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Friday, July 25, 2008

Define Funny

Oh, I so don't feel worthy of these things. You see, I'm totally fretting that y'all expect to meet me in Real Life. And, if we ever do rub elbows, I'm thinking you'll be disappointed.

Because I'm thinking y'all believe I'm funny.

And I'm so not.

Not in person, anyways.

I'm actually a rather quiet person who talks a lot... if that makes sense. If it doesn't, just ask discombobulated or Georgia Peach and they'll tell you: Tonggu Momma is a relatively non-funny, quiet person who talks a lot.

No lie.

I so wish more of my Friends In Real Life blogged so that they could back me up on this. Goodness, most of my friends and family don't read blogs, much less write their own blogs.

They don't even read MY blog. Sniff.

We do have one comedian in the family, though.

The Tongginator is funny. Really funny. But she's also four and fickle, so she's going through a "I've decided to be shy today" stage. Which isn't all that funny, but does scream four-year-old girl. And that's totally okay.

Anyways, I'm fretting about all of these funny comments.

So I'm thinking y'all need to define funny for me.

Because if you mean someone who makes you chuckle - out loud - because of things she says... well... that just isn't me. But if you mean someone who truly does seek to find the humor in every situation God sends her way... well, then, I guess I can admit to striving for that goal.

I've always loved Proverbs 31:25: "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." And I truly do try to laugh at the days to come. Well, except for the ten-years-down-the-line, much dreaded Time Of The Tongginator Teenager. But, other than that, I truly do try to laugh at the days to come. And at my yesterdays.

Unfortunately, I've yet to master laughing at today.

Hence the not-very-funny-in-person situation.

But obviously some of you recognize my future and past efforts. And - for that - I thank you. Dear Jujuboo recently passed along a You Make Me Smile award. And sweet Mari of Secrets of Orual presented me with a Brilliante Webblog Premio 2008 award.

Goodness, y'all. I feel so very nervous. And when I'm nervous, I tend to ramble, which explains this post. I apologize. But I do truly thank you.

Now, I'd like to pass along this Smile Award by sending some love to my Friends in Real Life discombobulated and Georgia Peach since they truly DO make me smile. I'd also love to send this award to Carla at Katie-Bug Journey and Lanxi at Chinese Takeaway.

As for the Brilliante Webblog, Premio - 2008 award... this deserved Serious Thought, because any award written in Italian deserves Special Recognition.


I have no idea.

But it totally does.

So I'd like to pass along the Brilliante Webblog, Premio - 2008 award to The Queen B, Soliloquy at She Just Had To Say It and Donna at Double Happiness. I pretty much lurk at these sites - these people are too fun for me to keep up - but I read every day, y'all.


Cajunchic said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. In real life I can be painfully shy and not at all like I am in my blog.

Dawn said...

I think you're pretty funny. There are a lot of times I'm reading your blog and I laugh. I think it's important to find humor in every situation, even if it's a not-so-great situation, otherwise life would be too depressing. Keep up the good work.

Lanxi said...

I'd like to thank....well, You! If I can make someone smile every day, then it was a good day.

prechrswife said...

I'm also a lot quieter in person than I am on my blog or in Yahoo groups, so I definitely get where you are coming from. I think you and I have similar senses of humor, which makes me really enjoy reading your blog.

Beachy Mimi said...

Congratulations on your awards. I still think you are funny. That's why I come by here everyday!

happygeek said...

You may not think that you are funny but your blog certainly is.
You are a great writer who looks at the brighter side of things. You write in such a way that I can picture what you are saying and the stuff you write about is hilarious.

Soliloquy said...

I disagree. Your Baptist/ Methodist comment today on my blog was HI.LAR.I.OUS!

And I'll tell you a secret. In my family - I'm a wallflower.

If I'm funny on my blog - it's only because there is HUMOR in editing!

I'm not funny unedited.

Thank you for the award though! I have to figure out award etiquette!

Rochelle said...

Hmmmm... this got me thinking. I think I am TOO much like my blog sometimes. I reveal too much what is in my brain! It really depends on who I am with I guess. I have some friends who think I am funny and I don't know why though. I just speak my mind. But maybe that's my problem. Gee... this is a really random comment. See, you really did get me thinking!!

Mamatini said...

I agree with happygeek! You may not think you are in-the-moment funny, but *I* think you are after-the-fact hysterical!

Queen B said...

Thank you so much for the award! It made my day.

And I am betting that you are really funny in real life. I bet you are the kind of funny that just comes out of nowhere and makes your friends laugh for hours when they think of whatever it was that you said.

Just my guess :)

Donna said...

Hey! Thanks! I'm glad someone thinks I'm funny (other than my kids who constantly laugh in my face!)


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