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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Waiting... Part 26

Y'all, it's now been exactly 26 months since the Husband, Tongginator and I logged in to adopt from China. I so, so wish our adoption wait time line matched that of the Beijing Olympic countdown clock.

But it's not our turn.

It is, however, a very special time for our blogging friends Alyson and Ford. Yesterday they received an adoption referral for their soon-to-be daughter, whom they will name Alyzabeth An. She's stunning, y'all. It's often said that eyes are mirrors to the soul... an oh-so-true statement in the case of this little gal.

Head on over there to congratulate them!!!!


Rhonda said...

Happy 26! We're just a few short months behind you.

Bella's momma said...

You time is coming my friend, and we are going to celebrate!!!!

Georgia Peach said...

Jumped right over to Alyson and Ford's page to congratulate them on their referral. I guess, from experiencing your wait from the sidelines all these many months, I feel a kinship with all waiting parents.

This is very, very exciting and encouraging!

Special K said...

Happy 26! Stop by my place tomorrow to repeat that same phrase to me. LOL!

Daniella said...

Happy 26. Your getting there.
Alyzbeth is stunning. She literally took my breath away! How about a speed up after the olympics - that would be nice.

Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving your congrats! It has been a fun two days! You are too sweet to link us to your blog. We have a wonderful time reading all the comments!
Our daughter is a huge blessing to us.

DOR 08/12/08

Michelle said...

Happy 26! You'll be there... very soon I hope. Isn't Alyzabeth a doll?!? Such big, beautiful eyes.

Kia (Good Enough mama) said...

How exciting!!! I remember when my sister and bro in-law got their referrals. Our whole family threw a giant celebration!! I'm going over to see this post right away!

prechrswife said...

I saw their blog the other day. She is just beautiful, isn't she? ...and "Happy 26" to you!

discombobulated said...

thinking of you.