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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Her 0lympic Heroes

Y'all, I so hoped that the Tongginator might bestow Hero Status on a few 0lympians this summer. I, of course, have my favorites, several of whom I foolishly thought might also appear on the Tongginator's list.

Alas, it wasn't to be.

Behold, my most favorite hero of this year's 0lympics. Now, I love Yao Ming, y'all (even more so after watching him during the 0pening Ceremonies), but you need to cast your eyes down a bit to see of whom I speak. My True Hero this summer is little nine-year-old Lin Hao. I'm sure y'all understand why.

Do you know my most favorite part of this story? The Chinese press reported that, at one point during the Parade of Nations, seven-foot-nine-inch Yao Ming leaned down to tell little Lin Hao, "you must eat more, so that you can grow tall like me."

The boy looked surprised and informed Yao Ming -- YAO MING -- that he planned to attend China's best science and engineering university... and he didn't need height for that! After our recent experience at Ocean City's boardwalk, I thought perhaps the Tongginator might identify with Lin Hao's words.

Alas, no. She DID identify with some during the Parade of Nations, but it wasn't little Lin Hao. Instead, it was:

and also:

and even:

Wait! Wha?!?!?! Huh?

If that last photo confused y'all, I think perhaps you weren't looking in the right places. Allow me to redirect your eyes.

Yes, the Tongginator fell in love with the Parade of Nations cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders, y'all.

She spent much of her viewing time remarking on their boots, their smiles, their cheerleading moves. Then the Tongginator fell asleep. Probably dreaming of China's cheerleaders. I say that because she spent the next few days obsessed with their moves.

As you can see.

I realize these are horrible photographs, but -- still -- you can see. I must admit, however, that the Tongginator eventually convinced me of the cheerleaders' hero status. After all, those beautiful go go girls stood in that heat for over two hours, y'all, smiling, stomping and clapping with as much enthusiasm as the Energizer Bunny.

I know I couldn't have done that, but obviously the Tongginator thinks she can... one day. It's always great to set goals for oneself.


Georgia Peach said...

What are they wearing on their hips? Is that a water bottle in a red strap or a fire extinguisher? Either way, how very practical.

How do you say "Spirit Fingers" in Mandarin?

Aunt LoLo said...

Hehehe...well, the world DOES need a few more happy shiny people that can smile and cheer through awful, hot, sweaty, grinding parades! (I couldn't help it - Lo Gung and I were laughing at the cheerleaders. With the skirts and the go-go boots, they looked just like the girls that served beer at the cafe's in Hong Kong. I think it was a costume from the beer company, because they all had the same one.)

Bella's momma said...

Too funny! I think you can see a bit into what your future my hold!!

Briana's Mom said...

That is so funny! When I was watching the ceremonies, I wondered how those cheerleaders kept going all those hours without a break!

I think the Tongginator will make a fabulous cheerleader!

Beachy Mimi said...

Oh Tonggu Mama, you are in t r o u b l eeeee. That girl is just too funny. Those cheerleaders deserve our admiration just for their endurance!!

Janet said...

That is hilarious. It's always nice to have heroes. :-)

happygeek said...

At least it wasn't a mascot.

Mamatini said...

Heee, love the pictures of the Tongginator practicing her cheerleading moves! Now that's focus.

mommy24treasures said...

how funny. They do have minds of their own! Caitlyn loves the divers.

prechrswife said...

Priceless! :-)

discombobulated said...

do you remember when we cheered? we did. I remember jumping on Kit Kat's back.