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Friday, July 11, 2008

Sucked Into the Vortex

My brother-in-law BigLeagueChew (AKA the Tongginator's Uncle BLC -- yes, the guy who doesn't DO wedgies) stayed with us for a few nights earlier this week. And I sucked him into the vortex, y'all. He's a total goner. Life as he knew it is forever altered.

He created a professional blog.

Can you believe it?

I'd totally share the site address with you, except that it's a professional blog, so he actually uses Real Information such as his name and our town and other minor details like that. And since I enjoy this thin layer of anonymity too much, I can't pass along the site address to you. Oh, and my sister would personally strangle me if I even indirectly revealed the identity of her children.

I'd really like to continue breathing.

So no link for you.

But BLC is now blogging, albeit about mortgages and real estate and other Boring Exciting Stuff Like That. I still, however, consider him One Of Us now, despite his blog content.

And he thinks he is So Very Cool, y'all.

BLC asked me for lots of advice about blog layouts, driving traffic to your site and other Stuff I Know Little About. I didn't have much to offer him in the way of helpful commentary, but I did know from whom he might gather information. It took a lot of convincing, however.

Because a V.P. blogging about mortgages isn't very likely to embrace the advice of a woman who calls herself BooMama. It's asking a lot, people. Still, I told him to suspend all prejudice and read some of these mommy bloggers.

Because they know of what they speak. All you need do is read here, here and here to learn that mommy bloggers have it TOGETHER, y'all.

This conversation led to a discussion about how some mommy bloggers are now Big Names, like the famously well-loved Pioneer Woman. The Husband and BLC of course just HAD to check out Ree's site then, so they read this, then eagerly moved on to her ranch posts.

The Husband spent much of his childhood on a farm surrounded by ranches, y'all. And when I met him, he worked part-time on a horse farm while pretending to be a network engineer during the middle of the day. So the Husband instantly felt right at home on Ree's site.

It was at this point in the evening, while reading about branding and cattle driving, that the Husband also fell into the blogging vortex. He spent hours reading P.W..

Hours, y'all.

Then he found her cooking site. Oh, lands, did he find her cooking site. Bless you, Ree. I've never met you, but now I love you. Because the Husband fell in love with your cooking site, especially the Cowboy Food section. So much so, he made this for dinner last night. And the Tongginator helped him.

I sat around eating bonbons during the process.

Again, I say bless you, Ree.

We enjoyed those sandwiches, although they didn't look near as good in our house as they did in your photos - possibly because our four-year-old became intimately involved in the cooking process. But I suspect they tasted just as good... and that's what counts.


Aunt LoLo said...

I can't tell you how confused I was for a second. I was reading the blog of a single friend, who has also adopted one beautiful girl and is waiting for her second, and then I saw you talk about The Husband...and I thought EVERYTHING I KNEW WAS WRONG! Then I realized what blog I was reading (it skipped very suddenly from her post to yours, so I didn't realize what happened) and all was right with the world again.

Anyhow...yumm. I've never had a lot of luck withe Ree's recipes, mostly because I refuse to add that much butter...but I'm open to suggestions for dinner tonight! Little sandwhiches are sounding AWESOME. It's gonna be hot today, and my grill is my new best friend!