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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Linkage

For those who are relatively new here, every Sunday I try to post links useful to the China-adoptive community. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these posts/articles, but I do strongly believe it's important to consider them.

Several of these blogs are not written for an audience of adoptive parents. They are a place for adoptees or birthmothers... yet we can still read and absorb. I don't comment at these sites because they aren't about me, even though I can benefit from their perspectives. If you choose to leave a comment somewhere, please be nice!!!

My Real Name -- blogger and transracial adoptee Sang-Shil Kim at Land of the Not So Calm

Why Do We Hardly Talk About the Tough Parts? -- blogger and adoptive parent Carla at Katie-Bug Journey

When Love Isn't Enough -- blogger and transracial adoptee resistance at Resist Racism, about the article Race Dilemma at the Heart of Our Adoption Crisis, written by Tracy McVeigh in The Observer

Home, Sweet Home and Iowa Trip #2 -- blogger and adoptive parent Stephanie at Ni Hao, Y'all shares an explanation of the special need club foot

China Doll: When Excessive Attention Sets Children Apart -- writer Carrie Howard in Adoptive Families Magazine

Americanized -- blogger and transracial adoptee Agnes at Rice Bowl Diaries

God's Will -- blogger and birthmother Robin Westbrook at Motherhood Deleted


Carla said...

I've enjoyed reading your links in the past, but this time...many hit me over the head and struck a chord in me.

1. Happy that I stuck to it and insisted on keeping Katie's name (sure it's her middle name, and sure we didn't keep the surname...but I do call her by it some as well).

2. Americanized...oh boy, I wonder how it looks to outsiders some of the outfits I had for Katie. We dress the kids in 4th clothing, but as Katie is my first girl...well...perhaps I went a little overboard. ;)

3. China Doll - I'M uncomfortable with the praise Katie gets. We're trying to figure out the best way to deflect it.

4. God's Will. Umm..yeah...got to me.


Lisa said...

I have something smiley on my blog 4 u.

Janet said...

That one called "China Doll" is SO good! I find that too! People will stop to stare at them, pull me over to compliment them, etc. It gets old pretty fast. Plus, my other kids really notice. What a GREAT article!!!!