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Monday, June 2, 2008

In Which I Tease Canadians

Some of our friends who think we smell came to visit us over the weekend. We haven't seen Organic Nerd and her husband in two long years, so did we ever anticipate their visit. During our last weekend together, their eldest was just a baby; now she is a "big girl" two-year-old and their youngest is almost a year.

Can I just say that they are amazing parents?

It is fun to watch them with their children.

And, yes, they don't mind sharing their children's beautiful faces with y'all. Nor do they mind me informing you that their daughter and the Tongginator, despite their two year age gap, weigh approximately the same amount, give or take a measly three pounds.

I especially enjoy razzing Jay.

Because he is from America North.

You know... Canada.

He and my friend Canuck K are actually originally from the same city town in Canada: Toronto. I'm amazed they've never met. I mean, I've heard Toronto is on the rather small size -- only about 5 million people in the GTA. That's the Greater Toronto Area for Those Not In The Know.

Aren't Canadians supposed to be Super Friendly? A population of 5 million shouldn't slow them down.

Not at all.

Although I'm still thinking that Canuck K lied about being Canadian. Why do I believe this a possibility? Well, she has a neon green thumb... and we all know that Canadians import their plants fully grown and then just sit around watching them die due to frigid temperatures.


Canuck K DOES say "eh" a lot, so maybe she's simply a Canadian With Unusual Horticultural Skill.

I'm not sure that Jay is Canadian, either. Why, you might ask? Well, he doesn't drink beer, displays little interest in ice hockey and wears long sleeve shirts after Memorial Day.


But he DOES apologize quite often, for things like ME bumping into HIM. And he drinks pop rather than soda. So I'm not sure.

Maybe Canuck K and Aces simply minimize their Canadian traits because I use terms like "America North."

Or perhaps I'm generalizing a bit too much. After all, I am evidence that not all Americans are rude, swill watery beer and eat McDonalds on a weekly basis.


Two out of three ain't bad.

Obviously I can be a tad rude at times.

As evidenced by this post.

But I mean it in the most loving and humorous way possible.

What do you think, eh?


Rochelle said...

LOL!! I have been to "America North" many times! Funny post!

Special K said...

I thought their plants died cuz there aren't any windows in the igloo. So the plants don't get any sun.