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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Opening Doors & Mouths

Our neighborhood lost power for over seven hours yesterday.

Which means our house was hot, y'all.

Really hot.

But I shouldn't complain too much because tornadoes didn't touch down in our town, although they did a few towns over.

And I thank God for small blessings: at least we could get IN our house during the worst of the storm -- not so our dear friend and neighbor Apple. You see, Apple and her husband Pepper have three very active and popular children who love to run to and fro between neighbors' houses. Neighborhood children accumulate and dissipate in their yard and house with the speed of a fast-moving school of fish.

Which means lots of banging doors.

So my neighbor Apple solved this problem by forbidding anyone under the age of 18 from using the front door. They must always enter and exit through the house door inside the garage. This solves the problem brilliantly for them, so much so that my neighbor Apple doesn't even carry a key to the front and back doors on her key ring. As I said, this method works wonderfully well... unless the power happens to go out.

Because their garage door? It's electric.

And yesterday? It was down.

So there sat Apple and her three children at my kitchen table, munching on nuts, crackers and cheese while they waited for a phone call from their Situation Saver: husband and father Pepper.

Pepper, who happened to be stuck on a highway north of town because authorities closed the road due to so many fallen trees and road debris. I seriously don't know who had it worse -- Pepper, or his son Tomato, who couldn't move an inch without the Tongginator asking him to play with her.

Because the Tongginator LIKES Tomato, y'all. Even more than she likes Pocket, if you catch my drift.

If I hadn't felt so sorry for them, I might have laughed watching them munch on snacks while Tomato tried without success to extricate himself from the Tongginator's clutches.

Oh, they were a sight to behold.

Until I began telling tales from my childhood.

Like the time Tonggu Grammy lowered me through the small shower bathroom window, head first, so that I could save us from our locked-out state. Hey, it worked! And - surprisingly - no one was hurt during the process. Only telling that tale INSPIRED Tomato and Cherry, y'all.


Cherry and Tomato ran - in the rain - back to their house to Check Out the Situation. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for their momma Apple, they didn't have any conveniently located windows, not even of the smallish, highish variety.

Unfortunately, this didn't stop them.

They used a pair of gardening shears to cut a small hole in the screen door. Their locked out status remained the same, but now they also had to inform their mother about The Hole.


Talk about awkward.

Now I'm wondering... will I receive the Same Sentence as Cherry and Tomato, since I was their inspiration? I'm feeling VERY responsible, y'all.

Yet another episode of Tonggu Momma: Open Mouth, Insert Foot.


Special K said...

I saw the weather channel and thought of you. Was wondering if you were seeing tornadoes. Glad all is well.

I mean except for your neighbors screen, of course.

prechrswife said...

Glad to hear you didn't get the really rough weather. As for the screen, oops! :-)

Tonggu Grammy said...

Does this mean I need to hide my car next time I drive up since I indirectly gave them the idea?

Janet said...

You're just scary. ;-)