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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Two Days...

Y'all, my dear friend SongOfSixpence came over yesterday so that the Tongginator and her son Blackbird could expend some Summer's Almost Over But School Doesn't Start For Three More Weeks energy. It was a typical morning of coffee and preschooler craziness.

And then it became anything but typical...

My friend's cell phone rang. SongOfSixpence picked it up, then furrowed her brow in puzzlement because she didn't recognize the number that popped onto the screen. She hesitantly answered the phone with an apologetic look at me and a timid "hello?" That's when our typical day became anything but typical.

Because the phone call?

It was from their adoption agency.

And the social worker?

She called to tell SongOfSixpence that she had a daughter.

(pausing so y'all can let that soak in)

(are you smiling yet?)

SongOfSixpence looking a tad shocked

SongOfSixpence and her husband King adopted their son Blackbird a little over four years ago. The Ryes adopted him domestically through our same agency. They've been waiting over two years to adopt a second much-wanted child. About a year ago, they experienced a failed placement where the birthparents changed their minds on the last possible day. While that's of course wonderful news for the birthparents and infant, you can imagine how painful it felt for our friends.

That's why they told their social worker that they didn't want to know ANYTHING -- not even that it was happening -- until the thirty day waiting period ended (that's the amount of time in Maryland that birthparents are legally able to change their minds about an adoption).

So yesterday's phone call? That's when SongOfSixpence first learned she'd become a mommy again... on Thursday.

Yes, THIS Thursday, y'all.

Oh, I feel so very happy for them. And blessed that the Lord allowed me to witness such a moment. SongOfSixpence spent the rest of the morning, with my encouragement, calling friends and family from our home phone while Blackbird and the Tongginator happily played in the basement.

well... the Tongginator played happily... Blackbird just survived

Oh, how the tears ran down, smearing mascara left and right.

Oh, the deer in the headlights look that crept into her face, as SongOfSixpence realized she needed to set up a nursery, shop for infant girl clothes, purchase diapers, wipes and formula... not to mention contacting the insurance company, pediatrician, their financial guru (gotta pay those social workers and judges, y'all) and their pastors.

All in three days time.

(pausing so y'all can let that soak in)

(are you looking shell-shocked yet?)

Their little gal looks just precious. She was born on July 17, so she's just over one month old. She's lived with one of our agency's foster families since she arrived home from the hospital. She weighs about eight pounds, is 21 inches long and has blue eyes and medium brown hair with reddish highlights. Most importantly, she sleeps between six and eight hours every night.

Something tells me I'm gonna love this little girl.

Oh, how the tears flowed. I feel so blessed to witness this life-changing event. Still, I'm asking for your prayers and positive thoughts over the next week. I feel so privileged to be such a special part of their adoption, but I must confess it also feels bittersweet.

I'm sure y'all understand why.

I also need some help naming this gorgeous little gal. SongOfSixpence and the King will be busy selecting her REAL name, but I need some help choosing her bloggy name. You can pick from the non-bold words:

sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye
four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
when the pie was opened, the birds began to sing
wasn't that a tasty dish to set before the king?

I know, I know -- not many choices. Obviously, I wasn't thinking ahead when I created their bloggy names. Please help me out, y'all...


happygeek said...

I cannot imagine how thrilled and busy they are.
Or how tough this is for you.
So happy for them. So hoping it is your turn soon. SOON.

As for the name, there's more to that nursery rhythm eh.
The King was in his counting house,
counting all his money,
The queen was in the parlour eating bread and honey,
The maid was in garden hanging up the clothes,
When along came a blackbird and pinched off her nose.

I'm saying queenie or honey.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news and excitement for them!

But really, is there any choice besides TastyDish??

redmaryjanes said...

I am so happy for your friend, and I completely understand her guarding her heart and only wanting to know when everything could be confirmed : )

Shelley said...

I say TastyDish!!! Definately TastyDish!!!!

Veronica @Toddled Dredge said...

The Pie. Definitely The Pie.

discombobulated said...

I vote for Sing.

How exciting for them and good of you to be happy for them in the middle of your angst.

Beachy Mimi said...

TastyDish is good. So is Songbird.
What a wonderful thing to witness.

prechrswife said...

First of all, congratulations to your friends! That is such wonderful news for them.

As for the name, I like Happy Geek's suggestion of "Honey," although my first thought was "Pie."

Mamatini said...

Aww, how special for you to be able to witness her excitement. And your time will come too. Hang in there.

I can't support TastyDish or Pie for a girl. *shakes head* How about FourAndTwenty?

Becoming Me said...

What beautiful news! How about Sing? Does it have to be exact can you do birdsong?

Zen Ventures said...

I bet they are way over their heads with excitement! That is just awesome. btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to click on your name and for some reason, It didn't link me back to you, so I googled you! :)

Trooper Thorn said...

It's amazing how life can turn on a dime. How great for your friend.

Thanks for your comments on my Olympic reviews. Interesting how your daughter recognized the age difference between the Chinese and everyone else. maybe kids should do the Olympic judging since they have no bias.

Chris and Deb said...

WOW...how incredibly exciting....congratulations to SongOfSixpence!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I think pie...definitely pie!!

Oh this is jus wonderful....as someone that has experienced the joys of a domestic adoption and the waiting of the 30 day grace period......I am thrilled for your friends....and the fact that it happened right there in your house....how incredible!!

The picture of The Tongginator.....too funny...that girl has a lot of spunk!!


Sharie said...

I am thrilled for your friend. My co-worker left yesterday to hopefully arrive before her 2nd daughter's birth mom delivers.
I am not even in the process of adopting and I'm jealous...I can only imagine how hard this is for you.
The Tongginator might be the ONLY match for my Amelia:)

Michelle said...

How exciting for your friend!!! And for you to get to witness this wonderful event in her life!

I just love the picture of the Tongginator crushing, er, I mean playing with Blackbird. I'm voting for Blackbird's little sis to be either Tasty Dish or Pie.

Aunt LoLo said...

Wonder Woman sings the rhyme as "wasn't that a pretty thing to set before the king?" She (and I!) vote for "pretty thing."

Your time will come, Mama. I'm sure your friend will always remember whose table she was sitting at when she got her news!

Kate said...

This just must have been the most exciting day ever!!! What a shock...and how nice you got to share the joy!

For the record I like "Tasty Dish" for the new baby...as she is sure to be so sweet as to eat her up with a spoon!



Amie said...

What a sweet story.. and so cool that you were there to witness this moment. and love tasty dish...

Thanks for sharing the smile!