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Monday, June 9, 2008

FCC Picnic

It's that time of year again... the weekend of our annual local FCC Dragon Boat Festival. We attend every summer because this event hugely eased our transition when we first arrived home with the Tongginator. It was at this event, in 2005, that we met our dear friends Canuck K, Iowa, Cinnamon and Spice.

Can you spot them in the crowd?

Oh... wait... you've never seen their faces.

Right. I forgot that for a moment. So...

Our local FCC bills this event as the group's Dragon Boat Festival. Our first year attending, we expected... oh, I don't know... maybe... possibly... dragon boat races?


There aren't any.

There aren't even any dragon boats, minus the races.

It's just a picnic.

A picnic that happens to occur on or near the date of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.

It's still a great event, as long as you don't expect much of a Chinese cultural experience. If you want culture in our local area, you need to head down to the lively Dragon Boat Festival in Georgetown. Or you could just read this post.

You may not be able to experience an authentically Chinese cultural holiday at our FCC event, but you CAN expect loads of sand, sun and slimy Chesapeake Bay grossness water. You will also see an overabundance of food and juice boxes, as well as a plethora of crafts, kite flying and bubble blowing. Oh, and you can plan to watch dozens of Chinese-American girls (sadly, no boys attended this year) between the ages of 18 months and 12 years running around like crazy people.

Plus, there are lots of opportunities to meet many wonderful people - truly amazing families with whom we have at least one thing in common.

And that's why we attend.

These past few years one of my Mandarin class buddies helped organize the event, including the famously-popular-last-year sand sculpture contest, which the girls abandoned this year because the cooler water felt so good on the hot, hot day.

They enjoyed that water, y'all... as you can see...

That's the Husband and the Tongginator. The Husband spent at least an hour twirling many of the younger girls around like helicopters and - in the case of Cinnamon and Spice - like rockets. He and Canuck K really impressed us lazy parents sitting on the beach. They got to see the Unadulterated Excitement and Extreme Joy on the girls' faces - up close and personal - whereas I and the other Uninvolved Parents viewed this...

Those are the backsides of our blog's famous twin duo Cinnamon and Spice. They weren't the only backsides I observed that day, but many of my backside photos show Full Exposure, if you know what I mean. Having just explained that concept quite recently, I wanted to spare you visuals.

So, yes, this was pretty much my view the entire afternoon, y'all.

Because that water was slimy.

And really gross.

I did have the opportunity to chat with several families, some of whom we actually met in China at the White Swan Hotel. I also met a family who recently arrived home with their almost-two year-old. They live five minutes from us, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them a bit better. They seem very nice and eager to make some connections.

This was our best FCC Dragon Boat Festival experience to date, mostly because the Tongginator is a tad more independent, but also because we know more people. We saw lots of our friends from Mandarin class this year, plus we reconnected with others we've met at past FCC events.

And the photo below is probably my favorite backside shot of the day... the Tongginator truly adores her new Big Kid Friend HanBlue, daughter of SapphireBlue and her husband NavyBlue. (SapphireBlue and I are failing Mandarin together.) HanBlue is a real sweetie, who treats the Tongginator with absolute kindness.

It's moments like this that make FCC membership worth it for our family.


Briana's Mom said...

Looks like an absolutely fantastic day!

Mrs. N. said...

That sounds like so much fun, except for slimy water

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Looks like tons of fun, although, I'd have avoided the slime, too!!

Janet said...

Wow. Looks like LOTS of fun. Go into the slime, you wimp.

CC said...

Fun!!!!!! But no dragon boats???????? Dude. Talk about mis-nomer!

Cherith said...

It looks like an absolute BLAST!

Veronica Mitchell said...

I would have been on the shore with you.

Unless my daddy were able to swing me around like that.