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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Life: 6 Words

I promised I'd make a decision next week. And drat if it isn't next week. So, despite my extreme anxiety and mental fatigue caused by a rather laborious decision-making process, I selected my six word autobiography from last week's two finalists.

Not because I wanted to, but because I always keep my promises.

You can say thank you now.

Because I know I am so important, y'all couldn't live through another day without learning my six word autobiography.

: Who are you again?

TONGGU MOMMA: What do you mean, 'who am I?' I'm Tonggu Momma! How could you not know who I am? I mean, my momma and, like, five other people read my blog. I'm practically invisible famous.

: Oh... you're a blogger.


(crickets chirping)

RANDOM BLOG READER: What do you write about?

TONGGU MOMMA: Well... umm... hmm... that's a good question. What DO I write about? I guess I mostly just ramble. Sometimes I try to post something meaningful, but usually even that turns into a ramble.

RANDOM BLOG READER: I see... yes, well... nice meeting you. *click*

(crickets chirping)

TONGGU MOMMA: Wait! Hello? Hello?

(crickets chirping)

Well, goodness. THAT was embarrassing.

Where was I again?

Oh, yes. The autobiography finalists.

First, I need to defend the runner-up. Really, I needn't say much on this topic. If you aren't a regular reader, or you stumbled upon Our Little Tongginator quite recently, all you really need do is read this post, this one, possibly this one and - as Seriously Boring as it is - even this one to understand why I feel there often shines a Spotlight On Others Standing Near Me.

This week I decided a Spotlight doesn't define my whole life. It just causes me to feel humiliated ten forty percent of the time. Because, truly, what momma doesn't want an airplane full of people staring at her while she yanks a wedgie out of a three-year-old's rear?

But I digress...

I instead chose as my six word autobiography Senses Overloaded: Please Treat With Kindness.

For those of you who don't know, I have something called Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). By a strange quirk of fate God, our Tongginator also lives life with this same issue. She is a sensory-seeker, though, while I struggle with feeling over-stimulated most days. Everything seems too fast, too bright, too loud and too tight to me, y'all, while the Tongginator can never get enough. You can offer sympathy now - it's totally appropriate.

SPD is a difficult thing to live with.

Not because it's horrible or anything, but because it's invisible. I look normal slightly quirky to others, but I can't refuse to wear a sign around my neck that reads Sense Overloaded: Please Treat With Kindness.

Although that sign would be Really Helpful when I stood in line at the bank because what IS it with people who inch up to stand so close they breath down my neck? Clue in, y'all: when someone repeatedly inches forward in line, or steps to the side, or turns around SEVERAL TIMES to look at you, she's hinting that you are In Her Personal Space. It doesn't matter how large that Personal Space looks to you. It's still her Personal Space -- the Entire 34 inch Circumference. (Measure it out, y'all... told ya I'm quirky.)

I'd also find that sign Really Helpful when others tease me for hating crowds, not wearing jewelry, walking into walls, falling into holes and overreacting to loud sounds. I could go on and on about this, but mostly it all looks the same... life would be more simple for me if everyone could remember that my Senses are always Overloaded, so Please Treat me With Kindness.

On to other news... sweet Aussie Fliss of The Adventures of Fliss and Mike gifted me with an award earlier this week. The Arte y Pico Award originated from a Spanish speaker, so those of us with a gift for gab but not second languages may remain a bit clueless about the details.

I needed details, however. Because I'm anal detail-oriented like that. So I researched. And I discovered that this award is for Our Little Tongginator passing itself off as a little bit of art... with the emphasis on little, y'all.

Thank you so, so much Fliss. You truly are a sweetie. And I'd love to pass on the Arte y Pico award to Rochelle at Dream Bigger as well as Alyson and Ford at Imagine Alyzabeth An. (Yes, I am now your Official Stalker. Sorry, but you need to get used to it.)


Alyson & Ford said...

What a wonderful post! I love your writing.
Thank you for our award! Art?? We will need to check that out too!

You are too good to us!
Thank you for visiting our blog; you have become a favorite blog for us to visit. We still haven't figured out how to pronounce... "Tongginator..". Do you give lessons?

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Good God are you funny....I am trying to catch up here with all your links....I so look forward to your posts each day!


Mamatini said...

"What do you write about" is exactly why I keep coming back! I never know what I'm going to find.

(And I'm working on my post for the award you gave me. Really, I am. But this delay just goes to show how anal I am about what I write. I think I'm on my third draft...)

Janet said...

I like your writing too...and I can't imagine living with SPD!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You are more then welcome... I had so many people I wanted to pick... sorry it has been a while since getting back to you... we have been away... back to reality now... take care