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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super Powers

TONGGINATOR: Momma, I have Super Power Luck.

TONGGU MOMMA: Oh, you do, hmmm? What kind of Super Power Luck do you have?

TONGGINATOR: It's Princess Super Power Luck.

TONGGU MOMMA: I see... Princess Super Power Luck... so what kinds of things can you do with your Princess Super Power Luck?

TONGGINATOR: I can make waves. Big waves.

She can make waves, y'all. Now ain't that the truth. The Tongginator tends to make waves wherever she goes.


Gosh, I love my little Tongginator.

I seriously do.

Mostly because she makes waves.

Big waves.


prechrswife said...

I love kid conversations. You just never know where they are going to go. :-)