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Sunday, July 13, 2008

TM Sunday Linkage

Single Child Population Tops 100 Million -- Xinhua at China Daily

A Priceless Gift -- blogger Wendy at Adoption and Fire

Free Teleseminar: How to be an Anti-Racist Parent -- Carmen at the blog Anti-Racist Parent

Family Adopts Son's Friend -- reporter Teresa McMinn for the York Daily Record

Giving Back -- guest blogger Debbie Smith at Love Without Boundaries

Kung Fu Panda Hits a Sore Spot in China -- reporter Maureen Fan at The Washington Post

Kung Fu Panda Prompts Soul Searching in China -- reporter Simon Rabinovitch at ABS-CBN News Online

In Related News:

Tomorrow night HBO will premier its hour-long documentary entitled "China's Stolen Children." For a sneak peak, check out the many clips available on You-Tube.


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