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Monday, June 16, 2008

World Domination

All I can say is that our little Tongginator definitely walks to the beat of a different drummer.

Above you can see the Tongginator writing on the white board during the last five minutes of Chinese class.

Now check out the rest of her class, dutifully writing number characters one through ten:

Take a closer look, y'all....

Believe it or not, the Tongginator actually does know how to write her number characters just as well as her classmates. The Tongginator simply didn't want to write them at that point in time.


Because her Mandarin teachers ShanghaiSweetie and BeijingBoy asked her to do it. And we all know that the Tongginator doesn't like to do what people ask her to do.

I'm telling you -- this little gal of mine is going to rule the world someday.

Just you wait and see!


Briana's Mom said...

She is strong-willed! Definitely ruler material!

Why write numbers when you can draw pretty pictures, right? :)

goodfountain said...

Strong-willed is good. I am always told by my mom that I was a strong-willed child. I think I'm doing okay ruling my corner of the world. :)

I have seen a book called the Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child recommended several times various people recently. I haven't read it so I'm not recommending it personally, but I thought, based on other things you've written, that you might want to give it a read.

Cajunchic said...

It sounds like she is alot like Monkette. Tell her to clean her room and it will not happen. Leave it alone and she will do it.

Shawnstribe said...

ruling the world sounds fun : )
i love her style : ) : ) : )

Becoming Me said...

I am telling you, she and Pumpkindoodle are kindred spirits.

Janet said...

LOL! THat's hilarious!

CC said...

She's going to end up in my school isn't she. All the kids that don't want to do what the teachers' ask seem to end up with me..... ;)

Debbie said...

Another kindred spirit lives in the southeast U.S.A. She, too, however, was born in Tonggu. Maybe it's something in the water there!

Karen said...

My oldest has the same mindset. Of course, the only Mandarin she knows is what she learns on Ni-hao Kai-Lan. I read a great book that helps when I have the foresight to put it into practice is called "Raising Your Spirited Child." It's very encouraging and takes an extremely positive approach to your child's temperament.