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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fishy Fourth!

The Fish Family joined us for the Fourth of July, y'all, which made for a Perfect Holiday. We love Independence Day... we also love the Tongginator's closest China cousin and her family... so all in all it makes for a Wonderful Weekend.

The Fish Family: OneFish and Mrs. Fish with their
daughters (from l to r) BlueFish, RedFish and TwoFish

RedFish and the Tongginator continue to amaze us with how much they've grown these past three years. Our most interesting observations centered around their new-found abilities to cooperate and creatively share...

So... after looking at the flip-flop fiasco, guess who's wearing the other white glove?

No, I have no idea why they both developed such a deep fondness for Michael Jackson over the weekend. They must get that Wackiness from Mrs. Fish because they certainly didn't obtain it from me.

You don't have to take my word for it, however.

Just make up your own mind.


I think I made my point.

We had a lovely fourth of July, y'all. We stayed close to home, but kept busy with our friends family. It always feels too soon to say goodbye, yet the General Craziness of two Tonggu gals in the house can drain even the most adventuresome parents. All four of our girls are so lovely, with just enough tart to make them fun to be around.

Okay, well, some of them are a tad more tart than others.

But that just makes the sweet moments all the more sweet.

See what I mean?

They're sweet, y'all.


Nicole said...

They are sweet - all the girls are beautiful.

prechrswife said...

It looks like you had a fun 4th. Love the pictures, especially the sharing ones. :-)

Janet said...

Yep, I see JUST what you mean. :-)

Mamatini said...

Awww, cute pictures! And our Tonggina (get it? :D) has the same flip-flops!

Carolina Mama said...

You got some really cute photos. Adorable. And your 4th fireworks shots are great! Glad it was good. Keep trying for a win - tomorrow's win it wednesday. ;) You're right, I'm thrilled about my little win. :)