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Friday, June 20, 2008

Visiting Bubble & Squeak

We spent several days visiting the Husband's parents last week. Bubble and Squeak, also known as the Tongginator's Nannie and Grandpa, really love indulging our little Piglet. They, like grandparents everywhere, strictly adhere to The Rules of Spoiling.

I'm sure you have a fairly good idea of those Rules, but just in case...

Rule #1 -- Always be available to play with your grandchildren, at the drop of a hat, so that they completely forget how to entertain themselves.

Rule #2 -- Provide a "special treat" dessert every evening, without fail.

Rule #3 -- Supply the grandchild with "vintage" toys, just in case the toys Momma and Daddy brought aren't up to snuff.

Rule #4 -- Listen to and respect your grandchild's Important Opinions and Methods of Doing Things in ways that their parents simply fail to do.

Rule #5 -- Smother your grandchild with lots and lots of hugs and kisses. (Can you even spot the Tongginator in this picture? That is some Very Serious Smothering!)

It's been an interesting couple of days since we returned home. It's never fun to Return to Reality, especially when one is a four-year-old with no one at her beck and call anymore.

Now the Tongginator wants to know, "when can we go visit Bubble and Squeak again?"


Cajunchic said...

Dont forget give them tons of sugar and then send them home. lol My mom loves to do that one.

Mamatini said...

Oh my, can I relate to this! Isa and Ina just said good-bye to their grandparents who came for a visit. Rule #1 is the hardest to overcome. Isa had N doing interactive coloring: "Draw a princess with a parasol and 3 butterflies so I can color it", "Draw a tree and 6 different dogs and rain clouds so I can color it." Did it matter that N had already bought her 3 new coloring books (because clearly the ones we had were "not up to snuff"?) Noooo!

Now Isa expects me to spend my days drawing scenes for her to color!

(And is that Tongginator's lovey being 'smelled'? :D)

Becoming Me said...

I so get this post!!!!! Adorable

Janet said...

Oh yeah. I think my parents wrote that rule book. :-)

CC said...

My kids just LOOOOOOOVE going to see Grandma. They count down the days. The instant we (or she) gets on the airplane they start asking, "When do we get to see Grandma again!!"

Kim said...

Makes me look forward to the Granparent years all the more :) I've often wondered why we couldn't just skip over the whining, fussy, rebelious years and go straight to the loving, cuddly, sacred years that grandparents experience...part of the initiation into parenthood I suppose.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just wished my mum didn't live 10,000 miles away so she could (and would) do all this stuff to Shauna...

Nanny said...

Thank you Tongginator's mommy for posting this. It makes me remember all the fun we had and I miss you all.