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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Those Cars Get Around!

I wasn't going to participate in Shannon's "What's in Your Car?" meme, but then I got word from the Husband that our Hooptie needed an urgent cleaning. Why?

Because we FINALLY SOLD IT!!!!

It is such a relief to be rid of the Scourge and the Hooptie, all in one month's time. I feel the need to pinch myself.

I discovered something while cleaning out the Hooptie (and my Real Car) this morning, before the young kids twenty-something buyers showed up. I was able to give both cars a clean bill of health today, but - gasp! - do they ever get around!

It all began when I noticed this in my Real Car:

This multicultural matching game wouldn't even raise an eyebrow in the Tonggu House, except that I discovered something rather unusual behind the bins in my Hooptie trunk. It was a galimoto, which is a toy native to Africa. Why the heck do I have it? Well, I used to teach an Africa unit in my classroom, but I haven't taught in a couple of years since 2004. The galimoto wedged itself between the car organizer and the back of the trunk. It must have sat there for at least four years, if not more.

So that's AFRICA:

I still didn't think much of it, until I remembered the case of beer adult beverages stored in the backseat of my Real Car. Oh, and I don't know if it counts, but I also found the Los Del Rio Macarena CD in the glove box of the Hooptie. Yes, I am hanging my head in embarrassment.


Then there were the assorted clothing articles from Europe, including my Burnley scarf, a pair of too-small-for-the-Tongginator Hanna Andersson socks and some Kipiis bib clips. Now, I'm not sure if that last item is from Europe, but I took one look at the name Kipiis and thought Scandinavia.

And that's EUROPE:

North America's not really worth mentioning, since I live in the U.S., but I did find a Canadian coin, probably passed along from my friend Canuck K.

One item from NORTH AMERICA:

Asia's one of the easiest continents for our family. Between the Hooptie and my Real Car, I found countless items from China, mostly because I never bring our Mandarin stuff into the house after Chinese class. Which tells you how much I study. Ahem.

A fifth continent - ASIA:

Okay, so now I was on a roll! I didn't expect to find anything from Antartica (I mean, who lives THERE?), but I began a Quest of Epic Proportions to find something Aussie. I looked high and low, in both cars, but couldn't find a thing. I felt tempted to lie stretch the truth and find something from the house, but then - tada! - I finally found something from Down Under wedged in a seat cushion. Well, it's sort of Aussie...

You be the judge - AUSTRALIA:

What do you think? Does it count?

And don't my cars get around?

I'm so mortified.

The shameless hussies!

Well, at least I'm only responsible for one of them now. I hope that young couple from Harrisburg can keep the Hooptie in line.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

WOW! your car does get around!! Mine has some music we got on our mission trip to Cuba, but nothing else that wordly!!

Aunt LoLo said...

You have the Yum Yum Dim Sum book! I've been meaning to find a copy of that for BBJ - thanks for reminding me! She has First Book of Sushi, by the same author. There's a page that talks about "big BIG futomaki has so many grains of rice!"...that page always made her shriek. Hahahaha

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Can't beat The Wiggles... I saw them in concert back in OZ... I think I had more fun at that concert then my niece did... hard to believe that those guys in the 80's were a rock band... I am sure I will get cursed with them again in years to come... oh in answer to your comment... the movie I am watching... you can only play it on a DVD that is set for Australian format... lucky I have a small DVD player that let's me play that otherwise I would let you borrow it... take care

prechrswife said...

Once again, a hilarious post! I didn't realize you were also a teacher-turned-stay home mommy. I'm one of those, too. :-)