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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tongginator Sandwich

If your child is sensory-seeking, particularly active, or simply loves "big squeezes," he or she may enjoy a little exercise recommended by the Tongginator's occupational therapist. We call it the Tongginator Sandwich. We discovered this trick before she turned two. These past two years, it saved many a day with our little sensory-seeker. Either Tonggu Momma or the Husband can "create" it, although it usually works better with me since I weigh a bit less.

How to make a Tongginator Sandwich:

Place one large couch pillow on the ground.
Have your child lay flat on said pillow.
Place a second large pillow on top of your child.
Lay on top of that pillow, rolling from side to side to allow ease of breathing.

Be sure to only use this exercise if/when your child is developmentally ready to communicate "stop" or "all done."

The Tongginator loves, loves, loves her special sandwich and often asks for it. If we shared face shots on the blog, the picture would show her giggling.


Gerbil said...

how funny!

Becoming Me said...

Very sweet. What do you mean by sensory seeking?

goodfountain said...


We do Squishy Sandwiches at our house. Also very popular. Same kind of thing. Works some special magic.