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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Is This? Answered

Here's the same photo from yesterday. I'm afraid I can't zoom out to give you a better idea. And, yes, I would have guessed marbles, Sour Skittles or some other type of food, too. Probably blueberries.

I would have been wrong.

Cuz this photo shows a cluster of Bombyx mori eggs.


That meant nothing to me, either.

How about if I add two additional photos, the first taken about three weeks later and the second taken three weeks after that?

They're silk worms, y'all.

The first I've ever seen live and in person.


Debz said...

I like the sour skittles thought better...not a worm or critter person for that matter.
weird how they are all different colors....

Shawnstribe said...

i just had a cyber moment when i realised that we were probably checking each others blog at the same moment : )
silk worm eggs? i wouldnt have guessed, i think it was a princess who smuggled the eggs out of China.

Janet said...

Weird. I would have guessed blueberries. Or as my sister calls them, Bloobs.

Cajunchic said...

Cool. I never would have guessed something. I let Monkey read this since he put his guess in yesterday so he got to learn something new.

prechrswife said...

Interesting. I really had no clue when I saw the first picture, therefore no guess from me. :-) (Although I have to say the sour skittles guess was pretty creative.)

Gerbil said...

well. silkworms up close are considerably more disturbing than I expected they'd be. Huh. non-arachnids rarely bother me but silkworms gave me mild heebie jeebies.

Shelley said...

Silk worms?????!!!!!! How freaking cool is that?? They looked like little wierd blueberries of some sort...never would have guessed silk worms!!!! LOL
Thanks for the lesson~learned something new...