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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Heart Your Blog

I survived my Mount Fuji pile of laundry! Thanks so much for asking. Because I totally know y'all cared about it.

(crickets chirping)

You mean you DIDN'T care? Oh. Well, to be honest, I don't usually care about your laundry pile either. Goodness, I don't even typically care about MY laundry pile unless I can't find clean clothes.

Which I can now. Because I demolished the Mount Fuji pile of laundry.

Anyways, since I no longer feel overwhelmed recovering from my Month of Various Viruses, I can now more properly express my gratitude for those lovely awards gifted to me by Beachy Mimi, Kia and CC. I also need to thank Carla at Katie-Bug Journey and the Momster at Slacker Mom for a fourth award (and a new one to me!). I promised an Oscar-worthy acceptance speech, so here goes...

First, I'd like to thank the Academy. Oh wait. Wrong venue. Crud. Hmmm... Alright, let's just be real, y'all. Beachy Mimi, Kia, CC, the Momster and Carla, when I first read of your newly bestowed awards, I initially thought, 'well deserved... these ladies really have it together.' When I read further and discovered y'all passed on these awards to me, I Totally Reconsidered your aptitude.

Because WHAT were you thinking?

Although maybe y'all are just Seriously Sweet.

Or maybe y'all secretly know one another and have a Grand Master Plan to somehow encourage me in my Tonggu Momma Delusions. (Hey, that sounds like a great name for a movie production company. Right? No? Okay then, maybe it was just me.)

Regardless, I and my delusional self thank you.

Perhaps it's the little voices inside my head my crushing sense of stress during this Nearly-The-First-Day-Of-School-And-The-Husband-Is-Out-Of-Town-Time, but I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by all of these Award Rules. That's a lot of love to spread. I hope y'all will forgive me for mixing things up a bit. Instead of creating a list of twenty plus blogs, I am listing four blogs I've really felt touched by this past summer. The parental units of those blogs can choose their favorite award (or one they don't yet have) from the four listed below:

The Happy Geek because she's short and cute, y'all... oh, and because of this post. She is now my new bloggyland BFF. She has no choice.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic at The Long Road to China because she is the Queen of Comments, spreading encouragement across the blogosphere.... oh, and because she shared her family's amazing journey to China Sarah with this post.

LindaJ at Why Do These Kids Keep Calling Me Mom? because she seems calm, cool and collected during challenging times while I am... not. You'll see her in action when you read this post, this one and even this one, as well.

Margie at Third Mom because she's done so, so much for parents who adopt internationally. All one must do is read this post to understand what I mean.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Thank you for the award...I have followed all the links in your post and feel honored to be grouped with these other women.....all of them truly amazing!

I am glad I found you in this wonderful land of blog....I know each time I visit The Tonggu Family Blog, I will leave with a big old smile on my face.....you are one of a kind!

Enjoy your Labor Day!


McEwens said...

Congrats on your award! I had to come over to see your blog after seeing it reviewed on another blog! YOU are funny!

Michelle said...

You really are too funny! Congrats on all of your awards and when you figure out what to do about those little voices in your head....please share with me. lol!

Have a great evening!!

Heidi said...

Good links. Thanks.

And congratulations on conquering Mt. Fuji. It IS an accomplishment. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

missy said...

You deserve all of your awards! And yes, I do care about your laundry : ) If I care about yours then I don't have to care about mine!

So sorry for the husband's dad! I will pray for him and you guys.
I lost my dad in May and I can honestly say, there is nothing that prepares one for it. I just get by knowing that we'll be together again someday!
Hugs to you!

happygeek said...

THank-you ma'am.
So glad that the laundry and illness is behind ya.
Have a happy back-to-school week!

Third Mom said...

Aw, you are too nice!! I really appreciate the shoutout - but even more, I appreciate everything you are doing, too, to work on behalf of adoptive families and ethical adoption.

Thanks very much :)

LindaJ said...

WOW I feel so honored, Thank you!!!! Calm? you are funny.
I will post my award with honor!!!!