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Friday, May 16, 2008

Quick Shower

Earlier this week, while the Tongginator enjoyed breakfast...

TONGGU MOMMA: Okay, honey bear. I'm going to head upstairs to take a quick shower. I'll be back in five minutes.

TONGGINATOR: Momma, why are you going to take a shower?

TONGGU MOMMA: Because we're getting ready to go see Cinnamon and Spice, and Peaches and Cream, and their mommies. I have to go get ready so that we can leave.

TONGGINATOR: Oh... I though it was because you were stinky.

There are some days that I love the honesty of a four-year-old, and there are some days that I don't....


Cajunchic said...

lol You should have said, "Well if you knew why did you ask." lol That is the usual comments my kids get and then they call me a stinky butt. Kids are great aren't they.

prechrswife said...

That is too funny! They are so literal, aren't they?

Janet said...

Tee hee. Love it. One time, I was chatting with the neighbour, and my son was kind of hanging on me, and looking up at me. There was a pause in the conversation and he said, (quite loudly, I might add), "Mom, you have a LOT of hairs in your nose!"

Thanks, kid.

Becoming Me said...

You are a RIOT!!!!!!!!