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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mommy's Mommy's Mommy

Yesterday Tonggu Grammy stopped by for a bit. The Tongginator and she spent quite some time chatting about our family tree.

TONGGINATOR: You are my mommy's mommy.

: That's right. And who is my mommy?

The Tongginator turned to look at me blankly.

TONGGU GRAMMY: (hinting) She's really old.

The Tongginator glanced at Tonggu Grammy and then back at me.

TONGGINATOR: I don't know.

TONGGU MOMMA: She's really old. You know her, honey bear. She lives near Tonggu Grammy.

TONGGINATOR: (shakes her head no and shrugs her shoulders)

TONGGU MOMMA: (whispering) GGMa.

TONGGINATOR: (turning triumphantly to Tonggu Grammy) GGMa! Great-Grandma!

TONGGU GRAMMY: That's right! GGMa is MY mommy.

TONGGINATOR: I'm gonna pretend to be GGMa.

TONGGU GRAMMY: (slightly startled) Oh, okay. How does GGMa act?

TONGGINATOR: (whispering and gesturing to her throat) Shhh... I can't talk loud. I can't talk well cuz I'm really old.

TONGGU GRAMMY: Yes, you're right. What else does GGMa do?

At that point, the Tongginator turned to me, mimicking my grandmother so well, I burst out laughing.

TONGGU GRAMMY: (to me) What is she doing?

TONGGU MOMMA: Piglet, turn around and show Grammy what you're doing.

The Tongginator slowly turned, looked at my mom and repeated the movements. And then Tonggu Grammy burst out laughing.

I'm sure y'all are wondering by now exactly what the Tongginator did.

It probably loses itself in the translation, but family will know of what I speak. Y'all, the Tongginator pursed her lips and rolled her tongue around inside her mouth, against her teeth, for a good thirty seconds.

Why, you might ask?

Because that's what my grandmother does when she's repositioning her dentures. And she does it often y'all. Like, at least several times an hour. Clearly, this story requires a visual to garner a Big Laugh, but I promise you that my child is gonna be on stage one day.

Just you wait and see.


Cheri H said...

Oh I think my stomach would hurt if i lived anywhere near you! Your daughter sounds like a barrel of laughs! :)

Tonggu Grammy said...

My stomaach DID hurt! I wish that we had been videotaping so that we could share it with everyone. The Tongginator apparently is far more observant of the idiosyncracies of those around her than we were aware of. She will indeed be on stage someday.

Rhonda said...

...and the Oscar goes to...

That story is TOO precious!

prechrswife said...


Mamatini said...

Too cute! It is amazing how observant little kids are, isn't it? They are always watching...

Beachy Mimi said...

So funny. Isn't it fun to have a child so funny? I was always amazed at what mine noticed and repeated. So cute. I would love to spend the day with the Tongginator just to observe.

Carla said...

Oh so cute!!! and I LOVE that she knows her GGMa. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I definitely think you need to get her in drama classes....she is very perceptive and has a great imagination!

I can only imagine life in your house.....I would be laughing non-stop!

Can't wait for to see what the Tongginator has for us next!


Debz said...

Ha ha I can just see a little tike doing that too!!!
That's funny stuff!

Shawnstribe said...

hee hee that is sooo funny, i so dont wanna do the denture thing....but alas...it must be inevitable...it will happen i know!!!!
just to say...yep...knicksis short for knickers...and...yep they were my panties!!!!
still dont know how she hid them from me as they aren't exactly small!!!
oh well, kids....
i just wanted to say how i can stare at your new blog make over for ages, each time i see something new : )

happygeek said...

Too funny.
Gotta love how observant they are eh?

Anonymous said...

I bet that was hilarious! But does she mimic YOU as well?