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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Su Fei Maxis

Take five minutes to watch this video... trust me, you'll be rolling!!! (Oh, and don't worry about the title "Sexy Beijing." I promise there is nothing inappropriate on the video.)


Cheri H said...

Loved it! I so need the laught today. Thanks!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh my good Heavens..that was HILARIOUS! I understood a little bit of what they were saying...and I've been to that Mall she was standing in front of! We took a trip to Beijin LAST time I was pregnant...yeah...round white girls REALLY stand out in a crowd up there!

My Chinese name, as translated by a local magazine (so, my English name written in Chinese) was Ma Sum. Umm...yeah. Horse Heart. Sounds great, right? My last name translated to "Adam Stuff." So...Horse Heart Adam Stuff. Great!(My "real" Chinese name meant something a little prettier,but had NOTHING to do with my English name, just my personality.)

Cajunchic said...

Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh.

prechrswife said...

That was great! :-)

Janet said...

I loved SMACKER. Now THAT'S a cool name. :-)