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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The "Love You" Game

TONGGINATOR: Momma, I want to play the game again.

: Again?!?!?

TONGGINATOR: Puleeeeez???

TONGGU MOMMA: Well, alright, but just for a few minutes.

TONGGINATOR: You start, Momma.

TONGGU MOMMA: Okay... hmmm... I love you as deep as the ocean.

TONGGINATOR: I love you as deep as a pool.

TONGGU MOMMA: Tongginator, I love you to the moon and back.

TONGGINATOR: I love you as high as the clouds.

TONGGU MOMMA: I love you as big as a blue whale.

TONGGINATOR: Momma, I love you as big as a big dog.

TONGGU MOMMA: I love you as as bright as the sun.

TONGGINATOR: Umm... I love you as bright as my Froggy light (that's her night light, y'all).




I know she's only four.

But a big dog? Her NIGHT LIGHT?

Someone please tell me she wasn't insulting me.


They'll keep you chuckling.

And guessing.


bugs parents said...

Not insulting - but honoring. She loves you bigger than the most fun kind of animal and more than the brightest light in her nighttime darkness. I would say you are one very loved Tonggu Momma!

Beachy Mimi said...

I just love the ideas and thoughts in the heads of four-year-old kids. You are a much loved Mama.

Rachel Marie said...

Too cute!

Aunt LoLo said...

So cute! It reminds me of a book BBJ has, from my grandmother - I Love You, Little One, by Nancy Tafuri. It has all sorts of animals getting the same sort of "I Love You" from their mommies. It's really sweet.
"Deep in the woods by the sandy riverbank, a little deer asks, "Do you love me, Mama?"

And Mama Deer says, 'Yes, little one, I love you as the river loves you, full and singing before you, giving you cool water to drink. I love you as the river loves you, forever and ever and always.'"

And so on through the book. It's a really sweet little read, especially for someone Tongginator's age...BBJ has yet to successfully sit through a reading of it, but she likes barking at all the animal pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the "Love you" game. Those sort of moments are wonderful.

Tonggu Grammy said...

She loves you alright, Birthday Girl! And I love you,too. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Shawnstribe said...

i love it, love it, love it!!!!im smiling from ear to ear, your posting was just perfect!!!!
can't wait to play with Xiang Xiang the advanced version you guys are playing : )
ours goes something like this.... momma..i love you Xiang Xiang : )
XX...i uv u .......too mama...giggle giggle...
cant wait for stage two, but loving every minute of stage 1 ; )

prechrswife said...

That is priceless! I love the way 4 year old minds work.