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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movies for $200, Alex

Two weeks ago we drove past a Blockbuster video store, and the Tongginator shouted out, "Look Momma! Just like Jeopardy!"

So... what do y'all think?


Isn't the Tongginator totally brilliant?

Or perhaps my unrequited love for Alex Trebek is showing here?


Not really.

Since the Husband is truly the love of my life.

But I do love me a good game of Jeopardy! So much so that the Tongginator used to burst into giggle fits and dance wiggles when the theme music sounded, even at the tender age of 13 months. And once, when the Tongginator was two, we ate at a restaurant with multiple television screens showing cartoons, sports events.... and Jeopardy! She took one look and shouted out, "Momma, Alex Trebek!!!!"

Can you tell it's my favorite show?

And that I truly do love Canadians?


vpandash said...

That's too funny, since our girl is the same way about Wheel of Fortune! No matter what's going on, it all stops when the music sounds. She claps her hands, then when the first couple quick puzzles come on she rocks back and forth to the music and claps again when someone anwers. It's adorable!

Briana's Mom said...

She is a genius! I would have never put those two things together!

kathleen m. said...

great visual perception! I wold never have picked it up.

Janet said...

OF COURSE you love Canadians! I.AM. CANADIAN!!!!!! And proud of it, eh?

And yes, The Tongginator is brilliant. Was there ever any doubt?

Janet said...

PS- She doesn't know how to READ yet? My kids all knew how to read by three months old. ;-)

Becoming Me said...

You know, if you cannot read, I can totally see how one would think they are one in the same

CC said...

I think our kids are little TOO aware of marketing... Darn those advertisers and their fonts and colors!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Very smart! my kids are all really into Jeopardy, too!