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Friday, June 27, 2008

You Make My Day

Darling Dusty, momma to another Tongginator named Mary Joyce, gifted me with a wonderful award earlier this week. For some reason, she believes Our Little Tongginator is a blog that "makes her day."

Thank you so much for your kind words, Dusty. I'm a-blushing. You, CC and CajunChic will be the death of me. I'll probably die from heart palpitations, with a very red face.

It took me a few days to respond because I agonized -- agonized, y'all -- since I have to pass this award on to five other bloggers.

Five. Other. Bloggers.

Oh, the stress of it. I love so many blogs. I've already acknowledged three of my favorite blogs with an E, but I learned from experience that not everyone is into these types of awards (not mentioning any names). And that's totally okay with me.


Because there are a lot of things I'm not all about, including product parties and any type of athletic endeavor. I don't even RSVP to those types of events because I feel they are EVIL. So I completely understand that some people aren't into the memes and the award passing. Knowing that, however, adds an additional layer of stress to this process.

Who do I select?

I truly want to make someone's day, not cause them to duck and cover, groaning, "oh, great, another award!"

Because there are so many of you out there.


(Is that sound crickets chirping?)

(Or is it just me?)

Anyways, here are five bloggers who truly DO make my day. They offer insight, wisdom, encouragement and humor Quite Often....

CC, a blogger with whom I have much in common, writes at If Only I Had Super Powers. I think CC and I might just form our own little Mutual Admiration Society because loving the other person is almost the same as loving ourselves. CC is an amazing speech therapist and fellow adoptive momma. She crams her blog with tons of useful information about speech and language issues. I highly recommend her blog to everyone I know with young children, especially those who adopt internationally, since most IA children switch primary languages.

Veronica Mitchell at Toddled Dredge is one of my favorite Big Name Bloggers. (She may laugh at that description. Or blush. I'm not sure which.) She is an amazing writer, and a wise woman. (Did you like that Oxford comma, Veronica? Did you? Because I placed it there just for you.)

Mamatini at Life With Isa and Ina is another Tonggu momma (Ina is her little Tongginator). Mamatini proves that quality is more important than quantity in the blogosphere: a fact I have yet to learn.

GoodFountain shares much about life with her two children, Chee and Ess. Chee and the Tongginator have something significant in common: both deal with Sensory Processing Disorder. I truly enjoy learning about little Chee's successes. I also derive much encouragement from GoodFountain's excellent attitude as she discovers "their version of typical." Oh, and as an added bonus, GoodFountain used to live in Alexandria, Virginia and... shhh.... so did I. We don't know each other, though. At least, I don't believe we know one another.

Special K at A Million Miles to Mia is one of my LID buddies (we have a June 13, 2006 LID and she logged-in one day later on June 14). A log-in date, or LID, refers to the day one joined the long line to adopt from China. Special K often makes me laugh: this post alone should explain why she earns a "You Make My Day" award. Plus, it helps to share this long adoption wait with a fellow June Bug blogger.


Veronica Mitchell said...

Not laugh or blush. More like a skeptical furrowed brow. But the Oxford comma made me laugh.

Thank you.

CC said...

Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

prechrswife said...

Thanks for playing along. I really do enjoy your blog. Loved your links, too. There are some great ones there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, TM. I appreciate the kind words.

I was a little freaked at first - how does she know I lived in Alexandria, VA?? I started wondering what super powers you had. Then I remembered that I listed five places I had lived on an older post. And, whew, I was not so scared anymore.

Thank you again for the award - it's my first, and it means a lot.

Mamatini said...

I have a sneaky suspicion you did this just to make me post! :P But thank you for the recognition. It is my first award, and it means so much coming from a blogger I love to read.

Special K said...

Awwww... thanks for thinking of me.
And for the record, you make me laugh quite often, too. :)

I'm slowly re-joining the blogger world and catching up with all my bloglines. How can going away for just one weekend put me so far behind? LOL!