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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Life in Six Words

Oh, I'm so excited, y'all. Beachy Mimi tagged me for a meme. And I adore Beachy Mimi. Any woman who raised a daughter as funny as the Queen B -- without yanking out all of her own hair -- is someone I need to learn from and hang out with more.

Because, while I will never be as funny as the Queen B, I suspect I am raising a daughter who IS that funny.

And I'd really like to keep my hair.

When I read Beachy Mimi's comment inviting me to do a meme, my first thought was, "Beachy Mimi reads my blog???" And then I read the meme and realized, "nope... she absolutely does NOT read my blog."

Because the meme?

It involves summing up your life in six words.

Six words, y'all.

And you KNOW how much I love to rattle on.

And on and on and on.

But then I thought about what little I know of Beachy Mimi. First off, she raised the Queen B, so she's used to a talker. Beachy Mimi is also an encourager, y'all. A Momma Hen, if you will, but with Sassy Attitude. She KNOWS this is a challenge, but she wants me to STRETCH myself.

So here it goes, but with a twist.

Because we all know how much I love to talk.

How about...

Momma Raising Tongginator Seeks Helpful Advice

Senses Overloaded: Please Treat With Kindness

Blurred Vision Prevents Seeing Future Clearly

Spotlight on Others Standing Near Me

Falling, Then Picking Myself Back Up

One Who Can't Do This Alone

I Could Go On and On

Others Annoyed: Must Stop Talking Now

It's Difficult For Me To Choose

So I actually had the Husband come and do it. I KNOW, I KNOW. Yes, I am one of THOSE women. The Husband feels he deserves some sympathy. He asks that you think about us when you select a restaurant, or a movie to watch. For us, it always looks something like this:

THE HUSBAND: What would you like to watch?

TONGGU MOMMA: Ummm.... I don't know. You decide.

THE HUSBAND: (sigh) How about True Lies?

: Well, I guess so. But I really don't care for that movie.

THE HUSBAND: (double sigh) How about The Hunt For Red October?

And we pretty much go on from there. So, yes, you really need to feel sorry for the Husband. Anyways, from the list above he selected:

Senses Overloaded: Please Treat With Kindness

Which, of course, I have to question if I remain true to form. I probably WOULD have selected that one, or perhaps:

Spotlight on Others Standing Near Me

But I'm SO not sure. I can't decide. I'll get back to y'all next week about it. I promise.

And I'm tagging (y'all can say thank you now... and yes, this decision involved closing my eyes and clicking randomly):

Rochelle at Dream Bigger

Fliss at The Adventures of Fliss and Mike

Aunt LoLo at Bubba Bubbles

Shelley at A Wok On the Wild Side

Briana's Mom at Life With Briana

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it to your blog (include an illustration if you wish) and link back to this post on Our Little Tongginator and also this post of Beachy Mimi's.

3. Choose five bloggers by linking to them in your post. You should also inform them of the great millstone honor you assigned to them by commenting on their blog.

I can't wait to read your mini autobiographies, y'all!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are too funny!

I thoroughly enjoy your posts....can't wait to follow the links!


Rochelle said...

lol.... it's almost too eary to laugh this hard! And MY husband just left for work, so unless I wait until much later... I'm on my own on this one! Hmmm... let me think about it for a few!

(this is gonna be hard! I ramble on and on and on and on too!)

Cheri H said...

You make my sides hurt! I LOVE your humor and it ususally comes on a day that is needed! LOL

Briana's Mom said...

Oh goodness. I am wordy too. Only six words? Oh goodness. I need to think about this one a little!

Laura L. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I meant to come by here and check things out but forgot until now.
You have such a fun blog. I love it when others' humor lines up with my own.
You said you're a Bethany BB lurker. I can't figure out who though. That's okay. Glad you stopped by!
I'll have to stop back by here and read from time to time.
Your Tongginator is cute! :)
Have a great day.


Queen B said...

Great job! I like them all. I loved the Blurred Vision one. And the Senses Overloaded one. Can't wait to see which you choose!

Oh. And what gave you the idea I'm a talker?


Cajunchic said...

lol It's Difficult for Me To Choose sounds exactly like it could have been a conversation at my house.

Senses Overload:Treat With Kindness is my favorite though.

CC said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever! Great job! I can tell you spent a lot of time coming up with all of these!!!!

prechrswife said...

Priceless! (And my husband and I have those conversations, too.) :-)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

WWWHHHYYY!!!! Another tag... hehe... Ok... give me a day or two to think on it... will have to get the hubby to help me out... hehehe... take care

Becoming Me said...

You are so funny. Senses overloaded...reminds me of me...I get overstimulated very easily

Alyson & Ford said...

We linked this post to our blog....

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Georgia Peach said...

Or in the grocery store checkout line....

No Crowding, please. I need space.

a Tonggu Momma said...

:) Georgia Peach knows me in Real Life, y'all. And she knows me Really Well. Can you tell? LOL.