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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lessons From The Fair

I'm still not at my best, y'all, so I thought I would share a few photos and lessons learned by the Tongginator during our trip to the county fair two weeks ago.

I'll be more myself after I recover fully and get through next week, when the Tongginator begins school while the Husband is out of town. Next week should be an interesting four days! Did I mention the Husband will be gone and the Tongginator begins daily preschool? I did? Well, I think it bears repeating. Someone shoot me now.

Where was I? Oh, yes, photos and lessons. From the county fair.

Lesson #1 -- It's probably a good idea to read signs, even if they are hastily written. Because there's usually a reason someone wrote that note quickly.

Lesson #2 -- Olympics withdrawal makes you think crazy thoughts...

Lesson #3 -- Daddy is a sucker.

Lesson #4 -- Wait! There's FOOD at these things?!?!?

Lesson #5 -- Did I already mention that Daddy is a sucker?

Lesson #6 -- Pigs. Stink. Enough said.

Lesson #7 -- I want to come back... soon.


Peanut said...

Love it! And love fairs too! You're hilarious!!

Michelle said...

Oh, this made me laugh!! Looks like you had fun at the fair!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

My 4 year olds started preschool today!! Yipeee!

happygeek said...

PRe-school starting without your wingman?

Debz said...

Hope things transition easily for you.

Sweet glory! That's alot of cotton candy!

Growin' with it! said...

hey, they have that same popcorn/cotton candy stand at my fair! ;o) man i love fair food.

looks like a wonderful time was had by all. and that 4 day "vacation" next week...soak it up girl!

Georgia Peach said...

Four days of quiet!! Yay!!

Love the pics of the fair. Especially that teensy tiny bear and the gigantic bag of cotton candy!

Michelle said...

I'm so excited!! Yes, yes. I love your post. I always do. But what I'm most excited about today is that their is a Tonginnator profile and single-eye shot!!! I am totally cracking up, too. I must share why and then I'll let you in on a little secret very few people know about me. (Until now.) First, here's why I am cracking up. I am always moving hair OUT of my girls eyes, moving things OUT of their way when I take their picture. I am trying to picture you saying, "Here (sweet name), hold this teddy bear in front of your face; place the cotton candy on your lap so I can only see part of your brow" etc. etc. I SO want to be there during your photo shoots. LOL

Ok, now... are you in for my big reveal? I showed pigs when I was 9 at the county fair. There. I said it. It's out in the open. I hope you'll still come by and visit. :-)

Janet said...

Where's the mini-donuts? For me, THAT'S what fairs are all about.....:-)

prechrswife said...

Love the lessons! Looks like you had fun. :-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm chuckling at all of the food comments, y'all, but I almost rolled on the floor laughing at Michelle's observations.

Yes, Michelle, I must confess that our photography sessions do sound... ummm... exactly like that!!! And I usually take twice as many photos as y'all because I need normal pics, too.

As to the pigs -- Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. :)

Michelle said...

OK, I am soooo glad that I could provide a little comic relief for you today, since you certainly bring some to mine every day. And yes, I felt a bit Tonggu Mommy-ish today as I was posting #3, 4 & 7. I should have done a tribute to the Tongginator or something. :-)

I just sent you an email.

Shawnstribe said...

hee hee, Daddy is just too sweet!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. I hate being sick when the weather is warm.
The Daddy in this house is a sucker too! It's good to marry the sweet ones : )

kia (good enough mama) said...

Fun times!

I was hoping you'd write your own sign for the goats dressed up in patriotic garb. Something like this, perhaps?

"Some really STUPID and UGLY humans dressed us up in these ridiculous costumes. No, don't go after them, we already did. hehehehe"

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I will be praying for you next week! It is always hard when you are a one woman show!

Looks like you not only learned some valuable lessons, you had a great time at the fair!!

I want to know if they had funnel cake? That is my fair must have:)


Sharie said...

This mommy is a sucker! On our trip to the County Fair I bought the cotton candy (small though). I'm thinking Dad may have shared the Tongginator's. I paid for her to play the Duckie game $5 for a blow-up whale...Oh well, it has to be someone:)

mommy24treasures said...

oh this was so cute!
those Daddies!