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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vegetarians: Don't Look!

I thought I'd share a little safety tip about hot dogs and young children. You know, because the July 4th holiday occurred several weeks ago.

Which is really when you could have used this tip.

Because that's when the majority of Americans actually use their grills in the horribly sticky humidity glorious summer weather that God provides.

I'm two weeks late.

Because I am nothing if not on the ball.

The tip is a great one, however, despite it's late summer appearance. Hot dogs are a major source of choking among young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (APA) recommends that you avoid feeding a hot dog to a child younger than four years of age. But what about children over age four?

If you are a spaz knowledgeable person like me, you'll still fret when your preschooler or early grade school child chows down on a hot dog. Why not try this before placing the dog on the bun:

It helps little fingers keep the dog in the bun; plus it reduces the risk of choking. Then y'all won't spaz worry so much when little ones are enjoying summer's number one animal byproduct food.

This tip totally works for me. What works for you?


Cajunchic said...

Great tip. I am the spaz who just hands her kids the whole veggie dog (see you can be an almost vegetarian like me and still look. I just picture that yours is actually a veggie dog.) and let them chow down. *blush*

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Thank you! I thought I was the only one. I was known as the hot dog Nazi in MOMS groups.

Some people slice hot dogs across for their little toddler. This only makes little corks! Cut them lengthwise, then across for bite size pieces.

Grapes! Cut them in fourths. My pediatrician had a patient die from half a grape.

A million times, Thank you!!

CC said...

I totally cut my kids dogs up too. But they don't like buns so that makes it a little easier (maybe)

The Momster said...

When The Doodlebug was little, she hated the buns. I would find myself cutting up the hotdogs in all sorts of shapes. Why didn't I think about slicing it down the middle? (I think I'm having one of those V-8 type moments!).

Thanks for sharing - I'll keep this in mind when I'm watching our friends' kids :)

queenoftheclick said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Shawnstribe said...

Hi from your veggie friend ; )
What an awesome tip...i'll use it for our veggie dogs : )
I love your posts sooo much, you can make me smile even with a hot dog post.
TM you are very much in my prayers
ps hows church?

Mrs. Querido said...

OMGosh! I am a horrible mother! Not ONCE have I EVER considered grapes or hotdogs as choking hazards! But then again, I am the mom who watches my kiddos like a hawk...overprotective? No, hypervigilant yes...lol! I guess that I didn't feed my little ones hotdogs until I was sure they could master them too. Oh and I totally cut them into circles. Like I said, horrible mother...lol:)

Carol said...

Mine are way past the easily-choked age. When they were little, I had this way of making slits in a hot dog that, when microwaved, made the hot dog look like a little man. (Oh, the vegetarians are really grossed out now!) The result was basically the same as what you're doing only kids may be more prone to cannibalism than yours.

(Bad mom! Bad!)

Country Mommie said...

I guess I'm an overprotective Mom too, maybe even more so. I cut it once down the middle like you, then stack them back on top of each other and make another long cut down the middles, giving us 4 long quarters of a hot dog and then cut the dog in the bun in half so it's easier for them to eat! :) See - Aren't we all just a little on the nutty side!?! :)

Superchikk said...

Chalk me up in the horrible Mommy category because I have been thinking about introducing cut up hotdogs to my 10 month old. He loves to feed himself and there are only so many things you can feed somebody with two teeth.

I have, however, helped raise my 6 younger siblings and a myriad of other people's children. And we always cut them lengh-wise first, then into little half-moons. Maybe I'm not such a bad Mommy after all?

Audra Krell said...

Have to add popcorn to the top choking hazards....these items are just the size of the windpipe and easily get lodged! Thanks for the reminder!

Debz said...

Brilliant idea!
We make spider dogs over the fire pit which are pushed on the pick only about an inch then slice down intp four slices and they curl up when cooked over the fire. Just a little random thought when I read your post...a bunny trail if you will. lol

Georgia said...

Good idea! We're definitely adopting the Tongginator-fillet method at our house.