cat too - Asia. She was with us for 8 years before Briana came along. She still wonders when Briana is leaving. ;)

Michelle said...

We have one of those in our door, too! It also provides for many moments of playtime for my little ones and my pets. lol! Those pictures are really cute!

Amy said...

Loved the photos - hysterically funny! The frustration is clearly emanating from my monitor even now. :)

prechrswife said...

That is hilarious! :-)

Heather of the EO said...

I just have to say that your posts are so much fun to read. A little bit of laughter or wise thoughts every day. Thank you.

happygeek said...

You know, next time she's gonna bring a sledge hammer when she comes to visit.

Peanut said...

That is very cute!

And you guys sure put a lot more thought into how your cat's wellbeing than we did! Since our kids arrived, our poor cat basically gets ignored unless we have company over... then she demands attention from them.

Monica said...

Poor little bunny! It is tough being little and getting locked out of places!

PIPO said...

I, for one, love the big mouse hole. I'm sure Rusty agrees with that feeling of love too ;0)

Very cute.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Poor little bunny....I honestly thought she might make it through....how funny!!

TD....is not only clever, but handy!!


kia (good enough mama) said...

See, I think that if all cat owners were honest, we'd find that most cats are as grumpy as yours. I don't like cats. Never have.

That Little Bunny though? She looks like a girl after my own heart. Let it rip, little one! Let the adults hear you roar!!! :)

Janet said...

Tee hee. Poor kid. We have a kitty door too, that goes into our storage room. But that's just to keep the smell down....LOL!

Sharon said...

You know she will get things done when she is older. She is a deteremined young lady! Andf cute!!!

Sharie said...

Well, at least she didn't get stuck!
What a determined little one.